Posted by: Johan Normark | October 27, 2009

Visitor statistics

Since I moved my blog to WordPress seven months ago I have created 180 posts and had over 100,000 hits. I believe it now is the largest “Mayanist blog” in terms of the number of hits. The overall statistics from the start is 503 visitors a day (this ranges from 9 to 2197). People from 144 countries have checked out the blog. An overwhelming majority of my visitors are from the US (52.9%). These are followed by Sweden (8.7%), UK (6.6%), Canada (4.2%), India (3%), Pakistan (2.6%), Australia (2.2%), Singapore (1.4%), Netherlands (1.3%), and Germany (1%). Only on the 11th position do we find a “Mesoamerican” country: Mexico (0.9%). Pakistan and Singapore are a bit of a surprise here.

The dominance of the US is not a surprise considering which posts attract most visitors. The top posts are all 2012 related and it is also in the US where we find most of the 2012circus. My review of Patrick Geryl’s prophecies of nonsense is the most popular followed by the one on the Aztec calendar stone and on the third place we find Calleman’s personal cosmology. On the fourth place we find the top non-2012 post (the recent El Mirador is a brand!).

The low frequency of visitors from Mexico and even less from Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador is due to the fact that these visitors seldom visit the 2012 pages but are more interested in my serious research. Apart from Belize, English is not widely spoken in these countries (and especially my Swenglish version of it).

In conclusion: in a way I am also “living” on the 2012 circus. To be a debunker of nonsense can be a successful strategy.



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