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2012: Prophet(s) of nonsense #10: Sergey Smelyakov, Jan Wicherink and Auric Time Scale

I have for some time thought about who would become the tenth prophet of nonsense. As I was looking at an online video by the UFO/conspiracy/illuminati prophet David Wilcock, his completely absurd ideas looked promising but at the very end of this video he mentions a Ukrainian prophet/mathematician called Sergey Smelyakov. Smelyakov’s ideas are somewhat absurd so I go for him now, Wilcock just have to wait. As it turns out Smelyakov have ideas not to dissimilar to Calleman’s and McKenna’s futile attempts to divide history into predefined periods, somehow related to the Maya Long Count calendar. I found this information on the website Souls of Distortion created by the Dutchman Jan Wicherink. I am not sure if all the information is Smelyakov’s own or if some of Wicherink’s own ideas are interwoven. In this presentation their ideas are conflated.


Smelyakov has developed what is termed Auric Time Scale Theory and it is supposed to resonance to the 13 Baktun cycle. What he has done is to apply the golden section to the Long Count cycle, and thereby creating  periods, or boundaries that is supposed to correspond to important global historical events, demographic trends, astronomical events, natural cataclysms and spiritual developments as well as the introduction of calendar systems. The golden section is a line segment divided according to the golden ratio: the total length a + b is to the longer segment a as a is to the shorter segment b. This is an irrational mathematical constant of 1.6180339887. Wicherink says that “the bifurcation points of the Infinite Auric Time Scale (IAST) theory divide the total length of the Maya calendar into an infinite number of segments. Each successive segment is a Golden Mean (phi = 0.618) fraction shorter that its predecessor. If you add up all the segments from the start date of the Maya calendar you end up at 12:00 GMT on 21st December 2012.” No reflection seems to exist that the Calendar ends on GMT rather than on a time at a longitude associated with the Maya area. In addition there is apparently no reflection that the Maya calendar itself does not show any reliance on the golden mean, but such problems are of no concern to prophets/hoaxers.

Smelyakov begins in 3114 BC. The idea is then that we divide the length of the Long Count by the Golden Section to find the first order bifurcation point (BP) where great things happened. Since there are also other great events in history other than the 12 great ones, there are also bifurcation points of second, third, fourth and fifth order. Not even with these infinite fractal patterns can this nonsense be used to predict any event accurately.

BS 1 would have occurred in 1155 BC, and this is according to the hoaxers the beginning of the Iron Age. Reality is this: there were profound changes in the eastern Mediterranean area around 1200 BC, which roughly is the boundary between Bronze Age and Iron Age in this part of the world. This is not the case in Scandinavia and this is after all just an archaeological division of time and corresponds to no important single events whatsoever.

BP 2 happened in AD 55 and is believed to be the time of Christ and the beginning of Christianity. Call me ignorant but is not 55 even after Jesus is supposed to have died? Would not the birth of Christ or his crucifixion have been the bifurcation point here?  BP 3 occurred in 803 and refers to the long period of time known as the “Middle Ages”, why not choose the coronation of Charlemagne, it is at least a little more specific event than the Middle Ages, but even this would be off by a couple of years.  BP 4 took place in 1265 and relates to the “Late Middle Ages”. The most significant event this year seems to have been the brewing of the Budweiser Budvar beer in Bohemia. Alcohol and other drugs seem to have affected most of the hoaxers minds.  

BP 5 happened in 1550 and is supposed to relate to colonialism and imperialism. Nevermind that the European colonialism of the rest of the world began in the late 15th century. BP 6 is correlated with 1727 and the death of Isac Newton and the foundation of science. So Kepler, Galilei, and Copernicus did not do anything scientific? BP 7 occurred in 1836  and relates to the industrial revolution. As any history book will teach you, this had already been going on for a couple of decades. BP 8 occurred in 1903 and is apparently WWI according to these hoaxers. I believe we have to rewrite the history books then, since I was taught WWI lasted 1914-1918. BP 9 occurred in 1945 and is correlated with WWII. Hoorah, one correct date (correct year at least)!

BP 10 happened in 1971 and marks the beginning of space age. Well, by 1971 there had already been a couple of people on the moon, so before this they were apparently not in the space age. How did the astronauts get through space to walk on the moon beats me and where did Gagarin fly in 1957? BP 11 occurred in 1987 and is said to be the year of the Maya harmonic convergence. I have no freaking idea of what this means, it is some New Age mumbo jumbo I have missed, but it certainly has nothing to do with beliefs associated with the Classic period Long Count calendar. BP 12 took place in 1997 and relates to the New Age movement. Is it the beginning, an awakening, or what? As far as I know New Age have existed far longer than the past 12 years. BP 13 occurred in 2003 and is said to relate to the War on terror. Did not 9/11 occur in 2001 and if I have not lost my memory, I think George W mentioned the war on terror shortly after this date. BP 14 occurred in 2006 and relates to a nuclear cold war with Iran and North Korea. I have not heard about a “cold war” with these two countries, but I am not an expert on contemporary geopolitics.

