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2012: Prophet of nonsense #5: Burak Eldem – Planet Marduk (Nibiru) and the war against terror

The list of prophets of nonsense is longer than I imagined before I began searching the web for them. Burak Eldem was completely unknown to me yesterday. This guy, of Turkish origin, appears to be heavily influenced by the greatest current living prophet of nonsense there is: Zecharia Sitchin. I have not read any of Eldem’s books but he has published a book called “2012: Rendez-vous with Marduk” which became a best-seller in Turkey. It is the first of a trilogy of books (“The Hidden History”). I base this post on the synopsis of the book found on his website.

Like Sitchin Eldem refers to a hypothetical planet, which he calls Marduk or Nibiru, which is assumed to have an orbit of 3661 solar years.  When will the planet return to our part of the solar system? Of course, you guessed it completely right, it will return in 2012 and bring destruction. Eldem suggests that the orbit of 3661 years was written as three wedges based on the sexagesimal (based on 60) mathematics used in Mesopotamia. The first wedge is 60×60 (3600), the second is 60×1 (60), and the third is 1, thus 3600+60+1 which equals 3661. Eldem argues that this was misunderstood by the Jews in Babylon and they created the enigmatic 666. Hence the number of the beast was the number of solar years of this imagined planet’s orbit.

According to himself, he uses “”Enigmatic” passages of the sacred texts… A detailed analysis with geological, astronomical and archaeological evidence which suggest us an alternative history of our planet… Sediments of a long-lost wisdom… A political and social chaos which is subject to re happen in the near future with the approaching global catastrophe… Military operations, planned and started in a hurry by the “Global Elites” of the world, before those chaotic days arrive… Politic climate is hardening while the World is being prepared to meet Marduk, a mysterious celestial object with an orbital period of 3661 years, again… “

Indeed, the prophets of nonsense focus on enigmatic passages of sacred texts and can come up with pretty much anything they have already decided to find. He claims to give a detailed analysis with a bunch of scientific evidence, but this is complete nonsense. It is as superficial and twisted as any argument can be as can be seen in my examples below.

Eldem argues that “civilization” was born on around 3100 BC and that the Maya “Fifth World Age” and Hindu “Kaliyuga” simultaneously starts around 3100 BC. I do not know anything about the kaliyuga but the fifth age of the Maya is nothing but a transfer of Aztec beliefs upon the Maya who had no such “ages”. He goes on to suggest that “the eve of the Egyptian Kingdom with King Narmer (or Menes) also coincides with this year” (never mind that there existed a long process of politicization before this king). Further, “Harappan civilization of Indus, is believed to have started around that time. Ancient Sumerians had captured the Obaid cities (beginning with Uruk) and established their city-states exactly around 3100 BC. The ancient La Venta civilization of Meso-America is believed to have its beginning around these years.” Not really, there is no evidence that suggests a “major civilization” at La Venta at this time. This is revealing, because he actually believes that La Venta civilization is something preceding the Olmec (but the Olmec built La Venta…).

He goes on and the 3100 BC date includes Caral in Peru and Stonehenge as well. Eldem concludes that this “was the time of “relief” after the Great Flood; which allowed people to build sophisticated cities…the author suggests a date around 3150 BC for the cataclysmic events which eventually became the main inspiration for the popular myth known as The Deluge.”

Eldem focuses on a history of catastrophes and attempts to link local or regional catastrophes to global and enigmatic processes in the solar system. The most important series of catastrophes he discusses appeared around 1649 BC. He suggests that “the Olmecs appeared as the cultural heir of the ancient La Venta civilization who vanished around 1650 BC.” Duuhhh. Is this great research when one does not even know the basic chronology? Anyway this is apparently related to the Thera eruption, etc. It is claimed that the Minoan civilization was destroyed at this time (never mind that archaeological evidence suggests it existed for several centuries after this event).

It is the “tenth” planet who causes these catastrophes (he appears to ignore the fact that Pluto has been ditched from the planet category). Anyway, since “its last passage was 1649 BC and next passage will be most probably on 2012 AD. That’s why the Maya stated this date as the “end of the Fifth Sun (i.e “Fifth World Age”)”.” Despite the fact that the Fifth Sun comes from the Aztec, he goes on and includes ideas from yet another prophet of nonsense, John Major Jenkins. Eldem says that  “the total time span for Maya ages, is 25,627 years. (One World Age, or Mayan “Sun” is “13 Baktuns” which makes 1,872,000 days. So, the total 5 ages have 9,360,000 days. This equals 25,626.98 years.) This is exactly 7 x 3661 years. In other words, 5 Mayan ages equal to 7 Marduk orbital passages. The numbers 5 and 7 are “sacred” for Meso-Americans and Mesopotamians respectively. More intriguing than this, this equality clearly shows that the “first day of the first Maya World Age” begins with Marduk’s orbital passage!”

