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2012: Prophet of nonsense #1: Carl Johan Calleman – 2012? No, 2011!

We are only about 3,5 years from the end of 12 Pik (more commonly known as 12 Baktun) according to the so-called Long Count calendar (a 5125 years long cycle). According to most commonly accepted correlations between this calendar and the Gregorian calendar, this will occur on the 21st or the 23rd of December 2012. Mayanists for the most part do not bother about that date. The date (whatever one choose) only meant that we go from one baktun to another, or possibly move into another cycle. Inscriptions indicate that the last cycle ended and the new one began on 4 Ajaw 8 Kumk’u which occurred on 11th or 13th of August 3114 B.C. The common assumption is that this current cycle also will last for 13 baktuns.

Wild speculations about what will happen on this date have emerged over the years, mainly by people who have New Age affiliations (“Mayanism”). See Mark Van Stone’s informative critique of (mainly) John Major Jenkins alignments between the Winter solstice sun and the dark rift in the Milky Way. Check also out Stephen Houston’s discussion of the Tortuguero monument that mention the 13 Baktun date.

I shall focus on one of these other “prophets”. This is the Swede Carl Johan Calleman. He does not believe the 13 Baktun cycle ends in 2012, but on October 28, 2011, apparently for no other reason than that the date should end on a 13 Ajaw date (not 4 Ajaw).  However, this is his Cosmic cycle, not completely correlated with the Long Count calendar (because it does not fit his own made up scheme).

Calleman’s interest seems to be about different levels of consciousness related to the 9 levels of the Underworld (however, some established Mayanists believe that there were five levels, four leading down to the fifth and four leading up from it). Anyway, Calleman believes that the 9 levels are not a myth but a reality since number 9 figures in the cosmology around the world (but so do number 3, 4, 5 and 13 as well even if they are important in the Maya area as well). He believes that most pyramids in the Maya area had nine levels (some did but most of them did not have nine platform levels).

His main goal is to interpret the whole history of humans, life, the earth and Cosmos from the Long Count Calendar (mixed with some Aztec beliefs as well, never mind that the Aztecs did not use the Long Count calendar). He suggests that there are 13 time periods in a creation cycle with various durations (13 Heavens). Each of the 9 Underworlds consisted of 13 Heavens. He claims to find support for his model/scheme in science. Let us see what his scientific facts are.

The longest (and first) of these Underworlds would then be 16.4 billion years (yes, beginning at the Big Bang indeed, although Big Bang is currently estimated to around 13.7 billion years B.C.). Upon this lies the eight other Underworlds that develops a frame of consciousness for the life it creates. The next Underworld is 20 times shorter (due to the vigesimal numbering system) and hence began 820 million years ago. Calleman relates this to the emergence of complex life, not life itself though (one would expect that to be an important phenomenon but it simply does not fit this scheme). Anyway, Calleman is not correct here either since the so-called Cambrian explosion in life (when a multitude of complex life forms emerged) came later (530 million years ago). The next Underworld emerged 41 million years ago. This relates to “monkeys” (although the earliest monkeys usually are dated to around 35 million years ago and primates as such can be traced back to the earliest Tertiary period). One can wonder why Calleman ignores the emergence of mammals or the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs that allowed the early Tertiary mammals to develop, without these events we would not have any primates (or monkeys) in the first place. Calleman apparently does not follow the evolutionary important phases.

Next Underworld is 2,050,000 years ago and is apparently related to humans, but what he mean by humans is not clear. Sahelanthropus is the oldest possible hominid, 7 million years old. Australopithecus (“Lucy”) is 3-4 million years old. The genus Homo is 2,5 million years old (0.5 million years before Calleman’s Underworld).  The next level began in 100500 B.C. and this is when speech apparently emerged (I did not know one could date this so accurately). However, the emergence of speech is up for debates, ranging from 50-500,000 years ago (and maybe more), but Calleman has apparently more information than others on this point.

