Posted by: Johan Normark | April 21, 2010

Eruptive creativity

It turns out that Cambridge Archaeological Journal had not found a new reviewer of the Kowoj book so I accepted the offer to review it. The only problem now is when I will receive the book since the Icelandic volcano has halted the air traffic again (I also wonder if I ever get my books from in time before the field season).

I had planned to write something about the eruption and draw some parallels to how Richardson Gill uses volcanoes as causative agents for socio-political and economic collapses in Mesoamerican history. But everyone else is writing about the eruption so I do not even bother right now. Two interesting blog posts related to the eruption are Karl Palmås’ text on the volcanic ash and Gabriel Tarde’s Underground Man and Copyriot’s text on volcano politics.

Since water is a crucial material in the process of creating ash clouds that affects our travelling plans and economy I have yet one more empirical case study for my water project. As Palmås indicates: the eruption has caused differentiation and creativity. Before the eruption I was repeating my old ideas but now it has differentiated into new creative forms. Hopefully the people at Formas and Riksbankens jubileumsfond think so as well…


  1. Hej!
    Har du några lästips (ex: artiklar) kring Richardson Gills’s vulkanteori? Skrev precis ett högst spekulativt inlägg kring ämnet, som skulle kunna tangera detta.

    Mvh Heiti Ernits

  2. I denna artikel från 2002 diskuterar Gill och Keating vulkaner mer ingående. Det finns även ett kapitel i Gills bok “The Great Maya Droughts” (2000).:

    Volcanism and Mesoamerican archaeology.
    Ancient Mesoamerica 13(1):124-140

    Ancient Mesoamerica finns på Cambridge university press:

    Jag har skrivit en kritik av Gills alltför vulkanfixerade forskning:

  3. Tack så hemskt mycket!


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