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2012: The tzolkin and amino acids

Some 2012ers attempts to mix modern science with ancient myths and cosmology to proclaim that the ancients knew more than we think. Here is one example where it is suggested that the 20 calendar glyphs of the tzolkin equals the 20 amino acids. Four nucleic-acid bases make up DNA. These are called ACGT. There are also four amino acids that make up RNA and these are called ACGU. The important part here for the author is that this is a sequence of four letters.

The author of the post focuses on the contemporary cog wheel representations of the 20 calendar days and the numbers running from 1 to 13. For him/her this is microcosm helping macrocosm, a gear mechanism that turns the larger wheel. There is apparently no consideration here that these are just our representations, not that of the ancient Maya since they lacked cog wheels. The person use Pythagorean ideas of reducing the number 13 to 4 since 1+3 equals 4. This is yet another misrepresentation of Maya numerology which is based on a vigesimal system and only included three signs.  For them 13 were represented with two bars and three dots. How do you reduce that to four dots? You cannot.

In conclusion, number 13 or 4 represents DNA or RNA. At the end of this mind blowing research the person concludes that 13 x 20 equals 260 (the tzolkin) but he/she calls it the “lunar wheel of Mayan timekeeping” (but tzolkin is not connected to the moon at all). To the author this suggests “that what we call Junk DNA is perhaps connected to the Solar Wheel of Mayan Time Keeping [the haab I assume???]….understand…the two ribbons of DNA travel in opposite directions … like the two cogs of Mayan Time Keeping connecting the Moon and the Sun…What if?”

This is of course bogus, written down by someone with little to no knowledge about the Maya.



  1. Hello

    I am the author of the blog being discussed or dissed?

    What we have here is typical drivel dispensed by a certain western perspective.

    thanks Johann….

    Dude…that work must be viewed in a much bigger context.

    Your IGNORANT attack on my work is typical.
    quote one snippet of my work and call it BS.

    Taking it out of context with a much larger body of work and at the end of the daze, IGNORANCE reigns supreme….

    dude your attack is unjustified.
    there exists a sticks and stones NEO-lithic cosmology that either appears ‘over your head’ OR ‘beneath you’.

    I am not sure yet.

    I dare you to find fault with my latest claim…
    Where I found a PATTERN that exists between the SATOR SQUARE and Ed Witten’s ‘Twistor String Theory’.
    prove me wrong, here is the thread in question.
    And I will apologize for calling you IGNORANT.

    if you fail…
    Mind if I refer to you as a MON-KEY’s uncle?
    Why would I call you a MON-KEY’s uncle.
    Clearly I have stumbled upon the KEY to the human zoo.



  2. Drivel? Yes I expose some drivel I found by quoting you and explain from basic Mayanist knowledge that you have no understanding of the Maya calendars.

    I am sure you have a bigger picture, 2012ers always have that. They are thinking outside the box (or rather make up things from pure speculation). They always uncover some hidden truths by twisting everything specific to a general plan that is utterly ethnocentric. That snippet you mention happens to be based on how contemporary Western Mayanists represent their calendars by cogwheels and have nothing to do with how the Maya represented the process. You have a heavily Western view (hence references to Pythagoras, DNA research, etc). It simply does not happen to be the Western discourse that is prevalent in science, only in pseudoscience and new age. However, it is still “Western”.

    Well, I am not at all interested in your latest claim unless there are some references to the Maya. Are there?

    MON-KEY’s uncle? Pardon me for not knowing what you refer to. I am sure it is really interesting.

    • Hello Johann

      here is a quote in full from my blog.

      “Which suggests to me that what we call Junk DNA is perhaps connected to the Solar Wheel of Mayan Time Keeping.
      understand…the two ribbons of DNA travel in opposite directions … like the two cogs of Mayan Time Keeping connecting the Moon and the Sun…
      What if?”

      Hmm, I used the terms, ‘suggests to me’, and ‘perhaps’ and ‘what if’, and it is very clear that I was not really being clear in what I was trying to convey.

      Is it not?

      Be careful on my blog Johann, many are just repositories of connections that may or may not be valid.
      I admit some of my ‘associations’ could be off.
      But you will need to admit also that you found yourself a bit lost on my blog, which is really more of a diary of sorts, as I record and sift through associations between east and west, old and new.

      Some of my associations are off, yes.
      Some seem to be ahead of the pack.
      But I stand by the main claim I made.
      There is a profound association between the 20 Maya glyphs and the 20 amino acids.
      We just have not figured out the connection yet.

      Maybe Johann would like to see what a DNA temple looks like?
      Why do DNA temples resemble a KEYHOLE Johann?

      I would much prefer you take a look at this evidence re: DNA and the Temples we build…far more interesting…I promise.

      Maybe Johann would prefer to talk about Marija Gimbutas’ work?

