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2012: Quetzalcoatl and Satan

I know that in my latest post I wrote that I would not write anything more on the 2012 circus until next year, but I saw this on Bast’s forum this morning and it perfectly illustrates the ethnocentrism and nonsense these people are willing to spread. In the future I will expose more of these people’s ideas (not just Bast himself, but also ideas of people like Acolyte, Wirelessguru, etc.).

Maranatha refers to an article where a Chinese woman has killed an unusual snake. It had a foot emerging from its body. Maranatha goes on and says: “Is has begun…as the creation falls more out of harmony with the Creator…we will notice more rapid mutations. ‘And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the  whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.’ Revelation 12:9. 2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon, 2012 is supposed to be the return of Quezacoatl, the dragon or flying winged serpent of the Mayans. Satan’s power is in ascendency…”

This person hence equates Quetzalcoatl with Satan. There are some minor mistakes such as that Quetzalcoatl is an Aztec deity (the Maya called it Kukulkan or Ququmatz) and it did not have wings (the deity was feathered, not winged). More problematic is the idea that 2012 is the year when Quetzalcoatl will return. The Aztecs never had the Long Count and 2012 would therefore be of no importance to them. 2027 on the other hand… (watch out for that date, in 2013 we will probably begin to see 2027 forums).

Neither is this an example of mutation. It is an anomaly probably caused by the snake’s morphogenesis (the biological process when the individual snake developed). This process controls the distribution of cells during the embryonic development. Hence, since snakes once evolved from lizards they do share some genetic materials with snakes. During the process of embryonic development something went wrong and a lizard-like leg emerged. It is not the case that we soon will have one-legged snakes everywhere. These religious people always ground their nonsense in anomalies as if that prove there is a god to account for it. Maranatha goes on:

“Who is Quetzacoatl? He is none other than the Fallen Lucifer. Quetzacoatl: “Sometimes he appears as an aged bearded man with fair or black hair, large eyes and a high forehead.” -Quetzacoatl, The Dictionary of Ancient Deities, p. 395, Turner and Coulter. The Feathered Serpent is a symbolism unquestionably for Satan. According to the Dictionary of Ancient Deities, Quetzalcoatl is ‘supreme deity and God of air, clouds and the wind.” This is curious because this is exactly how the Bible describes Satan: “according to the Prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” Ephesians 2:2.

OK, look at this Aztec representation of Quetzalcoatl above. Does it appear to be “an aged bearded man with fair or black hair, large eyes and a high forehead”? There is no beard and the eyes are not notably large and neither is the forehead. Why does not the Bible mention a beak-like mask of Satan (Quetzalcoatl wears such a mask to cover his bearded face I assume…)? Queztalcoatl is a complicated deity and comes in many different forms but never as a Biblical Satan. If there are some similarities it does not mean that they are the same but that these deities have emerged from people’s involvement in the world where certain entities and phenomena come along (such as air, clouds and wind). Maranatha continues:

I suggest the bearded-white man that appeared to the indigenous Indians in Central America was Satan just as he has appeared according to many in the ancient pagan mysteries proclaiming himself to be a god. The motif of Quetzalcoatl follows that of every other fertility, pagan sun-god that came before him. He is a Psychopomp like Osiris. He is lord of the Underworld as is Pluto. He is intoxicated like Bacchus and has illicit sex with a witch. Quetzacoatl’s heart is in the Sun like the Egyptian Thoth. He is the Sun god like Apollo. He has the broad forehead, and huge eyes indicative of every alien encounter ever reported. He is the patron god of gold and metal as is Hermes, and like Hermes and Mercury, he is the messenger of the gods. The word Angel is translated from the word Angellos which means “Messenger.” Now who was the messenger of God, other than he who once covered the throne of the Most High God- Lucifer? Ezekiel 28. […] Lucifer name means “the light bearer” as does the title “Venus” the Sun of the Morning, the androgynous being who, as Hermes, was revered as the bearer of knowledge to mankind. What knowledge? “The knowledge of good and evil” or higher enlightenment is referred to here which the winged- serpent introduced to man in the Garden of Eden. The curse of God on the serpent was the lost of wings and feet, “Upon thy belly shall thy go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.” Genesis 3:14, 15