He goes on and says that “the corelation between Marduk’s orbital period (3661 years) and World Ages, also helps us to decode the mystery of Tzolkin, the 260 days sacred calendar. One “World Age” was, 13 Baktuns; and one Baktun was 20 Katuns. So, Tzolkin was formularized as 13 “Uinals” (20 days “months”). This was a miniature model of a “World Age” in fact! And else? Let’s change the “year” unit in a “World Age” and use “Tzolkin” (260 days period) instead of a solar year: 5125.36 x 260 = 1,332,593.6 days, 1,332,593.6 / 365.24 = 3648.54 years…This value is very near to 3661 years orbital period of Nibiru.” It is near but not exact (as apparently is important in other discussions). I return to this below but why should we multiply the length of the past Long Count calendar with tzolkin days (that makes no sense whatsoever) and then divide the number with the length of earth’s orbit? This is completely absurd but Eldem’s tactic is classic: use a bunch of numbers, add, subtract, divide or multiply with other numbers until you find a correlation. This may confuse the reader and you can make them believe you know what you are talking about.

Apparently, it is important to have exact correlations, but when there is a gap one needs to enter numbers from elsewhere to make the whole scheme work. For example “if we take the integer part of this number (3648) and add Mayans “13 Holy Sky Gods”, we get exactly 3661 years.” Why should we not use the nine lords of the night instead, why 13? Because it simply fits his deranged ideas.

Eldem has another surprise for astronomers too since they may not know that “during one of its orbital passages in 5310 BC, Marduk caused Venus to change its orbit and wander in our solar system for almost 2200 years! Prior to this confrontation, Venus was probably at a point between Mars and Jupiter, now called as “the asteroid belt”. The event was a “stunning” one for the inhabitants of the earth; and the first impact’s result was severe: The Black Sea was flooded around 5300 BC…The following 2000 years was a real chaos in heavens. Early neolithic settlements like Catalhoyuk, Hacilar and Jericho, became shelters for frightened human beings.” Never mind the chronological sequences here, where in these sites are those layers of sediments that must have been deposited during the flood?

As is common among prophets of nonsense there is a final word of warning: “every ancient source point out a “fact” which will happen in 2012 AD. [Eldem] tries to show that “somebody out there, behind some closed doors” are already aware of this fact but keep it as a secret. Who are they? Generally described as “The Global Elite“; they are the leaders of this “Corporate Kingdom” on the Earth. They are the “Lords of Power”… They are “Trilaterals”… They are the “Bilderberg people”… And their plan is, to get everything under control, years before this planet arrives again. Because they know what happened last time it passed near our planet: That chaos caused the super powers of the era, Egypt, Babylon, Minos and Harappa to collapse just after 1649 BC. They do not want the same to happen for their empire; and to prevent this fate, they are preparing themselves for the “last phase for the domination of the whole world”. This is why military operations in large scales are happening in the first decade of the 21st century.”

I guess he is referring to the war against terror. So it turned out that Eldem is nothing but yet another sad conspiracy theorist.



  1. great article: featured it from my nibiru data collection website.

  2. I guess this post wouldn’t be just for the author but those of a similar mindset. You can call Eldem and Sitchin even Von Daniken as crock pots. I have been intrigued by their alternative interpretation of the texts, events, and ‘evidence’ for a long time.
    The point is that while they may all have some extreme points or something you consider a false prophecy they also make points which are very much plausible.
    This is the exact same thing as the interpretation of the Bible by fanatics or the interpretation of the Quaran by those who consider anyone an infidel if they’re not Muslim. It is the interpretation of the thing.
    Look around you! Quite possibly you believe in something where there is absolutely no empirical evidence for, from a book that was compiled by men, and your pastor/priest/whatever translates it for you.
    Why do you believe in God but not the possibility of something completely different?
    It was just published that there are possibly 300 sextillion stars.
    That is mind boggling. Is it really difficult for you to believe that YOU the might human is not the ONLY intelligent thing out there?

    • I am an atheist so I do not believe in any so called holy books. I do believe there might be intelligent beings out there but there is no evidence that the have ever visited this planet.

      • there is plenty of evidence, just not in your reality of this world.

      • I suppose you believe this guy then? If that is your reality, I am sure you will find evidence to support it. That is easy to do if you make things up as you go along, a clear sign of pseudoscience.

  3. Thats what you say Johan…….

    • …thanks for the clarification.


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