Then, on the 16th of June 3115 B.C. (in the 6th Underworld) writing emerged (but let us ignore all facts that proto-writing actually existed before this and there is no sharp date dividing them). The 7th Underworld began in 1755 and this is when industrialism emerged (a specific date is not given so I do not know if Calleman refers to a particular innovation this year, but it probably is just a date based on his scheme). The 8th Underworld began 5th of January 1999 and is apparently the IT revolution (I believe this happened many years before). Finally, the 9th Underworld will emerge 260 days before the end date of all these cycles in 2011. This final Underworld will transform us all. Just wait two years and this transformation will have begun to change us all.

And there is more. Calleman argues that 2012 is still important but not the winter solstice in December but on the 6th of June. At this date there will be a Venus transit which is when the planet Venus aligns with the Earth and the Sun. Since this apparently occurs on the Swedish National day, Swedes have an important role in this newly transformed world. Let it be known that it it will be this Swede’s (this haecceity’s) goal to expose the fallacies of these “prophets”.

Calleman’s view of the Long Count calendar is, of course, not well attuned with established Mayanist views. To be honest, it is complete BS like the rest of the 2012 end date nonsense. The best thing one can say about Calleman’s “Maya calendar” is that it is a cinematographic and teleological view of time (see my post on Bergson and note the irony in my choice of the word “best”). This is arborescent thinking at its worst, an idea that reduces the complexities of the world to some higher transcendent (divine?) goal. It is not based on how contemporary “Maya” or ancient “Maya” viewed the calendars. I am sure we will see and hear more about this in the years to follow. Hopefully, the  prophets of nonsense will be quiet on Christmas Eve 2012.

I have written several posts on Calleman’s distortions of the Maya. Here are links to them:

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  2. Irresponsible writing.

    No where does Calleman consider himself a Prophet – that is the title you placed upon him.

    Carl Johan Calleman predicts a unification of the modern expressions of some of the most advanced ancient traditions of the West and the East; the Mayan and the Vedic. In this unification it seems that it is the West, the Maya and some other Native American peoples, that is providing the calendrical knowledge about the cosmic plan, while it is the East, the Vedic and Buddhist traditions that is carrying the time-less wisdom of the Self. The practical unification of these thought systems and traditions is then brought about by all those that are taking a path towards Enlightenment And according to the Mayan calendar, the time for this is now.

    This prediction is bases on his studies, using reason and logic. He has never said that there is an end to the world. One can summize that his theory is of our Consciousness changing as a whole. If you look back far enough, you will learn that it changes in every Age. We are ushering in a new Age…the Age of Aquarius.

    There is no gloom and doom…the Armaegeddon is in your man’s soul….and that is what will END.

    You and people alike seem to think at on a specific date something is going to happen….I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    It’s already begun….I would wake up and record the events….we will be the first civilization to experience and witness our own evolution.

    That is what you should be writing about….It’s an exciting time.

    • If anyone is irresponsible it is Calleman and other prophets of nonsense. I have not claimed that he calls himself a prophet but this is what he resembles.

      Neither did I write that he claims the world will end. He is on the opposite side of the whole 2012 circus, but still part of the same nonsense (and here I mean both nonsense and non-sense).

      You write “You and people alike seem to think at on a specific date something is going to happen….I wouldn’t hold my breath.” Que? It is Calleman and other prophets who believe things will happen on a particular date. Not me. I suggest you look into my blog posts on temporality.

      Yes, we are entering a new age: the Age of Stupidity. I hope it ends in 2013 (and for Calleman it will end sooner)…

      • Hey Johan,

        Great article, these 2012 theories are starting to give me a headache. Just thought I’d wrote to you because I wrote about the origin of language for my fourth year thesis at McMaster University. You are right to say that it is impossible to predict an exact date for the ability to use complex language because it was in all likelihood a very very gradual development that occurred over the span of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years. However, it is almost certain that the first Homo sapiens possessed fully complex language as we use it today approximately 200,000 kya.

        Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your work!

        – Cadell

      • Thanks. The main problem is also to define Homo sapiens as a clearly defined species and to separate complex language from a less complex language. What are the measurements?

    • Not a specific date, this is a moment by moment event for individuals.

    • Well said my friend. You too are awake and ready for this rollercoaster ride. I’m glad the numbers are rising and just hope everyone can make the transition. peace and light 🙂

  3. Bonjour tout le monde,

    Pour ma part, je suis avec le plus grand intérêt le phénomène du calendrier Maya depuis début 2008.

