Posted by: Johan Normark | May 21, 2009

2012: Prophet of nonsense # 3 – Patrick Geryl and the reversal of common sense

Listen to this slightly deluded man (and being interviewed by Geraldo  and/or Fox News does not give much credibility to the story anyway).

The man mentions yet another prophet of nonsense: Patrick Geryl. What is his prophecy then? Well, he claims that the world will end on the 21st of December 2012. Not a big surprise, my guess had a 50% chance of being right since these prophets either claim that the world will end or that there will be a spiritual transformation of all mankind.

According to him the magnetic poles will reverse on this date. However, all he do is to reverse common sense. I quote him here from his website How to Survive 2012. He “came to the staggering conclusion that the Earth will soon be subjected to an immense disaster. The cause: upheavals in the sun’s magnetic fields will generate gigantic solar flares that will affect the polarity of the entire Earth. The result: our magnetic field will reverse all at once, with catastrophic consequences for humanity. Massive earthquakes will demolish all buildings on the planet, and instigate colossal tsunamis and intense volcanic activity. In fact, the Earth’s crust will shift, sweeping continents thousands of miles away from their present positions.”

OK, let us say this will occur (irony), what is his “evidence” that this will occur on this day? As other prophets he claims that “there is ample evidence in the literature of ancient civilizations that such disasters have occured in the past and also clues that they knew when another such calamity would occur. The Dresden Codex of the Maya for instance, contains the secrets of the sunspot cycle, about which our modern astronomers know almost nothing! In his books, Patrick Geryl continues his scientific analysis of the millennia-old codes of the Maya and Egyptians that refer to the coming super-disaster. He determines that both cultures arose from an antediluvian civilization which was able to calculate the previous polar shifts and that we should take very seriously their calculations that place the next reversal in 2012.”

What antediluvian civilization is he talking about? You have guessed absolutely right: Atlantis. He apparently has published a number of books on the subject. One is called the “Orion Prophecy”. Here it states that the Maya and Egyptians “are descendants of the legendary Atlantis, which is currently buried under the South-Pole. The Atlanteans had highly evolved astronomical knowledge and were able to exactly predict the previous world-wide flood in 9792 BC. They built tens of thousands of boats and escaped to South-America and Egypt.”

Well, first of all the Maya area is not in South America, it is in North America (or rather Mexico and Central America). Plato stated that his made up island of Atlantis was located outside Gibraltar, not the South-Pole. And where is the archaeological evidence of this world-wide flood? It should be found everywhere.

In another book called “The World Cataclysm in 2012” he argues that “when the sun’s magnetism reaches a crucial point, the sun’s surface will be subjected to immense storms. They will cause a super-catastrophe on earth, without equal. The astronomical Zodiac of the Egyptians described the exact dates of the previous disasters and their consequences for our planet. When you combine the facts of these phenomena, you are able to prove the source of the number 666, known from the Bible as the number of the Apocalypse. It is taken from the Egyptian civilization and indicates an aberration in the sunspot cycle, which lays the foundation for the forthcoming world cataclysm.” So, maybe Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast is all about 2012? I did not know the irons thought about that back in 1982, which actually is 30 years before 2012, which equals 1,5 katun in the Maya calendar. There is indeed compelling evidence of a connection between Iron Maiden and the end of the world as we know it (irony again).

Another recurrent theme among prophets of nonsense is that ancient cultures “made incredibly precise calculations for the orbit of the earth around the sun. They are so accurate, that they exceed our present values!” Not really, the Maya just counted in days, they had no smaller units. They did not even use leap years and had to correct their calendars so they did not get out of phase with the seasons.

In yet another book “How to Survive 2012” he gives the answers to questions no sane person will ask. Anyway he claims that “those who do not prepare themselves will die in a terrible way. When you do prepare yourself, your survival chances will quickly rise. The problems we will have to overcome are immense, but not insurmountable. I wrote this book because I want to be one of the survivors. It is a blueprint for all of you who want to re-live the story of Noah. I explain thoroughly all the problems we are going to encounter and which precautions we need to take. I expect to inspire enough people so that together we can resume life on earth in a new civilization.” So, now he is a modern version of Noah as well. Delusions of megalomania seems to be this prophet’s prognosis. And maybe the desire to sell as many books as possible before the set out date, since will anyone buy them in 2013?

It is perhaps no wonder that most of these people come from the US where religious beliefs have deluded people to believe in all sorts of disasters. Just come to think of Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” where he exposes an American history of fear and the desire to get armed. I guess you need arms if you are to survive Geryl’s apocalypse.

So, how shall we survive 2012? What ever you do, do not join his “survival group”. Just go to bed, fall asleep and get up on the 22nd of December. Judging from the fate of earlier prophets and religious sects (often of American origin) you have a much higher risk of not surviving if you join this man.



  1. Nice article on Geryl. I’ll be adding it to my 2012 faq if that’s OK with you.

    • Astrogeek, it is OK with me. I’ll be checking out your blog.

    • you guys are idiots. this article by no means begins to de-bunk any of his theory. what geryl has is clear evidence you have to hear to believe.

      • Yet another enlightening comment. Geryl has no clear evidence, just muddle. He does not even have any clue of how archaeology works, as do many of his “followers”. If he does not even get that right I am pretty sure he has screwed up the physics as well. A person with at least a college education can see the flawed logic in work in this person’s “research.” I give him credit for one thing though: he is a very succesful hoaxer.

      • what geryl has are unbacked promises and a less than par education anyone who beleives this crap should be smacked with a shovel

      • I could not have said it better myself.

    • There is no real conceptual ideas in this article that really demostrate tha Geryl is wrong.
      I recommend the author to study deeply the history of our planet and the different theories about all civilizations existed prior ours.

      • What would such conceptual ideas consist of? Please elaborate.

  2. Key fact about this doomsday theory is that NO REAL scientist believes in this crap. All internet sites that actually promote these doomsday theories are trying to sell you a product. I bet there already drawing up plans for the next doomsday hoax

    • You are absolutely right. Doomdsday hoaxs will not end in 2012. People will use another “ancient source” and twist that in order to sell some more books.

  3. When serious people spend so much energy on refuting the findings of Geryl, it makes me believe he’s right when it comes to the events we can expect in Dec 2012. The effects of the events will however be quite different for some individuals – a pure and strong surprise.

    • I guess critical thinking is a waste of time. Good to know. Why don’t you take your own advice and not waste your time making comments about other people wasting time? Ugh.

