Posted by: Johan Normark | August 20, 2010

Search term results

This is blog post number 295 and I decided to show the traffic this blog has attracted. Due to the popularity of the 2012-circus it comes as no surprise that seven of the top ten search terms are related to this. Rather surprising is number 8…

1. Patrick Geryl (by far the most popular one, three times more popular than #2)

2. Carl Johan Calleman

3. Water

4. Ancient alien theory

5. Annunaki 2012

6. Calleman

7. Patrick Geryl 2012

8. Cappuccino

9. El Mirador

10. Lawrence Joseph

I have devoted enough time on the 2012-circus for now. I will for sure come back to it now and then, particularly towards the end of 2012. My next blog post devoted to 2012 will therefore be the last one for quite some time (I hope…). That post will summarize a recent article on Monument 6 written by Mayanists rather than by prophets of nonsense.




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