Here we encounter yet another mish mash of deities from different areas and periods subsumed under the master-signifying Lucifer/Satan/Devil/God/Bible. Quetzalcoatl is related to Osiris and Thoth from ancient Egypt, Apollo, Hermes and Mercury from Greek mythology and of course Lucifer from the Bible. Only if you have a hopelessly generalized and reductive view of religions can you see these different traditions as the expression of a master-signifier. Everything is traced back to the Bible. This is ethnocentrism at the core. Maranatha continues:

What am I saying? Satan’s power is building toward the climax of 2012 when he will make himself known for the 1000 year rule envisioned by Satanist- 2012: The Transit of Venus across the Sun, the Chinese year of the Dragon, the return of UFO’s, the return of a being appearing in the Earth as Christ, the appearance of the Maitreya, the Return of the Feathered-serpent Quetzalcoatl, global enlightenment movement where everybody suddenly realizes they are a god […]. The veil between the physical world and the spiritual world of demons and angels will be torn. Perhaps we should connect the dots…”

Alright, here we find further connections to Chinese dragons (mentioned in the beginning), Maitreya Buddha, UFOs, etc. Apparently, there is a global enlightenment movement that will make us all realize we are all gods. I love the last sentence. The problem is only that Maranatha already has connected the dots back to a personally chosen master-signifier. The Bible teaches us nothing of how Quetzalcoatl was worshipped. Once again we have an example of how the 2012circus just is a Christian apocalyptic creation that has nothing to do with either the Maya or the Aztecs.



  1. To me the picture of Quetzalcoatl looks more like a slightly corrupted Michael “Wacko Jacko” Jackson doing some Aztec moon-walk. Sure that Wacko Jacko shouldn’t be included in the great vision of 2012? “The return of Wacko Jacko.” After all, if the UFOs return, why not he?

    Thanks for great reading!

    • Ever hear of Pahana. Pahana is the man that lived with the indigenous peoples of north America. He is described as a tall white man with blue eyes and white hair. He taught the people how to work with the energies. There are stories of the powers the people used. They could calm storms, sleep sideways in the air, change winds. shape shift and communicate with the spirit world. That is who I equate Quetzacoatl with. I don’t know where the stories of sacrifice came from with the Aztec but from what I understand the Aztec did not do human sacrifices. If you read some stories you will see there is writings that say “the elohim” liked the smell of burning flesh. I think the new testament has been corrupted by people who want to control by terror. In the end I think we all know that we are just supposed to love all of the Creator’s creations, which includes humanity, and this is how we can have a beautiful world. We have too many beliefs that threaten hell and damnation.

  2. All kinds of people will return in 2012: Elvis, Kennedy, Cobain, Saddam, Gandhi, Deleuze, Augustus, Ötzi, etc. These people were once kidnapped by Christian aliens and have since then been sleeping in cryo chambers. When the Lord says it is time (11:11 PM, December 21, 2012), he will crush the infidels and install a new world order with the dead celebrities as his troops.

    • I’m not trying to bash you or anything but quetzalcoatl is actualy one of the 4 creator gods worshiped by more than the aztecs. myans also worshiped him. and yes he was a dragons. they myans refered to him as this. scientificaly dragons could have existed without remains to prove. every culture and civilization has stories of these creatures. even the ones without any outside contact with other civilizations. personaly i dont bieleve satan is evil. he thought he could rule better than god and was cast out. is he evil? no, he has different views. 2012 is the year of the dragon and if you check areostotle and nostradomus both predicted the return of fire breathing winged reptiles. i will bieleve them and the myans seeing as the myans with no technology could tell the lenght of a year to a thousanth of a decimal point…dragons will return in 2012. a time of great change. not destruction.

      • You are wrong. When the dragons come this will be the end:

  3. I Agree,the 2012 Forum Is A Blathering Waste-land.Why Bother?Unhealed Emotions,Dogma,And The Cult Of Personality.Mostly Just Snarky,Glib Comments And Plenty Of Bible-thumppin’.
    Gucumatz Is One Of The Creator Deities,My Favorite Is Bitol,El Formador.

