Posted by: Johan Normark | September 10, 2010

Summary of the past week(s): 2012, blogging, DeLanda, water, the senses and more

A week and a half ago I applied for funds to be able to finish up my short book on the ethnocentric tendencies of the 2012 circus. Yesterday I received a heavy box from Amazon containing several 2012 books including Calleman, Jenkins, and other prophets of nonsense. I will need at least one more shipment of 2012 books for this research. As mentioned in a recent post I will also go to the SAA meeting in Sacramento next year. There I will participate in a session called “Blogging Archaeology” and my dealings with the 2012 circus will be in focus (I probably squeeze in Apocalypto as well). Colleen Morgan at Middle Savagery is the organizer of the session. The presentation may be published through University of California digital publication series.

Also in the shipment from Amazon was a new book by Manuel DeLanda. It is actually a collection of essays called Deleuze: History and Science. I will most likely return to this book later on. I also received Stephen Houston’s edited book Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea which will be of special interest since my next research project focuses on water. Steve has also sent his contribution to the edited volume called Making Sense of Things: Archaeologies of Sensory Perception (eds: F. Fahlander and A. Kjellström). He has some remarks on the difference between the American anthropological archaeology and European non-anthropological archaeology.

I am also finishing up my application for a job opportunity at Lund University and the final corrections of my part(s) of the CRAS report. During the past week I also bought Accept’s recent album “Blood of the Nations” which is way better than Iron Maiden’s recent album which is overrated in my opinion (not bad but not as good as the preceeding one). It is good to see Hoffman/Baltes back in the song writing process. The best song is “Bucket full of hate” which is an appropriate song these days when a crazy preacher threatens to burn books.


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