Posted by: Johan Normark | April 15, 2010

Volcanic irony

After escaping Bangkok just before the Red Shirts were shot I thought that I was on the safe side. Nope. Now it is believed that the volcanic eruption under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier on Iceland may continue to melt ice for a prolonged period. The eruption will  continue to produce ash as long as water comes in contact with the lava. The air traffic in northern Europe may therefore be severely affected for quite some time. I sure hope the water melts rapidly as I have to catch a plane to Mexico in the near future. The irony here is that my whole project is aimed at criticising Richardson Gill’s all too generalizing mega-drought perspective. Volcanoes are Gill’s main agents behind these droughts… Do I sense a conspiracy? Has Gill joined the 2012ers since the volcanic eruption on Iceland for sure is evidence of the upcoming polar shift (according to the 2012 logic)?



  1. Lite diskussion om hur isländska vulkaner påverkat oss nu och på 1700-talet:,3440.msg29729/topicseen.html#msg29729

  2. They had no air traffic in the 18th century (apart from balloons).

  3. But the volcanoes affected Europe in other ways, as leading to short term climate change and also poisoning from aerosols rich in sulphur and fluorine.

    All this seems to have created a raise in mortality. In England it is belived that 23 000 people died by being directly and indirectly affected by the emissions from the Laki eruption 1783. Even in my own municipality here in western Sweden one can see a rise in mortality that year.

  4. Yes. I guess the main affect this time will be in other areas than agriculture.


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