Posted by: Johan Normark | December 1, 2009

A confused mind finding a potential goal(?)

The past two weeks have seen changes in what should become my next project. Before last week’s workshop I thought that focusing on defacement of Maya monuments and its relation to the Deleuzian concept of Faciality was the way to go. Now I think I will just settle for an article or two instead. This is for two reasons: I will probably not be able to reveal much new information and it will be difficult to get a long-term funding for such a topic.

Then I thought that I perhaps should follow the development of the 2012 circus. I planned to follow the 2012ers, their critiques, the media, etc. for a couple of years into 2013 and see the changes in their rhetorics and focus. Such a popularized perspective would be easier to finance and it would also get media coverage. The main drawback is that one has to put up with lunatics, frauds, baaaad “archaeology”, etc. I have already lost my interest in the whole circus and I do not wish to draw the wrong audience to my blog. One article on the 2012 nonsense will be enough.

So where am I right now on that shaky and winding road toward new project funding? I think strategically and intend to follow the flow I entered with my current project on climate change and cave use. My next project will be “an archaeology of water.” I will no longer dig in the dirt, it is time to take a dive into the flow of matter. No longer will I be delimited by the Maya area. Who will support this project? That is the most difficult question to answer.



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