Posted by: Johan Normark | May 11, 2010

Toniná for the top position?

Which is the tallest Prehispanic building in the Maya area? This is not an unusual question from a layman but it is basically an unimportant question for an archaeologist. Anyway, the contest is usually between two buildings: Temple IV at Tikal and the Danta pyramid at El Mirador. They are from completely different time periods, several centuries apart. They also have different layout but are both roughly 70 m tall depending from where you measure.

INAH has just released the news that the Classic period acropolis at Toniná is the tallest of them all, 75 m tall. Well, the size of Toniná’s acropolis has been known for a long time and I visited the site myself in 2000. Since Toniná is located in a hilly area I just wonder how much of this construction consists of a hill. Quite a bit I am afraid. In any case, this is just interesting for the tourist industry that wishes to draw more tourists to this site (which is worth visiting in any case).



  1. It’s some piece of landscape gardening whatever way you look at it.

  2. Indeed.

  3. This magnificent building in Tonino, also hides a lot of interesting finds. Among of which was the so-called tomb of the second “Red Queen”.

  4. This is an alien I assume?


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