      Johann why do you call me a 2012er?
      Do you have any quotes of mine handy to suggest why I am a 2012er?

      The only claim I make, is that I was *activated* back in 2005.
      And my *activation* may or may not have anything to do with 2012.


    • Johann I really fail to understand where YOU are coming from suggesting that Pythagoras (a geometer) and the Maya do NOT intersect?

      We all live in the same spacetime environment.
      Do we not?

      I often feel we all have a mythical Pythagoras inside our minds, helping us to interpret the ‘pixels’ of energy we ‘see’ using our brains.

      Johann, I have NO idea of your insights or interest into the esoteric.
      The Maya had 10 fingers, 10 toes…and they counted to 20 using a series of dots and dashes (bar).
      SOUNDS like the Maya had their own form of SOS.
      save our souls?

      >>>this link is remedial Maya counting…you fellas seen it?

      If we take the first 4 terms of Maya ‘counting’, it is plain and clear what the currency is:
      one dot, two dots, three dots, four dots

      And using that system, we can actually form a Pythagorean tetractys, or pyramid that satisfies this equation in ANY LANGUAGE, dudes.

      1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10

      — .
      — …

      so I really fail to see what you fail to see on the level called ‘unity’.
      Johann how far up does your Einstein elevator go?
      What floor are you and Ik on?

      empirical science?
      too funny….

      explain the space = vacuum thing to me again.

      the problem is, you fellas are NOT current.


  3. Dude! Dude?

  4. I am the dude:

  5. Ah, I encounter Raphael again in cyberspace. My first encounter with him was at the 2012 forum. He’s been a regular there, see this post:

    Anyhoo, I learned very early on that Raphael does not have an understanding of the fundamentals of molecular biology, genetics, hydrology, chemisty, physics, or cosmology when I tried to engage him at 2012. Unfortunate, because he means well.

    Look, 2012 boils down to this, and I’m afraid Raphael is not the Harbinger: Apocalypse, Revelation, Parousia, and the End of the World As I Know It.



    • here we go again
      ignorant folks taking a shot.
      because it is easy…

      nice link you posted Ik and where does the link lead to?
      first you say I know nothing about the understanding of the fundamentals of molecular biology, genetics, hydrology, chemisty, physics, or cosmology etc.
      when you tried to engage me…

      I would like to think you have one conversation between us to support your accusation.

      The internet is a breeding ground for folks to say whatever they want eh Ik?

  6. Quote from Rapha:
    “Johann why do you call me a 2012er?
    Do you have any quotes of mine handy to suggest why I am a 2012er?”

    There is a little hint that you are a 2012er, and that is the fact that your blog’s adress is

    • So because I have the word 2012 in my blog … I am a 2012er…

      What if I am a Kachina-er?

      Now I would love to hear how a qualified expert like yourself, defines a ‘2012er’ like myself that has blended his musings with the term Kachina and the 12,000 year old swastika/haken-kreuz/wan/manji/Jaina cross/key of universal movement…etc?

      go ahead sir…I would love to hear how I fit your contrived definition NOW?

      Maybe the pigeon hole I fit is 2012 NAZI full of Hopi and Faith, eh?

      See what I mean about how IGNORANCE is the bane of humanity?
      Too many folks always stepping forward fulfilling this ages old axiom.


  7. Well… If I may…
    I think it takes a much much longer time to get the full picture of Raphael’s blog/diary (and thus “mind”) than by simply reading 2012 in the blog title.
    It’s full of ideas, assumptions and trails for one to choose to follow or reject. But it’s instructive and detailed.
    I admit that it took me a while to be able to follow the signs he posts (let’s say his “style”). But if you feel offended by criticism in life, you get lost.
    He’s got his own way, that might be seen as a succession of attacks, but I personally don’t think that it’s harder to accept than the classic “you know nothing about MY theme, so shut up and listen.”
    Shouldn’t we all try to learn from everything and everyone? The so-called non-experts have much more to offer than what we, narrow-minded people, usually think!

    People will be free once knowledge is not a matter of experts.

    • “People will be free once knowledge is not a matter of experts.”

      I suppose you missed the past decades of postmodernism and social constructionism where experts have been dethroned.

  8. Really? Do you think so?

    • It depends. Not in the hard sciences but more so in the humanities and social sciences. There it is far more common to criticize experts. I am all in favor of criticizing experts but the critique must at least be based on knowledge, not wild speculations.

      • Knowledge is the collection of what we know for sure, what’s demonstrable.
        Wild speculations are what is not known nor recognized by the masses and seem hardly to be proven one day.
        In between are hypotheses, theories, feelings, observations and what have you.

        I believe criticism should be based on all that. If someone can destroy the idea, then it is a wild speculation. What if the modern theories of quantum mechanics are proven wrong one day? They’d end up in the long list of wild speculations as well.

