Posted by: Johan Normark | September 13, 2010

2012: Get the simplest facts correct please

Nevermind what I wrote before about me not writing about the 2012 circus for a while. Last week I received a couple of books on the theme. One of them was Calleman’s “The Purposeful Universe” which I have commented on before (or rather his overall ideas that have been established before this book). Calleman pointed out in one of his comments on my blog that since I had not written the book I should not be able to criticize it. That is correct so now I have bought the book. I will read it during my spare time (which is scarce right now).

Anyway, just a quick look through it reveals that it is littered with small mistakes (apart from his major distortions of the whole calendar which I shall focus on in other blog posts). One of them can be found on page 43. In the text below the photo of Temple I at Tikal you can read that it is the highest pyramid in the Americas. This is a statement from a person claiming to be an expert on the Maya. Well, the simple fact is that Temple I is not even the highest pyramid at Tikal. Temple III, IV and V are all higher than this structure. Then we have other Maya sites with pyramids higher than Temple I, such as Calakmul and El Mirador. The Sun pyramid at Teotihuacan is also higher. These facts are basic knowledge to a Mayanist/Mesoamericanist. If he cannot even get these facts straight in topics that he himself is a self-proclaimed expert I wonder how accurate the rest is.



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