Oh, and they have added two bifurcation points before the beginning of the Long Count as well and it is here where they are completely nuts. BP-1 happened in 6282 BC and is related to the “Second ruin of Atlantis” and a geomagnetic inversion. I do not know where these particular prophets locate Atlantis, but archaeologists have found few really monumental ruins that might correspond to this date (maybe it is Catal Hüyük?). Finally, BP-2 took place in 11407 BC  and of course relates to the end of the Ice Age, the biblical deluge, and yet another geomagnetic inversion.

As you can see this so-called theory does not fit any major events other than in very broad terms. This is why they have introduced lesser order bifurcation points as well to cover up the gaps in-between. Of course, if you continue to divide any number multiple of times you will eventually get it right. At least the hoaxers indirectly acknowledge that their “theory” is complete BS because they have added a disclaimer: “We do not suggest that the Auric Time Scale and its corresponding Auric Time Scale calculator is a perfect prophecy tool. No such tools exist. We only suggest, based on the theory of the Infinite Auric Time Scale, that the bifurcation points represent quantum probabilities of major worldly events taking place on or around the dates of the bifurcation points predicted by this theory.” No major worldly events (perhaps with the exception of 1945) have occurred on these supposed bifurcation points. Get real, read some history, Wikipedia will do just fine to get some basic facts.


  1. These days people are really starting to open up to alternative topics. AKA (The Truth). I’m happy to see that human consciousness is trying to grow.

  2. Yes, you are right. People are opening up to many alternative irrational topics. I’m sad to see than humans do not use critical thinking but are prepared to believe in absurdities. I guess people will never learn from past mistakes. We have to repeat them over and over again.

  3. Normark: “BP 13 occurred in 2003 and is said to relate to the War on terror. Did not 9/11 occur in 2001 and if I have not lost my memory, I think George W mentioned the war on terror shortly after this date.”

    The United States entered Iraq in 2003.

  4. Also, what two countries are currently raising more questions about their pursuit of nuclear arms than Iran and North Korea?

    Cold War – A cold war (or bipolar superpower confrontation) is a state of conflict between nations that does not involve direct military action but is pursued primarily through economic and political actions.

    Does not seem too far fetched to me. I think you would agree the entire world is in a somewhat of a “cold war” with Iran and North Korea.

  5. The problems with Iran and North Korea started quite a while ago and when was this prediction actually made (I have no idea)? It is not difficult to pick a contemporary or just recently past event and fit it into this frame. A bifurcation point should be far more specific, showing a point when one state of affairs turns into another. This theory use specific dates but describes general processes like industrial revolution, scientific revolution, etc. These processes have no absolute beginning or ending.

  6. quote: “BP 2 happened in AD 55 and is believed to be the time of Christ and the beginning of Christianity. Call me ignorant but is not 55 even after Jesus is supposed to have died?”

    There was no Christ. AD 55 is close to the time when the first gospel was written

  7. I can’t believe that people actually invest time into preparing for 2012. It’s obviously a way for certain people to make a profit off of a bunch of superstitious losers. It’s indicative of just how easy and boring everyone’s lives are because of technology and creature comforts that people have to actively search out sources of stress no matter how sophomoric!

    I think that it’d be great if all these folks that buy into 2012 would sell all of their belongings and quit their jobs and start to prepare for their great awakening or what-have-you. I mean, if they really believe that some serious crap is gonna go down, why not prepare accordingly? Instead, they’re ranting to people like you about how you’re an idiot for not believing.

    I love it and look forward to new additions to your prophets-of-nonsense series in the coming year!

  8. I have debated with people on some 2012 forums and told them to practice what they preach but few really seems to have a will to quit their jobs and so on. These people also express a view that they are bored with the current society and a desire to change it. But hanging out on internet forums does not really change the world. Perhaps we should be glad that they stay at the forums? The last thing we want is a bunch of lunatics preaching the end of the day at every street corner.

  9. Maybe the 1903 was about the cars?
    I don’t know if any of these theories about 2012 are true, false or misinterpreted, but I’m glad it makes people think and open up to new ideas, even if that means some of them will get the wrong idea and quit their job or something (besides, if you had a job that made you happy you would keep working even if you thought something radical would happen soon)

  10. The first car emerged around 1885.

  11. 1903 is significant for being the year of the first powered flight. They could have used that.

    • The problem is that you can find an important event (or at least claim it was important in the hindsight) during the past two or three centuries associated with an invention. For this to work it must be accurate down to the day (or hour or so). It never is.


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