Posted by: Johan Normark | August 3, 2010

Work in progress

I will not be posting blog posts as frequently as I have done during the past two weeks in the near future (two-three months). The reason is simple. I have too much else to do. My main focus is to update the status of my current book/project: Holy Places, Holey Spaces, and Emergent Wholes: Caves and Climate Change in the Northern Maya Lowlands. This also includes at least three related articles and several chapters for the CRAS 2010 field report (not to mention the economical report for the field work). I also need to apply for a job and a couple of smaller funds (for my next project). There is also a book review for Cambridge Archaeological Journal to write. I am sure there are other things to do as well. If I post something during this period it will probably be related to my work in progress or just a notice from the greater Mayanist world.



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