Posted by: Johan Normark | May 21, 2010

Rosemary Joyce visits Göteborg university

A former colleague of mine at the Department of Historical Studies at Göteborg University, Alexander Andreeff, informs me that an extra research seminar will be held on Tuesday 25th of May, at 15:15, room C442 at Humanisten. It is Rosemary Joyce from University of California at Berkely who pays Göteborg a visit. This is the third time a non-Scandinavian Mayanist visit the department. The first time it was Stephen Houston in 2002 or 2003. The second visitor was one of Joyce’s former students; Scott Hutson who was my opponent during my defense of my dissertation thesis in 2006. Joyce is not only a Mayanist, she is also well known in gender studies and archaeological theory. This is her abstract for the seminar:

 Life with Things: Archaeology and Materiality

 The recent re-emergence of materiality as a key topic for social scientists and humanists has at times seemed to be taking place without centrally engaging archaeologists. It seems that often archaeologists are talking past our interlocutors. In this presentation, I draw on a series of recent analyses rethinking the language of archaeological materiality in order to reframe some understandings that archaeology provides of life with things.

 The case studies I discuss come from research I have conducted independently and with students, and former students with whom I continue to collaborate, in the Ulua river valley of Caribbean coast Honduras. What unites these studies is an understanding of archaeology as the tracing of continual assembling of networks in which materialities that served as mediators persist and are available for us to incorporate in our accounts today.



  1. Very interesting and a subject my son loves.
    Johnny Ray, your friend from blogcatalog


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