Posted by: Johan Normark | January 26, 2010


The TV-team from Deep Sea Productions has just interviewed me. Since I do not have a proper room for myself at Stockholm University I had to borrow the room of a colleague (do not be surprised if you see Viking stuff in the background). This room was a bit cramped for the TV-camera but it seems to have worked out. At the end of the interview some people began to drill in the wall a couple of rooms down the aisle. Since that coincided with my talk on the collapse the sound of the drill will just add some extra doomday’s effect.

The section will be 17 minutes long and will be part of a longer program on Vetenskapens Värld. It will be broadcast on February 15, 2010.



  1. bohzo (hello)

    It’s natural for a Native American to be interested in the study of different cultures and philosophy.

    • That is also true for a native European.


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