  4. The reason why I bother is that that forum is pretty much where someone searching for “2012” ends up (perhaps through Rob Bast’s popular blog). Most people have no clue what 2012 is about and they may easily be fooled by some of the people on this forum. That is why I even bother commenting on that forum. I wish more professional Mayanists or archaeologists did the same.

  5. Thank You For Your Concern And Commitment.I Read Your Last Dharma Dialoge On The Head Of Egyptian Archaeology.I Think You Tempered Some Viewpoints.My Cut-off Is 108 Posts,Maxed Out In Less Than A Month.Too Many Personal Agendas There For Me,But I Am Not A Teacher Like Yourself,Just A Hint Of Preacher.

  6. I will keep bugging them, at least until 2013. Some people try hard to get me to leave by name callings, etc. First it was Acolyte, then Wirelessguru1 and now it is Entertainicus.

  7. Hej Pa’ Dej,As I Said Before”Why Bother?”

  8. It is for exactly that reason. Name calling, twisting my words, selective reading, attempts to discredit me with OT remarks, etc. will not scare me away. That is how they work these “open-minded” people.

  9. Quetzacoatl is not a representation of Satan. He was a good guy, a ruler who did many glorious things for the civilizations of Mesoamerica.

    Some also think Quetzacoatl is a representation of Jesus, like he morphed here after his death/

  10. Call me orthodox but I prefer the way Quetzalcoatl was conceptualized by the Aztecs themselves (that excludes both Satan and Jesus).

  11. I have personally done much research and, Quetzalcoatl, with what I discovered, has been around for many thousands of years, since before 743 BC that I saw someone had posted elswhere. Also he has not always gone by the same name for all these years. He is known by a few names and has existed in several civilizations all around Earth due to him being a god of humanity. He is known as Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman), Tehuti, Ningishzidda, Quetzalcoatl (Central America) and also goes by Thoth, the Egyptian god where he was also the Scribe of the land. He even also went by different names before those ages in Sumeria, Mesopotamia and Atlantis. Yes, the Atlantean civilization was indeed existent. Anywho, with all that said I would like to stress one more thing, that is….. he is a very peaceful, intelligent being with a massive amount of positive energy thus he deserves everyones respect. After all, he is one of our greatest gods. He is one that can, with no doubt in my mind, greatly increase the quality of humanity.

    I hope this helps! 🙂
    Thanks for listening.

    • I think you may just be correct.

  12. Well, the sun goes under many different names as do the moon, the trees, the stones, etc. These have been around even longer.

  13. If God’s messenger were here how would you know?

  14. Because I know him personally? How would you know I don’t know him?

  15. this is called DISinformation. the theory that this site is trying to refute is indeed the correct one.

    • Yes, it is the correct disinformation.

  16. Hi,
    Just read your forum quite interesting.
    I wanted to say that I do believe Quetzalcoatl is satan. I am from Ireland do believe that a lot of these faiths are derived from Irish traditions. I know it sounds like I am biased because I am Irish but if you look closely enough at all the faiths you will suspiciously come to the conclusion that they are all talking about Ireland. Kukulkan is similar to cuchuilain an ancient Irish legend who’s childhood name was setanta very similar to satan or Santa. Ireland lies dead centre between the ancient egyptians and the mesoamerican worlds and the Egyptians say that punt is their homeland. The punt was the currency in England and Ireland until the euro. If you read the bible rev: 22:16 Jesus declares himself the morning star and lucifer in Latin also means the morning star. If you look up stories about cuchuilain his father was lugh of the long hand the god of light. Cuiileain in Irish also means shining one. So I believe that all these stories are derived from Irish legend.

  17. I know most of these things. My mother lost six babies,3miscariges,3s I d s.She prayed for resignation,or a male child,(I remember that prayer,as I kneeled to God when he sent me to earth.Ive had frequent supernatural experiences throughout my life.I pity all who reject our Savior Lord Jesus.


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