    Je ne sais pas si il va se passer quelque chose, mais je le souhaite, pourtant je ne vois pas très bien quelle forme ce changement peut prendre, lorsque je vois la difficulté que les gouvernements ont à mettre en place une dynamique commune pour endiguer le réchauffement climatique, c’est sur ces faits que je pense que les êtres humains sont peu dans l’action et beaucoup dans la réaction, alors que si une évolution de la conscience doit ce produire, ce ne sera pas pour la plupart quelque chose d’espéré, mais d’imposé. Pour ma part je pense que pour évoluer sa conscience il faut une transformation, une révolution de forme et de fond et que cela ne peut passer que par une perte. C’est peut-être là où deux courants peuvent se rejoindre, ceux qui prédisent des cataclysmes et ceux qui parle d’évolution de conscience, car à mon avis l’un ira pas sans l’autre.

    Bonne soirée à vous toutes et tous. tindzin


  5. Indeed

  6. Johan, you are dumb beyond your years mate. Wake up and get your hand off it. Doing you research by proclamation and assumption is nothing short of hilarious, give yourself an uppercut for your stupid work.

    • Give us some enlightening information of what is stupid with my critique of Calleman (if you can do that apart from namecallings). I guess you have no knowledge of real Mayanist work. 2012 (or 2011) is all about assumptions mate…

      • This is the classic response of the debunker. Don’t read his books or anything, just assume, proclaim and ignore his work.

      • Well, why are you here then? You cannot ignore me can you? I am pulling your strings and twisting your mind. I am sure no 2012er will read my books and articles since they are published in academic literature, not by New Age publishers.

  7. I can say from personal experience how difficult it can be to see beyond one’s own foregone conclusions. The ideas put forth in Mayanism sources are powerfully seductive. Look at how quickly “the 2012 end date” has become a global sensation. Maybe the History Channel can be added to your non-sense prophets list.

    Calleman uses the invention of the first steam engine (in Scotland, 1748 AD.) to mark the beginning of the “Planetary Underworld” which he calls the beginning of the industrial age. And yes, he does say the Planetary underworld (the 7th of 9) began in 1755 AD.

    I thought you might be interested to know; in his most recent book, Calleman has changed the length of the final 9th underworld from 260 days to 234 days. Apparently, relying upon on his new empirical quantum physics approach, he is recalibrating his previous recalibration.

    Two years ago, I found references to the 20 Baktun Long Count in use in several classic period Maya sites including Tikal and Palenque’s Temple of Inscriptions West Panel inscription of a 20 Baktun Long Count Date of 4772 AD. These are the very temple sites Calleman relies heavily upon in his work to define a 2011 Long Count end date.

    How is this 20 Baktun (Pik’ tun) cycle so easily overlooked (or perhaps dismissed?) by so many so-called Mayan(ism) Calendar Experts?

    Keep up the good work Johan,

  8. History Channel is definitely not a serious channel from what I have seen (I do not have it myself).

    Calleman’s recalibration sounds like McKenna’s recalibration of the end date. Why am I not surprised?

    Apart from Tikal and Palenque there is also an inscription at Yaxchilan that points to a longer Long Count:

    The reason why the longer Long Count dates are overlooked is because they put a possible end date (I doubt that there ever was one) too far into the future for the 2012ers to cash in on it. Likewise, Calleman and the likes ignore the extremely long Long Counts of the preceeding age found at Coba. Here we have dates many times older than the current universe. It also messes up the 2012ers worldview and possibilities to cash in on it. Rob Bast, for example, has been quick to comment on David Stuart’s blog concerning calendar dates until Stuart’s most recent post on one of the Coba stelae:

    Why is he and other 2012ers silent? Because it does not fit their preconceived infantile worldview.

  9. In Callemans first two books, his 9th underworld was the length of one Tzolkin round (260 days).
    In his newest book, “purposeful universe” he changed it to an “oxlahunkin” cycle (18 days x 13 heavens) equalling 234 days. So he shortened the Universal (9th) Underworld of his “True Mayan Calendar” by 26 days. But the whole thing still ends Oct 28, 2011. I’m still reading this opus, so stay tuned for the reason why. I’m sure it will be a ggod one.

