Posted by: Johan Normark | April 29, 2010

Miscellaneous stuff

I have just returned from a long day in Stockholm and I will soon hit the bed. As mentioned in an earlier post I have an important deadline for a project application in the near future (May 10 to be exact). Hence I have quite a bit to write right now. Yesterday I sent two applications to Formas but I do not have high hopes for these two as this research council focus on sustainable development. Few archaeologists receive money from them so my Formas applications are a bit broader and include contemporary issues, such as the recent eruption on Iceland and the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami around the Indian Ocean. The unifying theme is water. My application to Riksbanken’s jubileumsfond will also focus on water, follow the same ideas but will solely use archaeological data from the Maya area as empirical data.

Later today, when I wake up again, I will also finish two articles. One is Face/Off: a neomaterialist study of the Face which will be part of an anthology on “the archaeology of senses”, to be published by Stockholm University this autumn. Stephen Houston will contribute with a critical review of the articles in the book. The other article will be sent to a peer-reviewed journal. More details later if it gets accepted…

I have received all my 17 books from and have begun to read William Hanks’ new book Converting Words: The Maya in the Age of the Cross. Interesting book so far and I need to write something about it in the future. I have also received the Kowoj book which I will review for Cambridge Archaeological Journal.

Off to bed.



  1. your posts are always interesting and by the way how are you? 🙂

  2. I am busy right now. Too much to do in too short time.


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