Posted by: Johan Normark | May 12, 2010

Tarzan and the “Maya”

Tarzan, the lord of the jungle, apparently went all the way to the Maya area as well, and probably to a Tikalish site (was it Tarzan that inspired Mel Gibson?). However, it seems to take place on an island. Cozumel perhaps?

I wonder how they got this obsidian or chert knife to resemble something made out of metal? Did the Maya have connections with the Late Neolithic flint dagger knappers in Scandinavia? This must be something the 2012ers can look into since they fancy transatlantic connections.



  1. Hello! Eventually the truth about the theory in 2012 !? Thanks !

  2. The weapon looks like a Zulu thrusting spear. A great example of the generic primitive in popular culture!

  3. Tarzan and the Phantom are ideal sources for studying the Western ideas of primitive people. A mirror image of our society I guess.

  4. Hmm! I never did like Tarzan but both the artwork and the name are great! Is Tarzan a mirror of our society – yes, I suppose I have to say it is.

  5. I think Tarzan and the Phantom has shaped the view of the world for a couple of generations of Swedes. Perhaps some of the frictions beetween indigenous Swedes and immigrants, from non European countries, can be blamed on Tarzan and the Phantom.

  6. Tarzan and the Phantom are the archetypical colonialists.

  7. Tarzan and the Phantom are indeed archetypical colonialists: “rational” Western people among hoards of wild primitive savages who try their best to eat you up or at least dismember you.


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