    Not only did McKenna change the end date of time wave zero from the original November date to Dec 21, 2012, but there is some info that he had to tweak the I-Ching to make it work the way he wanted it to.
    I read an online critique written by an astronomer about McKenna’s “Time Wave Zero” that said McKenna’s use of the entire I-Ching didn’t work out for him, so he performed some mathematical manipulation by eliminating some of the I-Ching symbols till he finally got the pattern he was looking for.
    I have no way to verify this other than what’s stated in the article itself. I felt it had credence because the same person wrote about the fallacy of the 2012 Galactic Alignment addressing it similarly to Mark Van Stone’s presentation of it.

    Calleman has a drawing of Coba Stela 1 in all three of his books. He mentions the 21 cycles of time engraved on it, but he says only 9 of the cycles are named so he incorporates (conflates) that into his 9 underworlds theory.

    The 9 cycles Calleman names are:

    Do you know if there are any names inscribed for the larger time periods on Coba Stela 1?

    The more I learn from the “Mayanist” perspective, the more obvious it becomes that the proponents of Mayanism literature would have to avoid (ignore) the facts from the academic research or be faced with early retirement.

    I just read your post from Aug 23, 2009 – “How to Spot a Prophet’s Maya Hoax – Designing a Personal Cosmology.”

    On Aug 27th, 2009 you asked Calleman …”what do you say about the inscription from Palenque that records a date in the next piktun (AD 4772)?”

    Calleman not only failed to respond to the question, but he opted to dismiss himself from the discussion on that same day.

    I would like to see him address that question.

    It’s a delight to have discovered your blog Johan. Thank you for your inestimable insight.

  10. So Calleman erases 2 days but maintains the coefficients (13) for the final “tzolkin”. What days has he removed? The more I hear about, the nuttier it gets. As for the “named” cycles, he is apparently unaware that the names of these 9 cycles are all modern constructions, some of the based on later Yucatec terminology but in most cases not based on transliterations of Classic period hieroglyphs. Uinal (or Winal) was Winak in Classic times, Tun was Haab (not to be confused with the 365 day Haab of later periods), Katun was Winikhaab and Baktun was Pik. Pik is quite different than Baktun (which means 400 Tun). We have no idea of what Piktun was called in the past and that goes for the other cycles as well. The names are invented by Mayanists but Calleman seems to believe that they were original names if I understand you correctly. Bad mistake but not surprising.

    Calleman actually returned to try to bash me in a third post ( , by showing how much he has been referred to (in contrast to my own research) and that his former advisor was part of the Nobel committee. Once I pointed out that this is his old research (not the current so-called research) and some other issues as well he disappeared from the comments. I ended with saying that I will read his latest book, but why should I waste my time on that?

  11. neither calleman, nor jenkins are right

    this website tells you who is right

  12. and, there is a lot more info


    under the 260 kin thread

  13. Same same but different…

  14. This video show what will happen in 2012

    • I assume you should have posted this in the Geryl post.

  15. I know your article was written some time ago now, but thank you and a Happy New Yeay. Not so long to wait now!
    I only just came across this prophet or non prophet recently after learning about him from a friend. I did some investigation about the 2012 thing some time ago and conclude that most of it is fiction or fantasy with a few stretched facts attached. With a little checking of scientific fact, cosmology etc, and trawling past all the internet hubub, it’s plain to see that there is no significant date that points to anything. You can prove anything with numbers and statistics.
    I like to question and try to work out explinations for why things are and how people act. But there is one fundamental thing about all of the 2012 thing etc, that troubles me. The followers seem to think that mankind is evolving to such an extent that mankind is ready to transform to a new higher level, very soon! From my observations of societies in the West, at least, I don’t see too much evidence of this, rather the opposite. We seem to have evolved into a form of sheep, fixated with materialism, logos, celebrities and psudo-theories. We have become so removed from understanding science and logic, that the western reality is just a mixture of obscure belief systems. Unfortunately the rest of the world seem to be following rather maintaining more spiritual cultures.
    So a little advise to the followers, try a little (no a lot of) questioning and don’t be fobbed off with techno jargon. I’m sure Einstein turns in his grave everytime he hears of a so called scientist, biologist or whoever who throws in a little quantum jargon in amongst a new prophecy! And if I see another of these books with NASA photos of the Earth, the Universe or even their b…… toaster I’ll …. on it.
    To those who think we can’t criticise without reading all these books first. If you look at this growing section in any book shop you will understand why. There is a clue there to, why there are so many. We do still live in a consumer society, at least until it all ends on say, 13/13/2013!!! I can invent a new month as well as the next man.
    I’m not a scientific heathen either. The path to enlightenment is a solitary one. There are no paths to follow which don’t send you either round in circles or up a gum tree.

