Posted by: Johan Normark | May 8, 2010

SAA 2011

Colleen Morgan at Middle Savagery has proposed a session on blogging archaeology at Society for American Archaeology (SAA)2011  (in Sacramento). This suits me fine as I already have made plans to go there and present my final results of my current project on settlement changes in relation to climate changes in the Cochuah region. Perhaps I also participate in a third session on ontological issues in archaeology.



  1. Are you going to participate? I think that would be great. I am thinking about attending just to see this panel…and to visit my home state of course!

    But ya, this sounds like an interesting idea. If I wasn’t a filthy cultural anthropologist I would definitely participate.

  2. Good luck!

  3. I am planning to participate (I got an invitation as well), but I have no idea of what I should present yet. I guess dealing with the 2012ers is one possible topic. However, I rather talk about how I blog about my serious research.

    Since you are a filthy cultural anthropologist, try to get a blogging session at the AAA.

  4. Well, if you do prepare a presenation on blogging archaeology for SAA you are very welcome to present it agan at the end of April at Nordic TAG in Kalmar. I have submitted a proposal to the organisers called Research and Outreach in the Digital Age. The idea is to have researchers present ways in which digital technology, the web and social media can be used. You’re on my list of people to invite anyhow. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the invitation. Yes, I might just as well participate in Nordic TAG again. I got to see the world metropolis of Kalmar.


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