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2012: 2012 (the movie trailers)

From November 2009 we will be able to see the 2012 movie on the big screen. It is directed by Roland Emmerich, who also is responsible for several blockbusters: 10,000 BC, The Day After Tomorrow, The Patriot, Godzilla, Independence Day and Stargate. Thus, Emmerich has a tendency for promoting pure fiction, distortion of scientific knowledge, and plenty of visual effects rather than an interesting story. Like his other productions this movie is all about the visual and showing the muscles.

My discussion of this movie will come in at least two parts. The first one is given here and is solely based on the trailers that are available. The second will be given once I have seen the movie. That review will be more coherent, comprehensive and hopefully I have filled the blog with more information on the catastrophic scenarios the movie is all about. What we see is the blowing up of the Yellowstone volcano, huge tsunamis flooding a Tibetan monastery in Himalaya, earthquakes, etc. We are told that “science has confirmed it” (and by it is meant the end of the world as we know it). I do not know if Emmerich feeds the conspiracy theorists who says that the government and scientists let us live in ignorance of the impending disaster. Yes, scientists know what will happen, they will just not tell us. If they say that nothing will happen, they are lying (a classic conspiracy argument you cannot argue against).

There are plenty of trailers available and they usually begin with some reference to the Maya calendar and a proposed end of time. This seems mainly to be an excuse for filling the rest of the trailers with Biblical references: such as the building of ships for the survival of mankind and other animals. We are told that “the Mayans knew it, the Bible knew it…” Of course, everything must be referred to that book of fairytales. The overall impression is that Emmerich grounds his “knowledge” of the 2012 date on pseudoscience and new age literature. I do not believe he has looked up any serious research. In this case, Mel Gibson did at least a better job since he recruited Richard Hansen as a consultant for Apocalypto.

Anyway, in the trailer below we learn that “Mankind’s earliest civilization warned us this day would come”. Anyone familiar with this blog or my articles will know that I am all against the concept of civilization and Maya culture. Even so, if one follows the old culture-historical school of archaeology, the Maya civilization is not by far the earliest civilization. Maybe Emmerich refers to a preceding Atlantean civilization (that probably disappeared when the calendar began in 3114 BC)? I do not know yet but it would not surprise me.

A reporter reports on a mass suicide at Tikal which somehow is related to the end of time according to the “Mayan calendar.” It seems to be impossible for the 2012 people to understand that there is no end of time at this date. All that happens is that the calendar goes from one baktun (a 394 years long period) to another baktun. Since there are recorded dates in the next Piktun at Palenque, we know for sure that the calendar runs at least to AD 4772. There is no recorded end date whatsoever. It is not likely that the ancient Maya thought time itself would end. In a future post I will discuss why the way Maya represented time on their monuments (stacking increasingly larger time periods on top of each others) contradicts the way the Maya’s concept of time is represented in contemporary literature. In this literature, time is cyclical, but that is not the whole story. However, as mentioned in an earlier post, the 2012 hoaxers tend to make use of the round Aztec calendar stone in representing the Maya long count. As you can see in the beginning of the trailer below, this is exactly what is being done (although the trailer does not even show a correct Aztec calendar stone).

At the end of the first trailer we hear that we should find out the truth. Just wait and see is my suggestion. Nothing of this will happen. Perhaps a mass suicide will take place somewhere in the world by people believing one of these prophets of nonsense. But it will have nothing to do with what the ancient Maya believed.


  1. I recommend watching this trailer instead – though 2012 may not be the end of the world, it could be an opportunity for a big shift in how we think about life. Check out:

  2. There are two camps concerning the 2012 circus: judgement day/end of the world and new age beliefs in a spiritual transformation, etc. I dislike them both as my 15 posts on 2012 clearly indicates. Neither one of the camps have anything to do with past or present Maya.

