Posted by: Johan Normark | February 2, 2010

2012: Quetzalcoatl, the Norwegian

Bast’s 2012 forum is an endless source for nonsense and links to other nonsensical websites and sources. One of the most recent revelations is that Quetzalcoatl was a blonde haired and blue eyed Norwegian. This shocking news was given to firefly by a Nahua dancer. In the post there is a link to Associated Content, which is a website where pretty much anyone can write their ideas. Farhad Manjoo has this to say about the website:

Associated Content stands as a cautionary tale for anyone looking to do news by the numbers. It is a wasteland of bad writing, uninformed commentary, and the sort of comically dull recitation of the news you’d get from a second grader. Oh, and here’s one more interesting thing about Associated Content—because its stories are bulging with hot search terms, it gets more visitors than just about every news site online, including

 Since the 2012ers usually lack any skills in critical thinking they will most likely find this to be a credible site. Anyway, firefly’s link ends up at an article written by Charlotte Kuchinsky. That piece in itself is fairly informative though and she sums up some weird ideas on the origins of Quetzalcoatl. The Catholic Encyclopedia believe he may have been a Norwegian Christian priest (why not a descendent of Leif Ericson?). There are connections to Thomas the apostle and Vishnu. She forgot to mention the connection to Satan (maybe she does not follow the 2012forum). This of course relate to the idea that Montezuma thought Cortes was the returning Quetzalcoatl. As she writes, there is no trustworthy evidence that he actually thought so.

Of course the 2012ers link the Catholic interpretation to other unrelated phenomena. Banheden, apparently a Swedish member of the forum says: “I wouldn’t call him norwegian, more like the race that scandinavians come from originally.” Now, what “race” would this be then? Well, Banheden is influenced by the Raëlian movement. This UFO religion “teaches that all life on Earth was created by humanoid extraterrestrials called Elohim, which was the word used for God in many ancient writings. Members, known as Raëlians, believe that the Elohim periodically contacted ancient civilizations through prophets such as Buddha and Jesus.” So, I guess the Scandinavians (and Quetzalcoatl) originally came from (or derive from) these intelligent designers then (and the Amerindians as well I hope?).

Yet another Swede, called Alexander, relates this to the “weird lights over Norway…” I cannot explain the light (unless it is a fraud in itself), but I fail to see the connection between this phenomenon, blonde Norwegians“and Quetzalcoatl (unless you claim that the phenomenon is serpent shaped, but where are the feathers?).


Once again the 2012ers show their ethnocentrism. In their narrow mindset Quetzalcoatl must be something else than a Mesoamerican deity. He must be a Biblical figure, a Norwegian, alien, etc. The so-called “evidence” that they gather also show their lack of research skills, critical thinking and their tendency to link everything back to a predetermined idea. Their method is the same as the creationist method:


  1. I can help you out with the “Norway Spiral”.

    It was caused by a malfunctioning Russian rocket. The speculation among aerospace experts is that a rupture occurred in a fuel tank, venting fuel to the side of the vehicle, which imparted a spin. The fuel and exhaust were caught in the high-altitude sunlight. The angle of the picture is deceptive… this was very far away from the viewer, and had to be very high in order to be seen across such a wide area.

    The video versions show the larger spiral spreading out and dissipating, and then (as the vehicle’s tank emptied) a dark disk appeared in the larger spiral and moved outward.

    The bluish colored tight spiral is the exhaust from the vehicle, with a spiral shape imparted by the concentric wobble of the vehicle. The larger white colored spiral is the unexpended fuel.

  2. I have seen this explanation before. Of course it is explained as something completely different among the 2012ers. It is fascinating how much creativity in stupidity they are capable of. I wrote “a fraud in itself” because it looks like an image put together in photoshop.

  3. The Spiral was very real.

    Here is a scientific explanation for you.

  4. It’s funny how people just ridicule things instead of trying to understand them. The theory of Leif Erickson as quetzal coatl is simple on its face. Quetzal coatl is a green feathered snake man. As a blonde scandanavian, What would Erickson look like by the time he got down to the Yucatan? he would have spent months, unprotected in the harsh sun. He would have spent months bathing in the ocean. This would have turned his blonde hair green, and burned his skin until it peeled. His peeling sunburned skin would have resembled a snake to he Indians. His green wild hair would have looked like green feathers to the Indians, who had course straight black hair. Thus, the green feathered snakeman.


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