Posted by: Johan Normark | July 23, 2010

Santa Cruz

In an earlier blog post I mentioned the charcoal paintings inside Aktun Santa Cruz which lies 1.5 km south of Xtojil in the ejido of Sacalaca. This season Pablo Huerta and I mapped the area between the cave entrance and a nearby platform (20 x 20 m) with three superstructures. There are no structures immediately near the cave entrance. On one visit to the cave I encountered a contemporary inhabitant/visitor  of the cave (see picture). However, mounds and foundation braces of various sizes are scattered around within a radius of 300 m. Due to time constraints we choose to map only one platform although two foundation braces are located only a hundred m to the west of this platform.

Contemporary cave dweller (opposum)

The south side of the platform has a fairly well preserved wall line. Top of the platform has some exposed laja (bedrock) so the platform is build on a small hillock. The southwest corner of the platform has a round structure with a small rectangular structure directly to the north. The largest superstructure on the platform is located on the east side. However, the foundation braces here are less complete. The northern part of the structure stands on a low platform on top of the larger platform.

Santa Cruz



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