Posted by: Johan Normark | October 14, 2009

2012: Ancient alien theory vs mainstream archaeology

Now, this is fun. It is a satire on creationism but unfortunately this is pretty much how the UFO – 2012hoaxers argue. In a “debate” I had with a hoaxer the flying spaghetti monster was actually brought up…

I found this on Pharyngula.



  1. So funny video

  2. Yeah, I know, those silly alien interventionists! Why can’t they be pinnacles of logic, empiricism, and rationally derived evidence, like those rigorous, non-speculative thinkers Deleuze and Guattari?

  3. Wow, it took a pretty long time for a 2012er (or similar minded person) to try to debunk Deleuze. I suspect you have found Sokal? Fun reading but missing the point(s) in most cases when it comes to Deleuze. I suggest reading Manuel DeLanda who shows Deleuze’s connection with “complexity theory”.

  4. I know it is unbelievable But Sept 1985 was tired driving highway. Turned Left country road North of Phoenix. Saw 3 figures covered with bright yellow light. Light means LOVE. They came bloser and I felt no love and I drove off in a state of panic. I know it is hard to belief but I swear it is True. I am 80 year old retired analytical chemist who worked for USGS.

  5. Maybe it was the flying spaghetti monster?


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