  16. In a later post Calleman criticized me (partly justifiably so) for being critical of his most recent book when I had not read it but only referred to summaries of it. However, I have read the book now and I will discuss it throughout this year. My first beliefs of the content of his book still remain unshaken. Calleman, and plenty of others, use scientific jargon and mudde it with New Age spirituality.

    You are right that the tendencies we see today are not pointing towards the emergence of a new higher consciousness. I doubt that technology will save us since it is basically designed to create more desires and propel the current resource spending hysteria into devastating thresholds. It would have been interesting if the 2012ers could come up with some creative solutions rather than creating fanciful nonsense.

  17. Happy New Year,Less Than 300 Kin Remain To Surf Calleman’s Time Wave.All This Focus On Consciousness Could Have A Positive Effect On Humanity,If We Wern’t All Such 7/Macaws.Entiteled To Be Our Personal Sun.Very Small Sense Of Community.
    I Know That Instantanious Healing And Spontanious Evolution Is Possible,There is Much Groundwork And Practice That Must Be Done To Facilitate This Satori.
    Today There Is Much Revisionist History And A Nostalgia For the Past,And A Desire To Hold On To What We Think Is Our Birthright.
    The Future,Past,And Now Are Bundeled Into This Double-helix Of Time,I Ask for Our Healing, Guidance And Protection As We Enter The Bite Of The Crocodile.

  18. Calleman’s wave will be stopped by Normark’s shore.

  19. A rather late respose to Mr or Ms Becomming Corn, I have had a few other things on my mind lately as well as the end of the world.
    Yee Speak In Upper Case Riddles I Fear.
    I think many scientists, philosophers and spiritually minded people will agree, mankind is in for some very challenging times ahead. It’s nothing to do with any ancient calendars though, it’s just the mess we are making of our so called civilisation and planet. A look back at the demise of many past civilisations shows how civilisations prosper and fail. There is no specific date for this though. It could be a gradual process or it could be tomorrow, next week or many years from now. Of course if we all get our act together, we could help make this world a better place too.
    Wishing and waiting for the day when it all falls down is not a very positive atitude to life. We can all maybe do a little in our own way to help improve things. Sites like this can maybe help a little, if just a few people begin to doubt the prophets of doom and see what the real problems are and think about how they can help to change them.
    I also believe that spontanious healing and evolution are posible. Spontanious is afterall just a specific view of time. Healing can be vastly affected by our own thoughts, attitude, desires etc without a lot of the alternative stuff, we are also responsible for our own evolution through asking how/why and spending time thinking/feeling about things without specific doctrines.
    Are you sure time is a double helix? Are you sure it’s even a wave? I thought it was a multidimensional helix with a duality of waveness and particleness! I could be mistaken though as these things are all just theories. I guess a double helix is a nice pattern though, nice and convenient to picture and sounds sufficiently techno-jargonic without to much of that scary science stuff. There is no One Reality, we all live in our own reality, thats my conclusion.
    I believe the New Age Spirituality Reality and this 2012 stuff is too much influenced by taking drugs at a young age. I’ve never felt the need for these reality stimulants myself, mankind and this world are much too funny without trying to warp it even more!
    These are just my opinions and so rather subjective and not to be believed. Just as the prophecies are subjective and not to be believed. Belief is a dangerous thing, given lightly. It’s in the hand that holds a loaded gun or a book of wishdom!

  20. Hello Rob>>>————–>I Don’t Fear The Future Nor Want To Relive The Past.I Know World Peace Begins With My Inner-peace And Unity Will Replace Our Sense Of Entitlement.

