Posted by: Johan Normark | June 10, 2009

Applications again…

I am in the process of writing two interrelated applications; one for a research project (“Face Off”) and one for a conference/workshop. Both relate to the “archaeology of the senses” (see Houston, Stuart and Taube 2006). Since I also have to continue with my current research, my blog posts will come less frequent or be shorter in the near future. Anyway, here is a short summary of how my future project relate to my current research on climate change and my dissertation work on causeways.

In recent years the concept of assemblage (agencement) has gained increasing interest in social sciences. It has primarily been used in Actor-Network-Theory (Callon), but also in Deleuzean perspectives (DeLanda). It is the latter perspective that shall be followed within this project. Basically, an assemblage is formed by interacting parts that create an emergent whole. It has two axes. One axis opens up or closes the assemblage and the other axis performs material and expressive functions. The two axes have a double articulation where the assemblage constantly forms new constellations with different entities or assemblages. This is a multiscalar perspective that has a clear neo-materialistic and non-anthropocentric/posthumanocentric perspective.

I have already developed two scales of assemblages. These have been on the level of humans interacting with architectural features, primarily causeways, and regional and global levels of climate change. This project will focus on the subpersonal components of assemblages and therefore it shall focus on recent advances in cognitive- and neurosciences, to study the parts that form a human face.



  1. I’d like your opinion on Calleman’s stuff, if you have read it. He posits and end date of Oct 2011. Based on some so-called change that Pakal made to the calendar during his reign. Gee, how did I miss this? Not one of the many experts on Palenque has ever mentioned this.

  2. I have discussed Calleman in an earlier post. Just click the 2012 tag and you’ll see my list of “prophets” so far. I am a neo-realist archaeologist who aims to expose the many fallacies of the 2012 hoax. Since I am a Swede I began with Calleman. Judging from what I have read on his website and in an introduction in one of his books, I would not trust anything he says.


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