      • I am not sure who you direct this advice to (me or Eagleview)?

  4. So with your way of reasoning we can conclude that when, for example, creationists spend much time refuting Darwin they must be right and when Darwinists spend much time refuting creationism they must also be right. Basically, all are right if their opponents waste too much time on the others.

    And if I am serious you indirectly admit that Geryl is not serious, or? The reason why I waste time on Geryl and others like him is to show the complete nonsense they propose. I need not waste too much time since their ideas are so out there that even some basic knowledge of scientific methods is enough to refute them. I do not need a lot of research to refute them.

  5. You make to many assumptions from what I said. You jump to quickly. What I mean is that you so blatantly claim Geryl being a “prophet of nonsense”. If he were alone, I would also think that he was such a prophet. Taking into account that several others have released similar thoughts, I wouldn’t be that sure. Take the book of John Major Jenkins, for instance, “The Mayan Calendar”. If you parallel the two works, you’ll find more identical points than you would like. The results of the events to come are a bit different, but the human effect on earth is not taken into account by Mr Geryl. This point is not scientific, but it is already a part of spiritual thinking. It will be realities before long. The science is after it, but as the researchers have no mandate to investigate out from a spiritual view. They have fallen down on something they claim to be able to explain: The CO2 treath. And this also takes the focus away from what mankind MUST do to save the Earth. Sad but true.

  6. I have not come to Jenkins yet, but at least he has some more than basic knowledge of the Maya area, which Geryl does not seem to have. As far as I know, Jenkins does not refer to Atlantis, polar shifts, etc. Jenkins is the prophet with least nonsense (but he is still too associated with other New Age stuff too be taken seriously by any Mayanist scholar).

    The bottom line is that there is no scientific evidence that all these disasters will occur in December 2012 (not from any epigraphic studies of the Long Count calendar, geology, etc). Prophets have claimed that the Earth or humans will die for ages now and yet we are still here. I do believe that the CO2 threat is exaggerated (it is not the only problem) but the only solution is to embrace technology even more, not retreat to some New Age spiritualism. I here agree with Bruno Latour; we need to erase the whole nature/culture or nature/technology dichotomy. This is where the environmentalists have gone astray, they rely too much on a belief in a pristine nature. Geryl lives by this dichotomy; nature will strike back at us, etc.

  7. Patrick Geryl is a fruitcake. Full-stop.

  8. Most 2012 prophets propose fruitcake theories. If they are fruitcakes themselves I do not know.

  9. What frustrates me, and saddens me at the same time is that I have a friend who’s quite intelligent and successful who’s given me this guys books said, “Look he’s a scientist, there must be something to this 2012 stuff.” I’ve read this stuff and taken out of context of reality, out of the physical world and environment, it’s convincing stuff. Frankly I don’t know if he’s a scientist, accredited or published in any source other than his own books (and I can’t seem to find anything other then on sites trying to sell you his book.)

    Frankly I don’t give a dogs tail if he is a “scientist” at this point. Anyone can call themselves a scientist and call what they do science. Language has lost so much meaning. But if that’s the reason I’m supposed to believe this nonsense; well then logically people should have gone to Dr. Mengele for advice on treating back pain. (I’m not calling dude a Nazi it’s honestly the first name that came to mind.)

    You know what I’m afraid of? That the closer we get to 2012 the more people are going to try and bring about their “end of the world” or their personal “singularities” damned be everyone else. And maybe in the end, that’s the true cosmic joke.

    • A good clue if someone has a formal education (and therefore can be considered a scientist), is if they have published in a peer-reviewed journal or with a book publisher who uses peer review that garantee some kind of quality. I doubt that Geryl has done that. However, that is not completely fool-proof either (check out the Sokal hoax for example). Another kind of example is Calleman. He has a PhD in another subject (where he might have published, I do not know), but he uses that title to give credits to his own Maya nonsense (where he has 0 peer-reviewed articles).

      We will for sure see more deluded people claiming the end of the world and maybe even try to fullfil their own predictions.


      The tone these two use, at least from what I watched, is refreshingly not one of a “doomsdayist.” They seem to know something of Mayan culture, and readily admit that most of these “prophecies” (in quotes because I have yet to see anyone resembling a true prophet) look at the Mayan calendar through westernized, christianized eyes. So many people seem to get a hard-on when two religions have something similar in the sense of an apocalypse, yet ignore other similarities and, more importantly, contradictions. For instance Geryl said the Mayans viewed the end of their calendar as a “fire and brimstone” sort of apocalypse. Problem with this is the Mayans viewed things in cycles, 2012 marking the end and restarting of exactly that: a cycle. I have no qualms with people searching for answers, but when people dogmatically adhere to what they think is truth and irrationally ignore others or stop their search thinking they “know” something, well, thats just stupid. Geryl provides enough information to make him sound legit, but he writes in a sensationalist manner and makes some mistakes that should right away incline one to ignore him.
      Heres something to ponder if you’re so inclined. If Geryl figured out this ultra-important code, and pieced together this puzzle, why is he trying to sell us a book instead of working with the worlds governments to further understand and maybe find a solution to this “problem?” Cause he doesn’t know shit, and yet is full of it, that’s why.

  10. Jenkins knows much more about the Maya than the 2012 hoaxers. However, he is quite obviously leaning towards a “New Age” view as he is straddling the dividing line between spiritualism and “objective” research. I would not call him a hoaxer (as many other Mayanists would do) since he clearly has an interest in forwarding Maya philosophy. Geryl on the other hand has only superficial knowledge of everything and only on such a level can you create such nonsense as he is proposing.

    Jenkins is somewhat misrepresenting the Mayanists in this interview. He says that they say the 2012 is meaningless. No, that is not the case. It was meaningful for the Maya. To non-Maya people it is another matter. But, Jenkins is advancing some kind of ancient wisdom hidden in the calendar as do many others. But at least there is some substance to it, which is not the case with for example Calleman.

    As for Jenkins’ galactic alignment theory, I will post something on that sometime (but there are three years to 2012 and there are a lot more crazier ideas to expose first). Mayanists should focus on them instead since judging from various 2012 forums, people cannot see the difference between Jenkins fairly harmful galactic alignment theory and conspiracy theorists and creationists with heavy ethnocentric distortions of the ancient Maya.

  11. its all a load of crap……..

