Posted by: Johan Normark | October 25, 2010


Last week I received funds for a three years long project called “Water as archaeological material.” Here are the objectives of the project.

The overall objective is to show the intricacies of materials from a flat ontology of assemblages, where no hierarchies between entities and processes exist. All equally exist. With such an approach it is possible to integrate the hard sciences with social- and humanist research that usually are treated separately. This allows for a better comprehension of the complexities behind historical processes.

More specifically this research will: (1) develop a neomaterialist view on non-linear history that sets material properties in focus and show how these connect to and merge with other material properties in various assemblages that includes people and practices. (2) exemplify this approach with water on multi-scalar levels: from molecules to organisms, objects, architecture, communities, states, oceans and climate systems. (3) show how changes in intensity create various emerging assemblages. Fluid water, vapour and ice have different levels of intensity and hence create different potentials for emergent assemblages.



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