Posted by: Johan Normark | March 29, 2010

Proof reading for JAMT

I am just done with proof reading my JAMT (Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory) article. It is called Involutions of Materiality: Operationalizing a Neo-materialist Perspective through the Causeways at Ichmul and Yo’okop. I will probably be either yelled at or ignored by the Mayanist community. It should be published online in a few weeks time (at Springer).

The setting of this proof reading was a bit unusual. A fabulous mansion surrounded by criminal activities affected the outcome. More on this when I am back blogging at normal capacity (instead of answering angry comments from 2012ers).


  1. Congratulations. Will we be able to read the full text online?

  2. It is not open access. That would have cost me thousands of dollar…


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