Posted by: Johan Normark | July 4, 2009

2012: Prophet of nonsense #9: Prophecyfilm and the revelations of Saint Bridget

It is apparently not just Carl Johan Calleman who connects the “end date of the Maya calendar” with Sweden. This already occurred during the Middle Ages, long before any people on this side of the Atlantic knew about the Maya and their calendar! Or perhaps they did? Maybe some of the old Vikings that sailed down to Mexico and gave rise to the Quetzalcoatl cult and built the pyramids brought back the knowledge to Sweden and it was a well kept secret for ages? On Facebook I received a link to a Youtube clip, put together by (although they seem to have borrowed quite a lot from a Japanese movie). Their primary hoax seems to focus on the prophecies and revelations of Saint Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden (1303-1373).


I do not know anything about her prophecies and revelations but judging from the Youtube clip it appears that we all must become Christians in order to save our souls before planet Nibiru hits the Earth. So here we find a bizarre mixture of Sitchin’s made up planet (which he derives from his reading of Sumerian mythology), the Maya long count calendar and a Christian saint. It makes perfect sense does it not? I wonder how they fit all these things together within their Christian faith?

Btw, the website has more astonishing videos, such as Amazing Scientific Miracles of the Bible where we can learn that the Bible describes atoms (“…so that things which are seen are made of things that are unseen”, Hebrews 11:3) and informs us that the Earth is round (“It is he that sits upon the sphere of the earth”, Isaiah 40:22). Strong evidence indeed… Anyway, it is fun to watch, it gives you some laughs.



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