Posted by: Johan Normark | July 20, 2010

Heavy metal archaeology this summer

This summer two of my old time favorite metal bands release new records. For the first time in 14 years (!), the German band Accept will release new material with a new (American) singer: Mark Tornillo. Their new single Teutonic Terror from the album Blood of the Nations refers to the Teutons, a Germanic tribe during that frequently was in conflict with the Roman Republic.

Iron Maiden releases their first album in only 4 years. The debut single from The Final Frontier is called El Dorado, the legendary lost city of gold that the conquistadors believed existed somewhere in South America. The legend was based on a real Muisca chief who covered himself with gold dust and dived into lake Guatavita near Bogota in Colombia as part of his initiation rite.



  1. Discovering the new works of old bands is just the kind of research I think should be funded.

    Solid stuff. Though why does El Dorado sound like Judas Priest’s hypothetical version of Ancient Mariner?

    Bruce sounds very Tattooed Millionaire on this one.

    Lemme check the other one…

    Accept is like the McGruber version of AC/DC + Suicidal Tendencies. If I didn’t hear it, I would never believe it were possible. What I wouldn’t do for a Tendencies reunion.

    Definitely something I can get behind.

    Keep digging.

  2. The Maiden song probably needs a couple of listenings. They tend to grow after a while, at least that is what I had to do with their last album.

    Accept’s song is more straightforward as they used to be. It sounds promising.

  3. Great songs by great bands. I’m currently doing a survey in the northern part of Sweden (ca 100 km north of Ostersund) far from civilization, but as luck has it my mobile internet is working so I can keep in contact with what is happening – and via spotify I get all the metal I need (almost).


  4. I will definitely buy both albums and that will pretty much be the first albums I buy in several years. My CD collection is getting old and I guess it will have the same miserable end as my vinyl collection.


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