  12. Per the posting of whether Geryl is a scientist or not, whether or not you believe Wikipedia to be reliable source or not:

    In which states (translated IE):
    “Geryl astronomy interested in from the early years of childhood[2]And do not have in this area, however, no formal education. His first book A new Space-Time Dimension published in 1979[2]. Geryl claims that “proved injustice theory of relativity”[4] in his first book. Specifically, believes that the theory Einstein must be matched[5] – Does not agree with Einstein’s assumption that man does not know whether there is traffic or not[5]. His thesis is not reflected in any echo in the scientific world.”

    Now, self admittedly I am far from the smartest man in any room, however nor am I the dumbest or most ignorant. But, I have a very hard time finding ANYONE who discredits Einstein and yet does not have the wherewithall to do so without any scientific backing, seems to simply lose all credentials in my book. So i’m to believe your (Geryl) smarter than Einstein and yet you seem to state this without any mathmatics or scientific proof OTHER than that you decoded some ancient Mayan/Egiptian Code that conveniently never has to be tangible to anyone other than yourself.

    In my humble opinion it sure smells like crap and if smells like crap it generally is crap!

  13. Where in my post do I even mention Einstein? I am an archaeologist and I focus on Geryl’s “archaeological” side. You see, there are various scientific disciplines and most of us know our limits. Geryl does not (and apparantly you as well).

    Maybe the translated sentence “His thesis is not reflected in any echo in the scientific world” should ring a bell? Anyone can discredit anyone else with pseudoscientific “facts”. IMHO, Geryl is a fraud and frauds generally write crap so I guess you have to sort out your books written by Geryl since they smell pretty bad.

  14. Sorry Johan, it wasn’t suppose to be a post in opposition of yours. It was in the hopes of lending support to your post. I agree with you, I too believe Geryl as being a fraud. “The am I to believe You…” part is directed at Geyrl, as if he were here saying the things as quoted via Wikipedia.

  15. Oh, one last thing, the Einstein comment was derived from the Wikeipedia reference as well. It stated in Wikipedia that he (Geyrl) stands in disagreement with one of, if not the, greatest minds of any generation.

    • OK, I clearly misunderstood your intention.

  16. I am not a supporter of Geryl … but I’ve seen little here that is not simply ad hominem or unreferenced opinion. About the same quality level as Geryl though a different expressive form. Perhaps there is something on another page. but I’ve seen little in the way of scientific argumentation…merely predominantly name calling and derision.

    I would imagine Dr. Normark, that at least a quasi- scientific paper would be much more compelling. But perhaps not as arousing for the bulk of your readers.

    dr rw, forensic neuropsychologist

  17. My posts on the 2012ers are not supposed to be filled with references. Neither are they supposed to be scientific (not all my other posts are purely scientific). I keep the serious research for journals instead. This blog exposes my personal opinions. I also expect that the recurrent readers of the blog are aware that Mexico does not lie in South America, that Gibraltar is not at the South Pole, and that there never were world wide floods once upon a time. If not, the reader is less likely to be a recurrent reader anyway.

    What is it with all these titles? I do not need to sign all my blog posts or comments with my doctoral degree. Is it supposed to add strength to your comment or what? I fail to see why a PhD in forensic neuropsychology is even remotely related to the issues I mention (such a pseudoscience in general and pseudoarchaeology in particular). I am interested to know how a dr in forensic neuropsychology ends up on a blog post on Geryl and feel the urge to write a comment in his defense? Are you what you claim to be?



  20. I have read some of Geryl’s and a multitude of other people’s books and watched multiple you tube videos on the subject. What they are saying, is that there is tremendous change manifesting. This change will not happen abruptly, but gather momentum as it occurs. It will involve observable circumstances, which will in turn either lend credence to what they are saying or disprove it entirely. Anyone that has spent any time doing some research and knowing how to think for themselves, can identify phenomenon that provide, at the very least, reason to monitor the situation and to keep oneself informed. Take the time to find out for yourself. It’s not that difficult to figure out.

    • I have taken enough time to find out that Geryl is nothing but a fraud.

      • And I suppose you are authentic and true. When are you people going to wake up and understand this earth is in trouble. There were disasters before and will be again. Planet X comes around every 3600 years and we are due again. Read
        “Sunken Realms” and you will understand that you and the others are complete fools.
        Get you head out of the sand. There are things that are in libraries and museums that have never been seen. If Patrick is a phoney then so are others who claim to know it and that includes you. WAKE UP!

      • Go back to the fairy tales again…

  21. This is a violent planet and a violent universe. Many changes have occurred in the past. It seems arrogant to assume that such a change will not occur in our lifetime. The truth of the past lies in the geology, which cannot be fake. The last ice age started for a reason. Polar shifts seem to be fact, not myth. We need common sense and logic. Not a pissing match.

  22. Who says changes cannot take place in our life time? True, geology itself cannot be fake, but pseudoscientific “interpretations” by people like Geryl can for sure be fake. If you even take a basic course in geology you will realize that his ideas are complete bogus. What we need is for sure not common sense because that is not what science is about. Our common sense works along other venues than logic…

  23. I find it truly amazing this one man knows so much about such a wide variety of subjects. What a genius Geryl must be! He knows all about astro-physics, astro-geometry, archeaology, ancient languages, geology, volcanology, astronomy, politics, sociology and to top that all off he can apparently read both mayan and egyptian hieroglyphs. I wonder if he got all his degrees at the university of the Crystal Skull? Perhaps his education came to him in the form of a dream, or did the aliens tell him this stuff after they probed his ass.

    My oncologist does not diagnose problems concerning my heart. My opthamologist did not diagnose my case of athletes foot. If you are stupid enough to believe that man who is not the age 1000 or so can can possibly have attained enough knowlegde to make these absurd predictions and base his claims in the name of science; then perhaps its time you join Jesus in his space ship hiding alongside comet hale-bopp. I have compiled directions on how to get there and the right provisions you need to bring with you, all of which are all available on my website for the low, low price of your “common sense”.

