Posted by: Johan Normark | September 1, 2010

Elect Palin 2012

I know that I planned my next post on the 2012 circus to be the last one for a while. This is not that blog post.

I saw this on Facebook and I could not resist making a blog post about it. There are two ways to interpret this (but I am sure most people only think of one). The one people think of is of course the whole 2012 doomsday scenario, the apocalypse when everything falls to pieces, etc. The second way to interpret this is to follow the “transformation of consciousness” beliefs that surround this year. Maybe Palin is leading the way into a new higher consciousness…? One thing is for sure. The only thing that can convince me that there is some truth to the whole 2012circus is if she is elected. It will be bad either way.



  1. Ha ha! I hadn’t seen that beore. I agree, no matter how you interpret it, we’d be doomed!

  2. I support the Tea Parties (multiplicity), but the Tea Party (stupidity) is the fifth horse of the apocalypse.

    I have those articles I was refering to earlier. Pack an extra salt shaker when you dive into these. I have an agenda. I’m an amateur at this and frankly I will simply go forward with my somewhat biased position that try to get everything perfect from the beginning.

    Parts II and II are probably the ones most closely related to objects.

    The introduction:

    The overview:

    Parts I, II, III:


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