  21. Hi Johan Normark.
    In my opinion nobody knows what will happen, or what will not happen in 2012, or somewhere close to it.
    However, the US government, and other governments around the World building huge, secret underground shelters everywhere.
    I guess the government understand ancient knowledge, that all stars, and planets are connected to each other by subtle energy lines, just like the acupuncture lines in our human bodies.The cyclic flow of this subtle energy from the Pleads could bring new life, new energies to our planet and solar system, but it could also destroy,and knock out all our communication systems, and power lines, could reverse the magnetic poles,could put the Earth in a new, bigger orbit, could bring a new ice age,and so on.
    The sign of Aquarius , is a lady with a water flowing out of a water jug, or subtle energy flowing on our planet, and solar system.
    But we dont know how, or when exactly the age of Aquarius began, it could be 2012, or 2013, or even before. And the government is preparing for this, but in case I m not on their list to go in their underground shelters, I will be building my own shelter in the Aquarius Mountains in Arizona, for the new age of Aquarius.

    • I doubt that any government believes in what you are saying. They do not bother with New Age beliefs. If there is someone believing this I am more worried about such beliefs entering the government.

      I wonder why you write about these particular ideas on a thread about Calleman. He does not believe in magnetic polar shifts, Pleiades, etc. He does believe in other wacky stuff though.

  22. Hello Becoming Corn. I return your>>>———>arrow. I believe a little fear is healthy. I fear for those who give belief to easily in unquestioned prophecies etc. I agree it’s good not to want to relive the past. Time generally moves forward (by whatever method or shape), growing, learning and evolving is part of going forward.
    I doubt we will ever get unity in this world though. A worthy goal I guess, as long as we realise it’s most probably not achievable. I’m not sure entitlement is a big issue, it’s not for me anyway, I don’t feel entitled to very much. Maybe a feeling of entitlement is increased as a result of unquestioned beliefs, whatever they are. Perhaps the free giving of belief breeds an attitude of expecting something in return! It’s difficult to see how unity evolves from this.
    I doubt I will continue to add to this forum, unless I feel I have something useful to add on the specific subject in the future.

    I will resist from adding to the, dawning of aquarius debate, nice tune, sad and a little ironic to think it will be sung underground.

    Thanks Johan for your patience with this stuff.

  23. Hi Johan Normark.
    I never read any of Calleman’s writhing, so I dont know what kind of wave he is talking about, and I never read new age stuff, and I m sure the government is not into new age ideas, for building all those secret underground shelters, that Jesse Ventura revealed on his show.
    I read hard science fiction books, and as you say, this thread is about Calleman, I have not much to say here.
    However, if he is talking about the subtle energy wave from the Peiades, that is coming with the new age of Aquarius, and will effect every atom in our solar system,This could happen sometimes, and it could be in 2012.
    Our Planet and Solar system not just flying aimlessly in empty space, but it is a part of a huge Galactic structure. and it is communicating, and working together with subtle energies, and subtle energy lines, like the Lay lines, or acupuncture lines.
    If this wave will really happen in 2012, in my opinion this subtle energy is not a polarized energy, it is neutral, and as the atoms will consume it, all the atoms could lose some mass, in the planets, and the Sun, and will be less gravity, and the Earth and planets could jump into new bigger orbits, everything will expand, even our measuring stick,so we will not even know it, but it could also bring a new ice age.
    And I think my nonsense here, maybe better than the Calleman nonsense.

  24. I will soon begin my series of posts concerning Calleman’s most recent book. The Pleiades is of little concern to him. He is more into the “tree of life” that he believes is a platonic form that is being realised through quantum leaps related to his version of the Maya calendar.

  25. I’m just going to say this, because it seems as though so many people have automatically assumed that people who believe that 2011 will be an amazingly spiritual year for us, automatically believe all the hype of these people, or the theories of 2012. These ‘dates’ aren’t even meant to be taken like this. This is a beautiful time in our world, IF we make it that. The point is, we are dwindling away our resources, we’re destroying our world. We are allowing people, innocent people being born into this world who stand absolutely no chance at surviving. We see corruption more obvious, more evident each and every day. We know we’re taking away so much from this earth that we are apart of, and not trying at all to give back.