    P.S. the difference in the constellation Orion as it exists as represented as the great pyramids on the giza plateau to where it lies in the sky now is more than 5 degrees as Geryl claims. And actually represents the sky as it existed 13,500 years ago(use the software starry night to confirm if you doubt me); So we would have gone through his so called sun spot sequence roughly around the time Christ, according to his logic. And anyone who subscribes to National Geographic would know, the mayans where not the first society of south or central america, they were predated by both the olmecs and the teotethians( my spelling on the latter is not correct) and the sumerians existed 1 or 2 thousand years before the egyptians and their astronomical knowledge was far superior to that of the egyptians. They did not use hieroglyphs, but a rudimentry form of cunieform. But i suppose Geryl knows all this, and has used his superior knowledge to refute it. After all he is the one with the book.

    p.p.s.—Noah claimed to be a prophet, and he didn’t ask for a dime, he just wanted to save everybody. This clown wants you to buy a book and invest in land to be saved. Since when does the divine require funds to rebuild humanity? If this guy is humanitys saviour, I think i’d rather drown in the flood. See you on Dec. 22,2012-

    • Geryl and the other 2012ers are like the US TV-preachers. Iron Maiden’s Holy Smoke says it all:

      Saving your soul by taking your money
      Flies around shit, bees around honey


      Holy Smoke Holy Smoke, plenty bad preachers for
      The Devil to stoke
      Feed’em in feet first this is no joke
      This is thirsty work making Holy Smoke
      making Holy Smoke

  24. If you ignore some of the great prophets that had a firm sense of astrology for instance Edgar Cayce then arn’t you disputing the gifts of many great men & women. Look at divinci, he only had visions of submarines and aircraft, now look have they came into fruition? of course. Never underestimate the knowlege of the Elders. What makes you so sure you can?????

  25. Cayce was a fraud but da Vinci was a truly gifted person. Submarines and aircrafts of today have little to do with the ones da Vinci imagined. I just wonder who is underestimating the knowledge of the “elders” (I hope you do not mea the mysterious elders a la Bast)? Not me, it is the 2012ers who claim pyramids were built by aliens or other beings. That is to devalue past people’s knowledge. What makes me sure? Well, science relies on empirical data, pseudoscience and new age rely on pure speculation.

  26. I bought one of the Geryl`s book,first there were no choice of survival,but now he´s is offering a place to stay while the cataclism… obviously not for free.
    Speak about borrow boats…what about the flames from sun?? What a waste of time and money.
    Anyway ,I think that in 2012 is gonna be a hard date because of the fear in all the people. Would nice to stay apart of all the crazyness.
    Sorry for my english.

  27. Just a minority will bother about 2012. Only at particular places like Chichen Itza will there be congregation of crazy people.

  28. Hope you`re right , I see a lot of worry about,History Channel ,Discovery ,films , I´m sure that this subject is useful for someone.

  29. History Channel and Discovery are not exactly reliable sources. They exaggerate and simplify things in order to make their documentaries popular among as many viewers as possible. The same goes with the 2012 prophets. Read some serious research on the Maya instead and you will see that the 2012 circus is just that.

  30. I was speaking about the most of people .I`m architect,so I know almost nothing about astronomy or the real thing about mayans ,that it`s seems to be the basic in this matter.It has become a kind of religion …
    Any suggestion about a serious researcher ?

  31. Any book suggested? Do you have published one about this subject? Thanks a lot anyway.

  32. Anthony Aveni’s book from 2009:
    The End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

    Mark Van Stone’s informative section at FAMSI (a scholarly website):

  33. Thanks a lot,so kind of you!

  34. The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Hopi and Edgar Cayce, et al, were very intelligent and good people, with very excellent track records for predicting the unpredictable. Even a casual glance at their almost perfect prophetic track records would convince any reasonable person of the statistical likelihood of their predicting the next event. I would say it’s over 95% likely.

    The 9 part Hopi prophesy –alone– has about a 1 in several billion chance of having come true the way it has. So this absolutely amounts to “scientific fact” by its most stringent, technical definition. People buy insurance every day when there is only a 1 in a million chance they will need it. How insane are these debunkers, then?

    2012 debunkers cannot do unbiased research, because they know it will PROVE them dead.

  35. So you have read a lot of science theory have you? At least enlighten us with a quote from that field to support your conclusion (I’ll bet we will wait a long time).

    Cayce was a charlatan and should not be mentioned in the same breath as groups of people (or cultures as other prefer to call them). As for that Hopi prophecy: ask yourself when was it written? what are the earliest records of it? are you or whoever make the interpretation doing it right? etc.

    If you believe this is how science is practiced, well, then I understand how you and other 2012ers can believe people like Geryl.

  36. listen people. the last real cataclysmic global event recorded in the earths rock record was 65 million years ago otherwise known as the end of the dinosaurs. if this cataclysmic event happened this regularly then it would be recordeed in the rock record but it isnt! how about u stop listening to silly little dutch men with affinities to too many dead religions and start listening to the geologists of today cos we are not as boring as you may think!

  37. Yes, all these myseterious cataclysms happening every now and then are unknown from the geological and archaeological record. But I guess we all are part of the conspiracy.

  38. I think that you, Johan, do not really believe these 2012 things will happen. I give them the benefit of doubt, since I’m not knowleadgeable enough to support or combat these ideas. But one thing is true, and you can’t deny it: here in my country (Brazil) there’s an old saying (which I’m going to try to translate into English) which says: “When people talk a lot about something either, it was true, is true or will be true.” Welll, in this specific case, if you don’t believe it, at least it was true – how did dinossaurs die? Anyway, whether it’s true or not, I don’t intend to start going nuts about it. I think that the truth is, for each one of us, the world will end one day, colectively or individually, so there’s no point going on about it. How it’s going to end, is the least important thing. I personally am not ‘crazy’ about mankind and what we’ve done to the planet so if we are really heading for total distruction, I think we deserve it.

    • Sure the world will end some day but the 13 baktun date has nothing to do with it.

  39. ive read orion prophecy and i have a question that bugs me about it. if the world would stop turning, and start in the other direction. which geryl claims will happen in one day. ummm, he points out that the inertia of the earth would cause catastrophe’s, and i agree. but where he loses me is. is the inertia enough to keep gravity going when the earth stops turning? doesnt gravity come from the world turning, and once the earth stopped turning, for even a second, gravity would cease to exist until the turning of the earth started again. and wouldnt the gravity be stronger or weaker based on how fast the earth was/is spinning? if there was no gravity wouldnt everything start flying off the earth? including the oceans waters, uprooting of trees, all animals, humans etc…. would there even be a way for anything to survive if the gravity ceased on earth?

    • Well, I am not an astronomer or a physicist, but as far as I remember gravity has nothing to do with the world rotating. According to Wikipedia: the strength of the gravitational field “at any given point is proportional to the planetary body’s mass and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the center of the body.”

