Posted by: Johan Normark | July 27, 2010

Strolling with strollers

In the past year and a half my wife, son and I have been to China, Greece (twice), Thailand, Malaysia and Mexico (apart from various places in Sweden and Denmark of course). This has been hard on some of the strollers. Four strollers have been used and two of them are soon to find their way to the contemporary archaeological record as they no longer function properly.

The first stroller lasted only in China, a couple of weeks in Sweden and the two short trips to Greece. It was made and bought in China. It basically could not stand the loading and unloading procedures to the aircrafts. The very strolling itself caused little problem but the usual hauling of the stroller onto sandy beaches also caused major twisting and bending of the weak materials that make up the “vehicle”.

Strolling on the island of Paxos, Greece.

The third stroller (I save the second one for later) lasted only in Thailand and Malaysia. It was also made in China (the brand Carena). Since we brought the stroller to the gates at every flight it stood the loading and unloading better. However, the multitude of beaches we visited and some bad roads finally broke the stroller. Our strategy to get our son to sleep was to take the stroller out on hard packed beaches in the evening and walk across bumps to get him asleep. Luckily for me this stroller broke on the final day. One of the front wheels broke and I had to tie it with a string making it more or less useless.

Strolling with elephants on Koh Mak, Thailand.

The fourth stroller has only been used in Mexico and is still working. It has not experienced the same hard life as the third stroller. Not that many beaches were visited in Mexico but the pavements were pretty much as bad as in Thailand and Malaysia. This was also the cheapest of the strollers, bought at a flea market in Göteborg for merely 5 Euros.

Strolling in Izamal, Mexico.

Finally, the second stroller has never been on an aircraft but it is the most used of our strollers. It is a German made Teutonia and works very well indeed despite two snowy winters. It’s only trip abroad has been a ferry trip to Denmark. It will most likely last the third (and final?) winter as well.

Strolling at Sisjön (Göteborg), Sweden.

What can we learn from strolling with strollers? Strollers made in China are not good, beaches and hard rocky surfaces are disastrous to the stroller, bring the stroller to the gates at the airport, and buy cheap strollers if you are to use them abroad.


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  2. How can you afford to travel round the world like you do? What archaeological institution pays such a good salary?

  3. Are these typical Swedish questions or what?

    My salary is pretty low and I still have had to spend a substantial amount on trains to Stockholm. However, I do not have a car (that is at least a couple of flights) and an inexpensive lifestyle. That is the simple answer. The trick is to skip the latest clothing, cigarettes, magazines, electronic equipment, and once again do not have a car…


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