Posted by: Johan Normark | October 29, 2009


And now something completely different. You probably won’t believe this but my house and street is currently being blocked off by the police. A man with a possible bomb belt entered tram # 6 in Göteborg. At least six police cars and an ambulance stopped at the junction between my street (Olivedalsgatan) and the street (Linnégatan) where the tram runs. According to the man has been captured but still they have expanded the area that is being blocked off, so right now I am within the blocked off area. My wife and I are not allowed to watch the events from our balcony.

I am sure the 2012ers will see this as evidence that the mysterious elders or illuminati are mad with my debunking of the prophets of nonsense.

Update: Here is the article of the incident in Göteborgsposten. It was apparently a bomb but it could not detonate. The man is 61 years old and has a history of mental problems.



  1. Or maybe someone was en route to your place with infromation that would blow the whole conspiracy wide open…

    Seriously though, scary stuff. Hope it is resolved soon and proven to be a hoax.

  2. We’ll see, the police is still blocking the street hours after the 60 year old man was brought to hospital. My plan was to get some Thai take away for dinner. Instead I had some ginger cookies. I am such a healthy person.

  3. Any Kamikaze have to be sick in a head to blow up himself.

  4. I do not believe he intended to blow himself up. I guess he just wished to scare people. A suicide bomber would not say he or she has a bomb.


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