Posted by: Johan Normark | May 25, 2009

Me and the king

I am not quick with downloading my (or my wife’s) pictures. Here are some pictures from the award ceremonyI attended two months ago. As mentioned in an earlier post I received the Loubat Prize from The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities. The ceremony took place inside The House of Nobility in Stockholm. This is me outside the building before the ceremony (all photos by my wife by the way).


After a while it was my turn (and a couple of other award winners as well). I am second from the left.


I have no picture from the moment when I actually got the prize from the king (too many people in front of my wife). She got a pretty blurry picture of him a few minutes later.


After the award ceremony we had a dinner at Grand Hotel. I was placed next to Martin Rundkvist from Aardvarchaeology (and editor of Fornvännen). We have slightly different views on “archaeological theory,” but we are both sceptics, and maybe this is why we both look a bit sceptical on this picture.



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