Posted by: Johan Normark | December 11, 2009

Nobel Prize for the Indus inscriptions?

Yesterday it was the Nobel Prize day in Sweden. I also received a strange email on my old Göteborg account. It was entitled “Truth and Fraud in Science – Indus: Cradle of Civilization” and was sent by someone called Rainer Hasenpflug. It basically says that scientists “cover essential information on the cradle of civilization to manipulate and mislead the colleagues on the reason of their personal and political benefit. Or, in which scientific magazine we could read about the translated inscriptions of the Indus Civilization (ca. 2500 BC)? For many reasons, I think we shouldn’t crawl for this fraud and dictatorship, and should use instead of this the coming holidays to remember the sense of truth in academic science. To promote the sake of objective and uncensored academic discussions on all scientific fields it would be helpful to set up the Truth Project:

All about ancient India as cradle of civilization you find at the far known website:

This sounded suspiciously similar to the 2012 prophets who claim to be misunderstood by true scientists. Judging from where the book “The Inscriptions of the Indus Civilization” is published (Books on Demand), I guess it has not passed any peer-review and I doubt there even is a peer-reviewed article out there as well.

Anyway, I had to check out the website and I cannot say that I was surprised. Hasenpflug is apparently promoting his book which was published in 2006. He tries hard to show how great and magnificent the Indus civilization was, using words and phrasings from a very old fashioned school of thought. Here are some quotes:  the Indus civilization “has been standing on the top of the development of the world’s culture and civilization.”, “The Indus inscriptions are an invalueable treasure of information on the ‘original’ Indo-European and world civilization”, “The people of today India and Pakistan can be proud on their cultural heritage! In fact the Indus Civilization has not disappeared, but it was setting the great starting point for their civilizations as has been existing until today. Especially the great Indian civilization is in straight line the descendand of the Indus Civilization and its achievements”.

Anyone who claims a straight linear development of a glorious civilization has his or her mindset trapped in either a nationalist agenda or have not read archaeological literature from the 1960s and onwards.

I cannot tell if the decipherment is valid or not, but at least he proposes that the Indus script was based on syllables and pictograms. However, he claims that “the texts give innumerable information on the world view of the Indus empire’s state leaders, on the social life, religion, international conflicts, warfare, economy, linguistics etc. But the greatest sensation is that the texts show the Indus age as the legendary Vedic age with king Rama as its empire’s founder.” At least the last sentence sounds highly unlikely: a typical mixture of myths with real events, reminiscent of that old school of thought I mentioned above. I just wonder who is the fraud here? If one has to entitle himself Dipl.-Ing. I guess one tries to show that one has an academic credibility. Unfortunately, what I have seen on the website indicates the opposite.

I guess the date of sending this email was not random. On the website we can read that their goal is “to get the Nobel Prize for the incredible cultural heritage of India”. Fat chance…



  1. He talks about a conspiracy to cover up the truth, based on claims that some scientists have personal interests involved. Like that dude doesnt want to sell his own book on Indus also… The mother of all personal interests.

  2. I guess we all have personal interests in what we write. Our own blogs are testimonies of that.

  3. Hasenpflug – pen-name for some bl-y Indian nationalist?

    The glorious and extremely learned Ofof Rudbeck explained more than 300 years ago that Sweden is the real cradle of civilization, so I do not see any need of an Indus one! Probably that one was founded by Swedes too!

  4. Sweden is definitely the cradle of civilization. It is from here the megalithic tradition spread all the way to Indonesia (because people using large stones as construction details must have the same origin). Pyramids also emerged here first and that advanced technology of piling one stone on top of another stone spread overseas by Vikings (let us ignore that there is some problems with the chronology).

  5. Not meaning any offense to Rainer Hasenpflug, but this website has the key to understanding Indus script:


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