Posted by: Johan Normark | September 19, 2010

Election day

I usually do not discuss contemporary Swedish politics on this blog, basically because I have little interest in it. However, it is Election Day today in Sweden. Today most people will probably vote for the same government that we have had for four years. This is the centre-right Alliance for Sweden, with the liberal conservative Moderate party being the most popular of four parties forming this alliance. Since most of the readers of this blog are in the US, I should perhaps emphasize that being politically to the right in Sweden is to be fairly similar to the Democratic Party in the US. Only the Christian Democrats in Sweden could potentially be approaching a Republican Party. Swedish politics is far more to the left compared to the US. For the Republicans we are probably all socialists.

This Alliance is not what I will vote for. Being raised in a secularized working class family I have always been suspicious of most of the political parties that now make up this alliance (particularly the most popular one and the Christian Democrats). Their success in the elections four years ago was probably due to people being tired of the former Social Democratic Prime Minister Göran Persson and the Social Democratic party as a whole. Since 90% of “old media” now is politically to the right it comes as no surprise that information about this current government’s failed politics comes from the blogosphere. Unfortunately, most people that would vote for an alternative do not follow the blogosphere.

So, what are the alternatives? The Red-Greens Alliance consists of three parties with the Social Democratic party being the largest. Just by tradition in my family I voted for the Social Democrats in my first election two decades ago. I have since then moved around in the middle (and I have even voted for the Liberal Party once, but that was before they began to turn further to the right). I prefer not to be part of a massive collective and the two left/red parties are all about collective enterprises. Hence, I would want to vote for the Green Party which I have voted for before but they could potentially join the centre-right Alliance for Sweden if the Sweden Democrats enters the parliament. This is a nationalist/populist party with roots in fascism. The two alliances of Sweden wishes to block this party from any influence on the national politics so that is why the Green Party potentially could join the other side.

Now, I do not wish to give an indirect vote for the Alliance for Sweden and I dislike the two alliances politics that is emerging where you get other parties and politicians along with your vote. We appear to soon have an American system with only two options. There are potentially two non-alliance parties that one could vote for and those are Feminist Initiative and Pirate Party. I am not voting for any of them so I still have not decided. Maybe I vote for a non-party (a “blank” vote) to protest against the emerging system where everything is getting polarized.


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