Posted by: Johan Normark | December 17, 2009

A watery 200th post

This is post #200. I thought for long what I should post to celebrate this occasion. Since my “new” direction is towards the “archaeology of water” I thought that water would be appropriate. My future research will range from the small scale of water molecules to oceans and global climate systems. Exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) are for sure beyond the scope of an archaeology of water. Anyhow, astronomers have now found the smallest known exoplanet (only 2.7 times larger than the Earth). It encircles a small red M-dwarf star 40 light years from us. The planet is probably too hot (190 degrees C) for liquid water (at normal Earth atmospheric pressures), but since the planet’s atmosphere pressure is higher than on Earth, water may still be liquid. Exciting discovery that indicates that there might be even smaller exoplanets around these common stars.



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