    We ALL know something needs to change, and I don’t believe that it’s going to just appear over night, but we all know, if we know one thing about this Earth, NOTHING stays the same forever. As far as we know, we are the most advanced civilization that has ever been on Earth. We know we are all made of energy, we all know we are frequencies. Example, a study was found, that if you shoot the exact same frequency of say an apple, into a person, they will then have all the same energy that apple would have given them. It’s all there. I believe that all of our technologies are pushing us to enlightenment, and this year is just as good as any to change?

    So why, instead of saying how this is all ‘crap’, WHY do people have to push things off like that? Why can’t they say, you know, even though I do not believe in this, I do know that if I ever want kids, grand kids, this is not a world I want them to grow up into? Why, does it have to be to prove that it’s wrong, when no matter what, it’s a needed right???!! We NEED this. The world needs to be unified, there is no doubt about it, the world needs this.

  26. I am a Mayanist and archaeologist and my only concern with my posts on the 2012 circus (including Calleman) is how they twist and bend what we know of the Maya into something completely nonsensical. If you are willing to believe these people it is fine with me. I just give you a critical point of view of these people’s ideas.

    • With all due respect Johan, can you please provide a constructive opinion as to the end of the calendar, as opposed to simply critisizing others thoughts and beliefs?

      • I have done that many times on the blog. Check the tag 2012 and you will find several examples. You have to do the search yourself.

        As for Calleman I have more specific points to say in my later posts which you can find at the end of this post. I have nothing positive to say about his ideas but these posts show why his “model” lacks support in Maya studies.

        Anyway, the “end date” is a non-issue to me. There is no known end date in the inscriptions.

  27. allow me to point you’al in an easier bullet-proof way to read the future.
    simply open up both your hands and examine the lines therein for the lines themselves betray the future with accuracy of 12 months backwards and forwards in time.and including the year that you are required to vacate the carbon-based hologram,or die.
    drink well from this chalice.everything is pre-programmed from long before you were born,including the day of your death.,the number of children you create,and their sex, and whether they live or die or are sick are unambiguosly displayed years before they are born under the little finger of the right hand for both men and women.
    thus the events that are about to unfold affecting the earth and its inhabitants are already contained in the lines of your hands and to a lesser extent,in the marks and moles on your face,also under your feet,though i have never tried to read the feet.
    i have extraordinary marks on my hands which puzzled me for many years and on 31st mrch 1995 was first contacted by unambiguous lights from a low-altitude advanced craft.since then many times,the lights etc.

  28. Facepalm is another way to check the lines in ones hand.

  29. First, to say that some people appreciate your rational view of things and your humour. Thanks

    I found myself looking at your blogs after a long gap because I thought this Calleman date was around October time. To my supprise its today. Another coincidence (or cosmic alignment!) is that I happened to be reading a book about Freud earlier today and it seemed to me to be related! This relates to people who suffer from delusions of persecution and paranoia. It seems that they often believe that a great catastrophe is imminent, perhaps the end of the world! When treated, these people come to realise that the impending disaster is within and not in the external world. I wonder if this helps explain any of the 2011/2012 stuff!
    Has Homo Imbicilicus been evolving for a long time? If so, then maybe no quantum leap is required to explain the further evolution of mankind.

    With this talk of spiecies having specific quantum numbers and quantum leaps replacing Darwinian evolution, do animals that leap, i.e. kangaroo’s, frogs etc have special numbers? Has anyone managed to get Fibonacci numbers linked into this yet? Hope I’m not giving anyone ideas!

    Like you say, tomorrow will be explained by an extension to or stretching of Callemanonian theory/thought and I have no doubt another book! I dont envisage a quantum leap to a more rational explination of reality.

    Keep up the good work Johan.

  30. I am actually writing an article about the 2012 phenomenon and will make use of Zizek’s ideas (which goes back to Lacan and Freud) concerning apocalyptic phenomena.

    I “look forward” to the explanation Calleman and other 2012ers will give after their “end dates”. I am sure their explanations demand looong books so that people need to buy them.

  31. 2012, The Return of The Great Xenuuuuuu!!!!! muahahahahahahaaaaa ….


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