Posted by: Johan Normark | November 8, 2009

New inscriptions at Chichen Itza

Earlier this week INAH announced that excavations at the Casa Colorada (Red House) complex at Chichen Itza have unearthed a new hieroglyphic inscription that refers to the year AD 869, the likely date of dedication of the complex. The inscriptions sits within the building itself and contains references to rulers of Chichen Itza and Ek Balam. This earlier construction integrated four buildings on a platform where a 2.3 m high stela with inscriptions was found which probably once stood in the center of the platform.  This is a significant find since the only stelae found at Chichen Itza have been fragmented. It is believed that once that the inscriptions on the stela have been deciphered and the ceramics have been analyzed that the building may be dated back to somewhere in-between AD 800 and 850.

Red House

Casa Colorada



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