Posted by: Johan Normark | October 3, 2009

Presenting Sacalaca from above

In an earlier post I presented Sacalaca from the ground level. Here is an image from Google Earth where some of the locations are marked. This is how Sacalaca appears from a mile above the ground. Note that the CRAS camp consists of two buildings located two blocks from each others (actually there are three buildings, the lab is located directly south of the map). Also note how centrally located our camp buildings are to downtown Sacalaca. Only one block away! Just the perfect distance from all the fuzz but yet close enough to the main attractions. There are no hotels there but a busy village life and sometimes a circus pass by. How to get there? Just turn north from the Tihosuco-Dziuche road a few km west of Saban or drive south from Xquerol. Watch out for the Coca Cola truck and bicyclists/tricyclists.

Sacalaca - the place, the myth

Sacalaca - the place, the myth



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