  40. I would like to thank you, Dr. Normark, for taking the interest and more importantly, the time to write this blog. I saw “2012 an Awakening” one afternoon and in the movie was a claim that many scientists disaggree that greenhouse gasses are primarily responsible for global warming. when I heard that, I had strong doubts of it’s veracity. But to be fair, further checking seemed in order. after looking around a little, I couldn’t even find out whether Patrick Geryl posessed any scientific credentials at all. I know that if I were trying to sell a book I would use every genuine, verifiable credential I had ever earned. Since he doesn’t, I gather he hasn’t earned any. While I was still checking around, I came across your blog. yours was the first one I read all of and enjoyed greatly for your simple, logical approach. It was a rare pleasure for me to encounter such an intellegent,logical and well disciplined mind. If you will keep blogging, I will keep reading and I’ll try to reply once in a while if I have anything worth saying.

    • Thanks. I guess we have only seen the beginning of the muddled ideas. Indeed, the 2012ers always claim to have scientific credentials. A quick read through any of their writings on the 2012 phenomenon shows that they are amateurs.

  41. Hey Johan,

    I’m continuing my sleuthing of Geryl. Can I send you some links about him to look over? ie. Where he gets much of his research. I know you’re probably busy so I want to see if that’s ok with you.


  42. It is OK.

  43. Ok, I understand where Geryl is coming from, but I also understand what you are saying.

    However, here’s where you have me stumped, sir. (Mr. Normark).

    You consistently persist to attack Geryl and make him out to be a hoaxer with no credentials, yet you accuse him of the very same thing. You claim these are your opinions…but those are his as well. Maybe he is overdoing it just a bit with his arrogance towards the lesser-informed, but it doesn’t help when you dismiss ALL of his opinions with just simple name-calling. You’re trying to prove the theory taht he’s a hoax as badly as he’s trying to prove the world is going to end. Isn’t that a tad bit hypocritical?

    A perfect example of this is seen in your December 18th, 2009 post. Somebody challenged your knowledge and education by requesting referencing, and you get hostile towards the situation, saying:

    “What is it with all these titles? I do not need to sign all my blog posts or comments with my doctoral degree. Is it supposed to add strength to your comment or what? I fail to see why a PhD in forensic neuropsychology is even remotely related to the issues I mention (such a pseudoscience in general and pseudoarchaeology in particular). ”

    Doesn’t that excerpt sound a bit along the lines of what Geryl himself would be saying?

    Point is, everybody’s going to defend their position strongly.. just like he’s trying to do. Calling him a hoaxer means NOTHING unless you pinpoint EACH of his arguments and theories and take them apart with your own education. He has made some valid arguments, and he has even said that in the past when he’d make such theories, he would be laughed at. But in the end, he was the one that was right when all the rocket scientists were dead WRONG.

    Just something to think about..

  44. I do not dismiss ALL of his opinions. He has written far more than what I discuss in this short blog post. I am sure there are some non-fiction in this muddle as well.

    Your example regarding my hostility towards one commentator is interesting as well. You did not quote that whole comment. This is what actually follows what you quoted:

    “I am interested to know how a dr in forensic neuropsychology ends up on a blog post on Geryl and feel the urge to write a comment in his defense? Are you what you claim to be?”

    I simply doubt that this person is what he/she claims to be. You fail to mention that this person (and the same goes for yourself) do not provide evidence that Geryl is correct, etc. If your critique boils down to my way of describing Geryl’s “research” then focus on that. Otherwise provide examples where I am actually wrong about what I claim Geryl is wrong about.

    As for your and this other person’s claim that I do not leave references, please read the post again. I refer to some of his books and most of the information is basically taken from Geryl’s own website.

    Please enlighten us others what Geryl was right about when “all rocket scientists where dead WRONG” (some references perhaps…???). I hope I do not have to remind you that I am an archaeologist and I focus on 2012ers treatment of archaeology, not how they treat “rocket science” (whatever you mean with that expression).

    • Well, I will start off by admitting that I am certainly NOT a scientist of any kind, let alone someoen with a degree in a university program. But I do find interest in the subject and I considr myself a casual observer.

      But let’s just put Geryl and his theories aside for a moment. From that vantage point, I do NOT believe that the world is going to end in 2012. But i DO think that we are destroying ourselves into nothingness as te years go by. I just find it foolish as citing December 21st, 2012 as the “reserved” date for our world’s demise.


      I find it easy to grasp his explanations. Call me naive, uneducated or gullible, or what-have-you… but there are multiple reasons why i believe what he has to say:

      1. The ONLY place he seems to try and sell off his books are on his main website: “How To Survive 2012” opposed to different avenues such as multiple websites. His interview sessions are NOT widespread.. type in “Patrick Geryl” and I implore you to find loads of information on this man. It’s hard. If he wanted fame and fortune, wouldn’t he be everywhere?
      And even through all this, it’s not a coercion into buying his material. Matter of fact, he has a good overview of his theory ON the main categories surrounding his site… absolutely free of charge! A good chunk of this information is already revealed without having to even buy the book. And what’s more, you can actually contact the guy by email!
      HOWEVER, I cannot dismiss the fact that he has an arrogant attitude through it all.

      2. He wrote a book in the year 1979 (I think that was the year, I could be wrong) stating his “sunspot theory” and how the sun goes through a solar flare cycle every 11 calendar years. He also made a bold statement that the universe is expanding constantly and indefinitely at an ACCELERATING rate. For two decades he was scfoffed at, especially in 1990 when he went public with it in an interview (and I think a second book, not too sure) Finally, in 1998, trained scientists and the people at NASA all came to an agreement nthat Geryl was abosolutely RIGHT about these two theories.. now it’s just common knowledge among scientists.

      3. He explains all of his theories from an almost strictly scientifc viewpoint… NOT a religious one like most doomsayers will preach about: the Mayan calendar, The Bible, The I Ching, the Egyptians’ Hall of Records (personal rubbish to me.. Geryl does go on about this an awful lot, I think he’s full of himself here)

      4. There is a hole in the earth, caused in full by the fact that our electromagnetic shield is no longer protecting the earth. And our last sunspot cycle fell on 2001, meaning the NEXT one falls on 2012. When you couple these two situations, THAT is where I believe Geryl, as a whole, may be right with his conclusion. We know firsthand what these solar flares can do even when the shields are UP, let alone DOWN. Again, call me gullible or untrained to any other scientific phenomena, but it scares me.

      For a personal explanation of all these from Geryl himself, please refer here:

      But like I said before, putting Geryl’s theories aside, I would just think that this event would cause more of a widespread power outage for a longer period of time.. at worst, a few major earthquakes/volcanoes may be summoned. But the whole ordeal of “buildings collapsing on the spot” and “massive tidal waves” are ridiculous, in my own uneducated opinion. I would think that tidal waves would be strongest at the shore and then dissipate as it moves inland.

