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2012: How to spot a prophet’s Maya hoax – ethnocentrism and Annunaki

Not long after CNN posted the El Mirador videos on internet the site was caught up in the 2012circus. Just the fact that it appears to have been completely unheard of before this is just revealing how ignorant the 2012ers are. The site has been known and investigated for decades. Mel Gibson contacted Richard Hansen to consult him for Apocalypto after watching a documentary of his work in the Mirador basin. I think this was broadcasted by Discovery Channel. Thus, the site should have been known to any 2012er with an interest in the actual archaeological record. Since few of them have such an interest, but rather believe anything prophets of nonsense interpret as alien intervention is more accurate, this site remained unknown to them. But now that it is known it has already become infested by the 2012virus.

This also shows the ethnocentrism of the 2012circus. I will use this recent “takeover” of Mirador as an example. On one of the moderators (“suz”) says that “these were not primitive people and the findings here rewrite the Mayan history.” Later on “Vision-master” wonders “they built these all by hand? Why do we keep looking back at ancient civilizations as primitive?” Suz replies and says “I don’t, and I think this line of thinking is slowly changing by the mainstream.” This may sound fairly innocent. It may be seen as a positive evaluation of past people as more “advanced” than the mainstream opinion may be. This is not so. Through the labeling of people as advanced or primitive the mindset of many 2012ers is revealed. This is based on ethnocentric colonialism of the 19th century (and most of their ideas of cultural diffusion dates back to the 19th century as well). The interesting thing is that 2012ers attempt to attribute these evaluations to archaeologists and others when it is quite obvious that it is the 2012ers who have them.

No clearer is this when “Thirdeye” says “No suprise to me since the anunaki helped the mayas build their empire.” Suz replies and says “That may very well be close to the truth. Somebody intelligent built them and obviously it wasn’t the kind that Mel Gibson portrayed in his film. There was a technology that was capable of creating these buildings that were meant to last. Also there are massive underground cities in Tikal and other parts of the world such as Egypt under the pyramids far too elaborate for the times.” Apart from ignorant statements of supposedly underground cities at Tikal (tunnels excavated by archaeologists or caves maybe?) and a Mayan empire, these people cannot possibly think that the Maya could build these buildings by themselves. The Annunaki helped them…

The Annunaki are Mesopotamian deities. However, the pseudoscientist Sitchin claims these are humanlike aliens from the planet Nibiru (who will return in 2012…). The Annunaki apparently genetically engineered modern humans by mixing Annunaki genes with those of Homo erectus 450,000 years ago. Humans were designed to become slaves. Civilization was created under the guidance of these Annunaki.

The 2012ers therefore argue that the ancient Maya (or any other “civilization”) were incapable of coming up with these buildings, writing, etc. all by themselves. They needed guidance. This sounds much like the “white man’s burden”, where non-western people were seen as child like. Thus, it was, in the European colonialists view, their obligation to rule over and develop people’s culture so that they could adopt a western way of life. Although many 2012ers are against the current way of living and see 2012 as a change of the current situation, they argue that to be primitive is to have a simple technology and the lack of intelligence to build pyramids (Suz says “somebody intelligent built them”). It is also revealing that Vision-Master doubts that pyramids like this could be built by hand. As clearly shown in the movies the stones were not large like in Egypt and there is an example of a handprint on a piece of mud stuck in-between the rocks. It was quite basic building technology.

But if you write something like that you will be accused of seeing them as primitive. The 2012ers people mix skill and technology. They fall prey for the simple linear view of technological development as well. In such a view, technology should become more complex as time proceeds. “Primitive” people like Inuits should in such a view have simpler technology than farming communities like El Mirador. Not true. Inuit hunting spears are more complex than a planting stick. Also, it takes plenty more skill to hunt seals with spears than to pile rocks into a pyramid.

Now, the 2012ers would not see Mirador as a farming community, but the remains of something far more advanced. Thirdeye says this about the Annunaki: “technology wise they will always be far greater. I wouldnt be at all suprise if they could destroy our planet if they wanted too. Look at the technology they had in egyptian times……If they didnt fear the anunaki then they would be more open and truthfull about our real history but we are continuosly fed with lies. FACT” Thus, whatever the 2012 debunkers say it will always be lies. This is like arguing with a religious fundamentalist….and btw, the creationists are already in this circus. They are the most ethnocentric and even racist regarding the Maya.