  3. We’re all going to be talking about December 21st, 2012 until it gets here and one camp is proven right or wrong. But, regardless of anything else I think everyone can agree that humanity has reached a critical junction point and we need to do something. The old models aren’t working anymore or rather, “The same consciousness that created a problem cannot be the same consciousness that solves it.” We need a new way, and if that way is to go within, if we can change by changing our selves, then I vote shift in consciousness over Armageddon any day. By the way, the real meaning of the word Apocalypse is “lifting of the veil.”

    For seekers wanting to dig through the mess and find truth I’d recommend The Openhand Foundation, Dr. Michael Sharp, Karen Bishop and watching What the Bleep Do We Know to learn how science and mysticism are joining forces. There’s also a great video called 2012 Science of Superstition that can help clear up some things. And don’t wait for 2012, do it now 😀

  4. oh great, another doomsday to look forward to. why is it that we are always existing on the precipice of THE END?

    this kind of thing always reminds me of the madness of Y2K, in which media was used to whip the general public into a frenzy and sales of duct tape and canned food skyrocketed.

    what bothers me about films like this is that they feed into the hysteria. no doubt some people will do something on or around 2012, just like they did when 1999 became 2000.

    amazing how am ill-informed interpretation of a supposed ancient prediction can be turned into an actual event because people buy into media presentations such as this and do something rash.

    ah, the power of suggestion…

  5. DCS: My prediction is that none of the camps will prove to be right since they lack support in nonexistent ancient “prophecies” or in contemporary science. I do not know what you mean by “the same consciousness that created a problem cannot be the same consciousness that solves it.” There is no universal consciousness today, have never been and will never be. The only solution to current climate problems, pollution, etc. is to continue developing new technologies, more research on infrastructure, etc. If mysticism and spiritualism is our way out of this problem then I hope the world ends in 2012.

  6. Ryan: I see on my traffic feed that you are in Lexington now. Congratulations to you and Veronica once again.

    Yes, all doomsday predictors throughout history have thought they lived at the end of days. Why do these people think they are so important that they have been choosen to be the last people on this planet?

    It is an interesting phenomenon. It says a lot about the state(s) of contemporary (mainly “Western”) society. I guess Emmerich does not believe in this, he just wants to make a spectacular movie. In that regard he will succeed but it will only stir up the circus and attract people who never have heard about this date before. Way too many people try to make a profit of this and there is always a market for people who buy the nonsense they sell. My prediction is that books on 2012 will increase their sales at the end of this year.

  7. Johan, I have to say I hope you’re wrong. My prediction is that we’ll all probably still be going to work on December 22nd, 2012 but will start to see radical, positive changes manifest very quickly.

    Spiritual and Mysticism isn’t so bad. Civilizations before us have relied on such and they’ve built some amazing things.

    And what I mean by the comment on consciousness is that we can’t keep using the same old methods to solve the same problems. We need to new ways of dealing with the current crisis otherwise we’re just sticking a band aid on it, and not going to the source. And the source is us. 😀 I think The Venus Project is a good start in that direction but like I said, gotta get the source mindset right first to make it work.

  8. People have always affected environment since we are an integral part of it. See for example this recent blog post:

    These “civilizations” you are talking about also destroyed their environments, mismanaged their resources, spent (for us) unnecessary resources on temple constructions, etc. People have always used new methods and technologies to solve problems. Hence, I fail to see why mysticism would be anything new, it is the same view that has always distracted people from solving the real problems.

  9. Thanks Johan! Yep, we’re here in Lexington–classes start up on Wednesday. Time to get back into the routine.

    I agree with you that books related to 2012 will skyrocket–as will the t-shirts, coffee cups, calendars, and everything else that can be marketed. I wonder if there will be end-of-the-world survival stores too like during Y2K. Funny what people end up making of these kinds of things.

    Anyway, I gotta get back to reading my Nostradamus book now…

  10. Ah, Nostradamus, I wonder how long people will make predictions from his predictions? As for myself, I have to continue with Sitchin, von Däniken, McKenna, and Arguelles, some of the top Mayanists of our time.

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