      BUT.. Geryl has been right before, so i believe him now. Just my two cents.

  45. I do have an interest in astronomy but I am afraid I am not an expert on who discovered what and when. Is it Geryl himself or you who states that he made these discoveries long before scientists did? I simply made a quick search on the internet regarding some of the issues you mention (OK Wikipedia is not the most reliable source but this is a blog and not a peer-reviewed journal).

    The sun flare cycle was discovered roughly a century ago ( The expansion of space/universe was already a part of Einstein’s general relativity ( . Geryl might be first with claiming that the acceleration of expansion occurs. There are usually a variety of rivaling hypotheses regarding a phenomenon at a particular time. Hence, I am not sure from your information that Geryl is the one who originally came up with the “accelerating” idea or that some astronomical hypothesis already existed that he found and embraced. Maybe Einstein’s general relativity predicts it, I do not know.

    As for the sunspot cycle ending in 2012 means nothing as far as the Maya Long Count is considered. The Long Count does not end in that year (a common mistake), nor does it restart another cycle (another common mistake), and some Mayanists believe the correlation issue is not solved and that the 13 Baktun date could be years off (before or after 2012). Hence, my prediction is that we will have other sun spot cycles ending on 2023, 2034, 2045, etc.

    • Hello again, Johan;

      Specifically regarding the acceleration of the expansion, Einstein thought that a ‘cosmological constant’ was needed to explain why the universe did not collapse back on itself, but he discarded it later and considered it his greatest blunder. Actually discarding it turns out to have been the blunder, as the repulsive force he proposed is now called ‘dark energy’. So, from that standpoint, if Geryl proposed it in 1979 (and I would like to see a citation from the book to accept that) then he was a mere 64 years late.

      • As I suspected. Thanks for the information.

  46. Well, frankly I didn’t read anything in this article that debunks anything, or even makes clear what is supposed to be debunked.
    And everyone is bouncing around arguing over “something” which is in no way made clear.

    To my mind I see one psychomyth being challenged by another, ignis fatuus

    Does anyone here know what they are talking about?


    • If one actually read the article one may actually get a grip of what people are talking about. I am sure you read it since you bothered writing the comment. It is not rocket science so it should not be that hard to understand what this “something” is.

  47. Johan Normark,
    I did read the article and I have excellent comprehension skills. What I am saying is I see no actual refutation of Geryls thesis. I see you poking fun at it. I pick up on that lollipop academic bromide of appeals to authority, but I don’t find any meat to your “argument”.

    You seem like the type who would argue that the US is still a constitutional republic because TV tells you so.


    • Good for you that you picked it up. There is no other “something” in the text no matter what your expectations were. It is all about pooking fun at Geryl. However, the fact that you link my discussion of Geryl’s pseudarchaeology to what constitution the US has suggests to me that you are part of the “conspiracy” faction of this circus. Such people will never be satisfied or convinced. I am the kind of person who do not care what TV says what the US is. It is an imperialistic power that has lost its world dominating position no matter what the majority of Americans believe. Please, prove the Maya right and elect Palin in 2012.

  48. ” However, the fact that you link my discussion of Geryl’s pseudarchaeology to what constitution the US has suggests to me that you are part of the “conspiracy” faction of this circus.”~Johan Normark

    First of all, you say on one hand that you are merely making fun of Geryl’s pseudo-archeology. However, there is no reason to accept from you that the archeology is fraudulent. Therefore your making fun appears as ignorant arrogance.

    I do not link the Geryl aspect with the Constitution. I am linking your epistemic profile with that of one that would accept the popular view of the political paradigm.

    As far as the term ‘conspiracy’, this has several versions of meaning, depending on the lexicon of the user. In the subtext of your use, I detect a conformist dismissal. However as per the psychomyth now extant, it is systemic, which is not a conspiratorial analysis, as the history is quite in the open record for one who wishes to pursue the subject of the architecture of modern political power.

    But this is neither here nor there. The subject is Gyrel, and whether or not his archeology is a fraud, or whether he is on to something beyond your limited imagination. Do not take my meaning for the term, ‘imagination’ to mean, ‘fantasy’ and ‘make believe’, that is not what imagination is at its core.
    What it is at the core is the ability to think anew, from varying vantage points, it is the muse of discovery and invention.

    The question then is whether Gyrel is presenting discovery or invention. Is it not?


    • Anyone with the slightest knowledge about archaeology sees he is a fraud (but I am sure you will argue that he is onto something beyond my limited academic training). You are yet another one of these tiresome people who lives by the delusion that he thinks outside the box. There is nothing new in Geryl, just plain nonsense. Anyone who believes Geryl is onto something needs some critical thinking, everything done by academics are not part of the great conspiracy. Geryl is simply not worth wasting my time on (if you look around in my 300+ blog posts I have only discussed him once). I know when it is time to stop feeding the troll on my blog.

  49. I see Normark, so you are an Archeologist. I didn’t realize that you were speaking from your position of academic expertise. Shall I assume your specialty is Egyptology?
    It seems oh so curious that you had no academic critique of Geryl’s suspect methodologies. Nothing of substance on the matter.

    You do however have a tendency to label and liable those who you disagree with, presenting that as ‘critical thinking’.

    I am “tiresome” for asking for substance rather than sneering disdain.
    Gyrel is “just plain nonsense”, a generality wide enough to drive a busload of “trolls” through.
    You say you see it’s time to “stop feeding the troll”, meaning you are exasperated at being pinned down for specifics you are unable to provide.

    I don’t mind your cutting me off and dismissing me. You are an empty vessel with nothing to pour.
    That is all I really wanted to establish, and you have done this for me.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter.

    Have fun at your next dig professor.~ww

  50. Nope, you could have checked out my speciality pretty easy on the blog. One click away (there is an “about” page at the top and a tag cloud that should indicate what I do). Is that how you do your own research? Basing your whole “analysis” of who I am on one blog post and you still do not know what I do? I guess it is how one do research if one has a made up conspiracy in mind so thank you for the chat and your in-depth analyses. Feeding time is over.

  51. “I have questioned what a human is. I claim that there is nothing essential in the human from where we can define the human. According to this reasoning, the human needs to be decentralized from the archaeological record in the initial phase of research. She cannot be used as an a-priori starting point.”~ Normark

    You are correct, I didn’t check your profile and background until our converstion had proceeded. As it is, your credentials alone are merely an appeal to authority–your own, when you will not explain the particulars of an argument you are making.

