Posted by: Johan Normark | December 19, 2009

Time warps

Just a couple of days after Stephen Houston’s visit to Stockholm I got an invitation to participate in a session in next year’s TAG-US (Theoretical Archaeological Group). It will be held at Brown University where Steve is located. The session is called Time warps and is organized by Sarah Kautz and Shannon Lee Dawdy from University of Chicago. The topic concerns sites, contexts, artifacts, or landscapes that challenge linear chronologies (such as recycling, heirlooming, antiquing, and renovation). I need to come up with something interesting and I think I will discuss the Postclassic and Colonial reusage of older buildings and caves in Mexico in relation to either Bergson’s idea of duration and/or Deleuze’s three syntheses of time. Some Whiteheadean ideas on events may also be of relevance. I just need to combine this with the “Maya view of time” as well. That is the tricky part and I have not done that part of my research yet. The other tricky part is to get that whole thing financed.



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