Posted by: Johan Normark | July 26, 2009

Involutions of materiality

I have not produced many blog posts in July. The future frequency will be the same: 2-3 days between my posts. There is a simple reason: I have too much to do right now. I will resubmit two articles (one for Norwegian Archaeological Review and one for Journal of Anthropological Archaeology), write at least four more articles, two book prospectuses (and the books themselves), a new project application, etc. First of all, I have to edit an article that will be published in Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (in 2010 I guess). It is called “Involutions of materiality: operationalizing a neo-materialist perspective through the causeways at Ichmul and Yo’okop”. This is the preliminary abstract:

The neo-materialist ontology outlined by the philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Manuel DeLanda has several implications for archaeology. This text primarily discusses their replacement of the general and the specific with universal and individual singularities which creates emergent properties. This is both a process of evolution and involution where materialities create multi-scalar assemblages. Causeway assemblages from two sites, Ichmul and Yo’okop in the northern Maya lowlands in southern Mexico, are used to operationalize this perspective. Rather than focusing on a human-centered perspective, the text sees the causeways as parts of technologies that can help us to reach an anorganic perspective where we can become-materiality.


  1. Bloging is fun and a great way to put some things on print that mayhap is not suited for an article or as way of testing an idea; is there anything more in this, a way to lash out or show something off. I found that the rate of posts always seems to vary a bit over the year, oddly enough I always seem to write more when I’ve decided to take it easy and less when I have plenty of time on my hands. I guess that “stress” switches on the creative and productive part and makes it spinn on over drive –at least for me. Anyhow keep up the good work.

    Magnus Reuterdahl

  2. The frequency of posts may indeed increase when I have other things to write since I have to summarize my thoughts and the leftovers find its way to the blog. Right now I could write tonnes of stuff concerning the 2012 circus but it is mainly so far from science that few readers of this blog may find it interesting.


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