    So I do have a question;
    What is the difference then between geology and archeology in this view? Archeology is primary involved with ‘artifact’. Artifact is the result of human interaction with natural materials.

    Are you in fact a geologist with a sideline into archeology, or a hybrid traveling man?

    A disclosure is in order, I am not a fan of Gyrel. I was looking for someone with knowledge to tell me what specifically was the case against him. All I got from you was holier than thou high handed bullshit.

    A second disclosure is in order as well; I am not generally impressed with academia and diplomas. I have met too many specialists that are conformist and beancounters that don’t know shit about their chosen topics other than the favorite zeitgeist of some ‘hero’ chair at university.

    It is true that I am a generalist, but I am well read in the social and physical sciences.
    While you may very well be right about Gyrel, the point remains that you still haven’t made a single substantive charge against him, but have instead taken an authoritarian stance coupled with arrogance.

    I remain utterly unimpressed.

    Thank you for your lucidity, ww

  52. Next time you try to demand someone else to clarify whatever it is that you want clarified, you should perhaps specify what it is. Even then, do not expect someone to obey your demand. I just wonder who thinks he is that important that he should be given serious treatment when he begins the correspondence with name calling… Very impressive.

    Just a correction: his name is Geryl.

    The master of puppets.

  53. “Next time you try to demand someone else to clarify…”~Johan Normark


    Listen Normark, you and I, and indeed the candid world can see that I began by noting that you were not bringing any rational argument to bear.
    You then congratulated me in recognizing such–admitting that you were merely ridiculing the man.

    My first comment merely asked if anyone knew what they were talking about. If that is dispersion in your eyes you are certainly thin skinned.

    I could come back with anyone who writes an entire article that is nothing but name calling is not worth reading.

    You may be a highly credentialed scientist, but you have shown yourself to have a very fragile ego in this correspondence. If you were so secure in your position you wouldn’t be so quick to anger over anything but fawning praise.

    You have YET to say anything of substance in this entire exchange. Your arrogance has gotten the best of you. I leave you to stew in that. I have no further interest in this site, nor your next response.
    ~William Whitten

    • I believe that you are interested in what I have to say, otherwise you would not have visited this blog post that many times the past 24 hours. You may not be impressed about what I have to say, but you are bothered about it.

      No, my ego is not fragile at all. I have taken my share of BS through my life. I am afraid that ít is your own personality we see in your comments. It is you who have been hostile in these communications. I have mainly been sarcastic, and I have been pulling your strings, twisting your mind, blinded by me you can’t see a thing. Master, master, master of puppets. Ah, what the heck, here is the rest of it:

      Anyway, you are right in one way. I should perhaps clairfy my views on Geryl’s pseudoarchaeology. After all, this particular post has received most traffic and comments so far. Why leave this traffic attractor alone? I hope Geryl can thank you for attracting more people to this blog in the future… More to come, but as mentioned in other posts, I will discuss other issues of 2012 first before I honour you.

  54. Well I’m not gonna say he’s right but there is some strange stuff going on
    Ie magnetic pole moving fast over siberia now fish and birds dying this is caused by the magnetic fields having holes in them exsposing them to poisons. Then there’s the fact there spraying chemtrails in the atmospere
    I beleave its to protect the magnetosphere from particles that could flip the poles but and it really is a double edged sword if they protect it at the rate its declining we may be put in the position that it would be to week to flip
    Or miss the flip when it is due naturaly there really isn’t anything that can be done eventually when we do get a pole flip the strengh of the magnetic field will go to full strengh and protect the earth I resort that it should be allowed to happen even if it means my life in a catastrophie as trying to save
    The world temporarily will be the real end.

    • The magnetic poles moving are in contrast go Geryl’s claims. In Geryl’s world, if the magnetic field was moving now, than the core of the Earth should also be moving along with it. If the core is changing speeds, you wouldn’t see any snow on the ground because the heat generated from the change in energy would rise to the crust.

      The magnetic current in the liquid outer core is chaotic. Your conclusion that something is “strange” with our magnetic field is false. And the bird and fish die offs have nothing to do with the magnetic field, and quite frankly is just a big hoax in itself. Animal die-offs happen all the time, it was just caught by the media and everyone fell for it.

      Chemtrails? You’re kidding me right? I assume by “they” you mean the government. Whose government?

      Anyways, no extinction events correlate with Geryl’s timeline or even known past magnetic field reversals.

  55. Moving fast? 55 km/year compared to “normal” 15 km/year. Well, I am not an expert on magnetic fields but this seems a bit exaggerated.

    In any case, the ancient Maya knew nothing about this.

  56. Hi Johan.
    I think Geryl is wrong about the ice ages also, as we have small ice age sometimes, like we had about 6-700 years ago. In my opinion the sun may not be active 100% all the time,but sometime the activity may slow down inside the sun a few % and than the sun is not as strong, and we have an ice age. And most of his theories are all wrong.
    I think we would know more about the sun, and how the universe works, if somebody could figure out why hundreds, or maybe even thousands of stars disappear, and vanish every year from the sky.Where do they go? Nobody ever wrote a book about vanishing stars, and the scientists have no explanations, The
    Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, and all the ancient people had no theory on this.

  57. I doubt that we can really talk about clearly defined “ice ages”. The temperature fluctuates through time and any definition of an ice age is arbitrary to some extent (at least their beginnings and endings).

  58. Hi Mr. Normark,

    Somewhere in your blog, you mentioned a book and a website that would explain the Mayan theories about 2012 without all of the doomsday sensation. Can I trouble you for that information, again?

    I got sucked into watching Brad Meltzer’s Decoded today and I’m looking for some logical reassurance that I will not be burned to a crisp by the an errant ray from the Sun, fall into a crack in the Earth, be hit by a 2000 foot high wave, or die a slow death in a nuclear like winter on December 21, 2012. Thanks in advance!

  59. This is the website:

    Mark van Stone is a Maya epigrapher and you can buy his book here:

    Anthony Aveni is an archaeoastronomer and he has also written a book on the phenomenon but it is more like a history of the idea.

  60. Hi Jennifer.
    I read a book, by Robert Cox, The Pillar Of Celestial Fire, and by his calculation, from the Hebrew, Hindu, Chinese, Romanian, Tibet, and Maya calenders, the 2012 will happen in 2010, so it already happened last year in July and August. And we did have a lot of Sun activity then.
    However, I m still building a big underground shelter in Arizona, but it will be after I retire, and that will be way after 2012.

