Posted by: Johan Normark | April 12, 2010

Thinking with water

My new interest in water as material (rather than as a pure resource for drinking, washing, etc.) is looking like a promising venue. I have just ordered several books on water from Amazon and I am currently preparing four project applications where two of them are dedicated to my future project on water as material. I have decided to let this project become far more “cross-disciplinary” and I will not focus on just “archaeological” materials. I suspect this is my first step towards a broader field (and opportunities) rather than staying within the rather narrow archaeological field (especially the quite narrow field of Maya archaeology).

Recently a new website called Thinking with Water was launched (thanks Marcus for the link). The participants in this project states that we have been “thinking about rivers and glaciers and oceans, upstream and downstream, water wars and water pacts, hydrological cycles and city infrastructures, water politics, communications and philosophy. Water is the matrix of life and thought, the ultimate solvent, seeping into and across conventional classifications of knowing. It is at once rarefied and everyday, sanctified and instrumentalized. A pervasive relational medium, water communicates across temporal, spatial and disciplinary divides, and plays a central role in corporeal, ecological and imaginative domains.”

Surrounded by water at Koh Mak, Thailand, February 2010.



  1. Wow, that actually looks quite desolated. I love it. I feel that I will be able to think well there but not about complicated stuff, maybe about life.

  2. The beach was fairly desolated but the area itself has plenty of tourists. At least this beach had no sand flies as the southern beaches of the island had.


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