Posted by: Johan Normark | September 30, 2010

Search term trivia

Usually my blog posts are read within the first two or three days. After that the number of readers drastically drop off. The future readers of the posts are usually people ending up there after searching on Google or similar search tools. On May 1 I wrote a blog post called “Java and foam of the Maya cappuccino“. The strange title refers to a quote from Levi Bryant’s blog Larval Subjects which I used as a critique of Mayanist cosmological modelling. This blog post was frequently visited during the first three days and then it quickly lost traffic. However, something must have happened on August 2. Since then the blog post has received continuous traffic. In fact, cappuccino is now the second most popular search term on this blog (that btw mainly deals with Mayanist research and archaeological theory). The other popular search terms are 2012 related and water. I must have moved up a bit in the Google ranking when it comes to cappuccino. In any case, I am sure people searching for cappuccino and ends up with a critique of Mayanist cosmological modelling that also includes Deleuzian regimes of signs will be a bit disappointed.



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