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the info, I will take a look. I did look at the website that was suggested and it occurs to me that either what is being “predicted” has already happened or is happening now. Good luck with that shelter!

  61. As per my research on quakes and gravity of planets theory , Patrick Geryl is NOT correct about 2012 and Mayan calendar interpretation. Anyway Patrick was too close for previous catastrophe ( NOT flood , actually it was due to quakes, tsunamis and volcanoes which occurred on 9796 B.C or 9776 B.C ; based on planets positions, gravity and effect on Earth ) . Mayan calendar research shows him 9792 B,C ( close he was ! ) . So you will understand that Patrick misinterpreted many things. World never ended earlier also ! There was a catastrophy ! Using my theory I can show that theory shows most great quakes in century ( even 26-12-2004 and 11-03-2011 great quakes ! ) ; My theory shows great quakes possible in May ( around 6th may or 10th or around 18th may 2011 ; + – 2 days range ) .
    Now coming to the point like 2012 Dec. ; is there really a date when some great catastrophe will occur ? Yes, my theory using gravity of planets , Sun and Moon shows that there is in this century ; but it will be after many decades in July month ; I do NOT want to tell that date to this old generation now ; even I will not be alive on those date ! Sure young generation will be old that time.
    ( You want proof ; check about great quake/s will happen in May 2011 )
    Unfortunately scientists are NOT believing my theory yet ! Note that theory can
    NOT predict the location of quakes ; it predicts only the 5 day range of possible
    major quake.

    – Santosh Phadnis

    • What Maya research are you referring to when you mention 9792 BC? Give me the inscriptions or codice where this is mentioned.

    • You are using the word “theory” in the wrong context. You have a claim, and no evidence. A theory is the top level of scientific research. As good as it gets. Peer reviewed and all. So until you have evidence, and have it peer reviewed, you have literally nothing other than a wild speculation. And of course, like all of the others with wild speculations, you toss it around on the internet.

      There is no evidence of a catastrophe near that time, and no fantasy – no matter how well thought out – will change that. The only thing you have correct, as far as I can tell, is that Geryl is wrong…but that is like pointing out the grass is green.

  62. Hi Mr. Normark,

    Patrick has done the “Maya research” using mayan mentions of planet venus and other planets . Patrick came to the conclusion that previous catastrophe occurred in 9792 BC ; hence I mentioned that. I searched using my theory of gravity of planets, moon and Sun ; which also takes into account angles ( positions) of planets , very high or very low gravity effect on Earth ( by Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Moon and Sun ) . It also takes
    into account their perigee / apogee. It takes into account Sun and Moon’s declinations also. It takes into account conjunctions of planets. Then theory finds the range of ( 5 ) days when major 7+ mag quake can occur. Yes, this theory is NOT
    proved yet ( scientist have not yet agreed ; but one scientist is looking into it ).
    For checking planets in past I used redshift-4 and got 9796 BC or 9776 BC as possible dates when catastrophe can occur which will create quakes and Tsunamis on many parts of world ; also it may cause volcanoes to erupt . Note that world was not completely destroyed then ; but many parts of world faced problems including heavy flood ( tsunamis ) . Ancient cultures like Hindu and others had mentioned such quick floods.

    – Santosh Phadnis

  63. I do not know anything about your theory of gravity but I do know that archaeoastronomical data for the Maya (including Venus and other planets) are highly suspiciuos in relation to Aldana’s discussion of the GMT correlation constant. The Maya never recorded any dates from that period (which would even have been in a hypothesized Long Count cycle even preceeding the one preceeding the current one). There are no Venus recordings to go along with these Long Count dates either… Geryl is wrong about pretty much everything concerning the Maya and I doubt that he is accurate in anything else.

  64. Hello Normark Sir

    I guess Geryl and other researcher in his team were “near accurate” when they calculated that previous catastrophe occurred around 9792 BC ( based on venus cycles and mentions in Maya scriptures ) . As per my theory I found that it could be either
    9796 or 9776 B C ( but NOT 9792 BC ) . Even Geryl mentioned in his writing that Mayan people had mentioned that they ( Mayans ) were off by 4 years in marking previous catastrophe ! So 9796 B.C might be more correct year of catastrophe . I have calculated some other solar cycle of planets ( based on NASA values only ) and
    it shows the future catastrophe date ( month and year ; as day may vary within that
    month ) . i will not reveal it as it is many decades away and I will write about it after some years. The reason is , I found that Mayans did not know why that catastrophe occurred in 9796 B.C and hence they could NOT predict the next one !
    I want to mention that previous flood mentioned by various cultures was not a fantasy and there was a real catastrophe that time . If you search on most sea shores and along the river banks , you may find it that it occurred around 11806 years ago !

    best regards,

    Santosh Phadnis

    • Once again: which are his supposed sources? Name the monument or codex please.

    • And your conclusion as to why there is no geographical, or archeological evidence of catastrophe around that period of time? If you decided to refer to the Mega Fauna extinction, you should do a bit of research to find that this extinction took place over many hundreds, if not thousands of years.

      The reason the “previous flood” didn’t happen is because floods leave behind some pretty identifiable evidence for many millions of years. If this flood would have happened, than you would be living in something of a swamp land.

      Geryl’s claim is that the core of the Earth will flip, and will cause the whole Earth to start turning the other way. The amount of energy required to make the Earth turn the other way would melt it. Leaving it inhabitable for any living species for billions of years. Earth is a gyroscope, flipping it over requires the same amount of energy to stop it, and start it again. Think about it.

  65. Any one who wants to understand the Maya’s concept of time needs to read David Stuarts “Order of Days”
    There is only one reference to 2012 in the 10,000+ inscriptions that have been found. The Tortuega inscription is badly eroded and broken in half at a crucial point. if it wasn’t broken at that place we would have a clear understanding of what 2012 meant to the Maya at Tortuega.
    To the Ancient Maya it was the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

  66. nobody wants to believe in stuff like doomsday, and mr Geryl doesn’t exactly sound like a serious scientist however this alone does NOT rule out the possibility that he’s right.. right? as for some stuff i read in the article, after which i stopped reading it, i would like to call to the author’s attention that dissecting another author’s ideas (from his books) without actually reading it first is a pretty baaad practice.. bad boy! 😛 those who namely read it, can then not take your opinion


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