Finally “Aquarian Trumpet” says that “the Egyptians did not create the Giza pyramids – they were only the ‘new found’ caretakers  Well – it is my contention that the Mayan’s have also been bestowed with the same honor! Now before you go away – hear me out..;…not all of the Mayan temples were bestowed upon them -just a few – the others are rebuilt remnants and unfinished construction. I believe Chicken Itza is also a sky map, maybe in conjuction with the Giza sky map!!! Also – the new found glyph at el Mirador…it’s not what they think it is – they are reading it wrong…it’s a warning”

Thus, some Maya rebuilt remnants and did not finish their buildings. They were primarily caretakers of buildings already constructed by aliens. You must have complete lack of knowledge of archaeology to claim such ethnocentric nonsense. But this is in line with the last sentence. A new found glyph (I guess he/she refers to the “Popol Vuh” frieze…), is argued to be read in the wrong way. I am sure he or someone else not well attuned with Maya iconography and epigraphy will give us a proper interpretation any time soon. It would not be a surprise if the Annunaki are found in Mirador’s monumental art as well. I end this post with a song by the German metal band Running Wild that summarizes Sitchin’s nonsense ideas of the Annunaki:



  1. Nice info here,,,

  2. History of human civilization embeds, by nature, repetitive property. Once reached its peak it’ll all break down for the next continuation of the newborn one. And who or what on earth could cause such a brutal destruction of the formerly advanced civilization, you may ask? It’s the society upholding that very civilization themselves I think — life always manage to find its way. Thus, yes I agree with you that this Annunaki thingy is pretty much nonsense. Last but not least pardon my poor English, eh? eh?

  3. I see history as more continuous than broken into a series of catastrophes. I see difference and repetition, they are two sides of the same coin.

  4. Hi people,

    So what do you guys make of this video then??

  5. Basically it is complete nonsense, poor scholarship, conspiracy theory, and a rhetoric that tries to ridicule science. No further comment needed.

  6. Normark writes, “Also, it takes plenty more skill to hunt seals with spears than to pile rocks into a pyramid.”
    He seeks to minimize in the reader’s mind the skill necessary to build pyramids, categorizing it as ‘piling rocks’. The accuracy with which those ‘rocks’ were honed and laid so precisely that a knife blade cannot be inserted between them reveals a technology which we can only approach in the 21st century. I’m not saying that the Egyptians necessarily had help from aliens, but Normark’s obvious prejudice and spin on the facts is very revealing. His general tone of snarkiness makes one question his motives.

  7. My motives? Are they not obvious? It is to reveal the ignorance and prejudices inherent in the various 2012 “theories.” Spin on the facts? You read my text like the Devil read the Bible.

    You seem to miss the whole point (or you have your own motives…). Let’s take the handling of a lasso for instance. It is a simple tool but demand a great deal of skill. Take a machine, it is a complex machine but demand less skill on the operator. Building a pyramid demanded much less individual skill than catching a seal by yourself. A hunting spear usually involves more technological parts than a pyramid mason used. I separate skill from technology, they are not the same.

  8. i udnerstand what both of you are saying these comments but there is one main diffrence between them.

    Normak, you are far to aggressive with your beleifs and theories or facts (wich ever you like as i am not here to ridicule you) which is undermining the people you refer to as “2012’ers”.

    what is it that makes you want to be so agrressive about defending your thoughts (territory) and destroying others thoughts (territory)?

    i feel it is down to the R-complex? i will not go into to this here so i have provided link’s below

    but what i will say is, it brings the Annunaki closer to what may be considerd the truth… and that part of our DNA can be traced back to that of intelligent reptiles.

    • Maybe it is my reptilian mind that makes me aggressive… It is one thing to claim that the mammalian mind emerged from reptilians (which clearly happened) and another thing to claim that humans mixed with extraterrestrial “reptiles”.

  9. Thanks for this very informative post! I’ve been searching for posts like these for hours now. LOL

  10. I am open to unlimited possibilities but from the research I have done I see no evidence to suggest that aliens have done anything to interfere with things here on earth. Science is more about facts than wild speculations.

  11. The only aliens I potentially could believe in are if life on Éarth do have an extraterrestrial origin in line with the panspermia idea.


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