Posted by: Johan Normark | December 1, 2009

New date for “Getting back to Matter”

The Nordic Network for Amerindian Studies (Netindis) conference on “Getting back to Matter” in Copenhagen was initially scheduled for the fall of 2009  but logistic considerations induced the organizers to postpone the  event. The  conference has now  been re-scheduled for January 22-23, 2010. The extended deadline for abstracts is December 14, 2009. There is no registration fee as the Network has secured funding for  this conference. Participants are invited to a complimentary  conference dinner on Friday, January 22nd. However, participants are  responsible for their own travel and accommodation. Please let the Network coordinator know, no later than December 1st  2009, if you plan to participate in the conference and in the dinner on Friday night. For more information on details look at my earlier post. I particularly look forward to Tim Ingold’s paper “The materials of life.”



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