        I understand you didn’t like what you found on the blog you talk about. I truly do. I personally modestly think that there is something that would need further investigation, and that was the only point I wanted to defend here.

        All the best!

  9. Greetings,
    I agree that the article by Raphael while poorly constructed and argued is not far from the truth.

    Tzolkin cosmology is poorly understood by mainstrean and non-mainstream reseachers alike. I am the first non-mainstream researcher to offer empirical evidence for the Tzolkin Cycle sequence as some sort of deep level order that was detected by the ancient meso-americans via their astute and thorough observations of the heavens.

    Though it is uncertain at this time how they managed to discover the 4, 13 and 20 day cycles that constitute the 260 day Tzolkin.

    I offer a paper entitled the Atomic and Molecular Foundations of a Social Physics with tables entitled the Numbers Underlying the Order of the Universe. In all I currently offer 12 articles on the Art and Science of Synchronicity as based on Tzolkin Cosmology.

    In order to appreciate what I am talking about the reader is invited to understand the basics premises of a few well regarded schools of Scientific thought.

    They would be the Digital Physics, Algorithmic, Computational, Cellular Automatonic, Holographic and Bohmian models of reality. Tzolkin Cosmology dovetails with all of the foregoing models of reality.

    My work seeks to intimately relate Tzolkin Cosmology to the aformentioned schools of scientific thought.

    I also have three ongoing empirical studies that show clear and strong correlations between solar, seismic and Volcanic activity and key days of the Tzolkin cycle.

    My presentation will also empirically validate the correct Tzolkin Cycle sequence. There are a few Tzolkin cycle counts in use with each camp asserting that their’s is the correct count.

    The questions is how does one validate a myterious cycle that does not correspond to any particular heavenly body.

    The Tzolkin cycle is found as a common denominator of sorts between the orbital frequencies of the planets and sun.

    The Tzolkin represent a galactic constant and what is perhaps the deepest ordering system of the cosmos.

    The paper I mentioned at the begining offers a precise correlation between the genetic and Tzolkin Codes. You may find my 12 articles on Tzolkin cosmology here.

  10. I am highly sceptical of these kinds of work. Calleman finds his tun (360) constant that supposedly explains everything and you have a tzolkin (260) constant that also explains everything. Calleman works from top to bottom and you from the opposite direction. Both are based on the belief that the tzolkin (or tun) have a broader implication than being simply something emerging from Mesoamerican calendars. Both perspectives simply overcodes the Maya calendars with ethnocentrism.

  11. Johan it has been a while since we last locked horns.

    The ‘swastika’ is KEY to understanding our past, present, and future.
    The evidence is still arriving daily.

    I wonder how many Maya experts have read the study (1901) that this quote was taken from?

    “Realizing this I perceived how, with the origin of the swastika, I had found the origin of the set of primeval ideas which had governed the human race from its infancy and which, in Mexican and Central American civilizations, ultimately developed into their ingenious system of government and social organization”

    >> I wonder how many experts like Carl Calleman are aware that the Aztec Calendar Sun STONE can be directly linked to the SWASTIKA?

    >> I wonder how many of your over paid associates are aware that the Aztec Calendar WHEEL can be shown to be a precession calendar and an exact copy of the Egyptian omphalos (navel/center of the earth) which was based on geodetics?
    (PhDUH both a calender STONE and a calendar WHEEL eh?)

    >> I wonder how many scholars will appreciate the FACT I can add 2000+ years to the discovery of the Pythagorean theorem pushing it back to 4000+ BCE?

    p.s. I AM a genius.
    And crazy enough to know my kind of genius will be shown respect by future generations not this one.

    Dinosaurs like you gotta die first so my SEEDS can grow in you a.k.a. the compost.

    And regarding DNA, do you mind if we switch locals to Mesopotamia from Mesoamerica?

    My latest work likes to point out how the 10 Commandments are a fine match for ATCG pairs.

    selah V


    • You always makes me laugh. You do know that there are far more dinosaur species than mammals today? They just happen to be called birds…Go back to that mental institution you ran away from.

      • Typical low brow response. You suffer from cognitive dissonance.
        You should get that looked at.
        The guy in the mirror can help you IF you are honest with him.

        What about the quote?
        Can you comment on this quote instead of making yourself look rather stupid by attacking me?

        The quote is partially based on the fact the swastika can be connected to the position of Ursa Major during the two solstices and two equinoxes?
        Looking to the NORTH….look to the NORTH?

        “Realizing this I perceived how, with the origin of the swastika, I had found the origin of the set of primeval ideas which had governed the human race from its infancy and which, in Mexican and Central American civilizations, ultimately developed into their ingenious system of government and social organization”

        Funny the Egyptians also had a fondness or was it a weakness for the NORTH.
        Funny how all the experts with their sheeple herds in tow love to discuss Sirius, the belt of Orion, and the Pleiades, but never discuss those CIRCUMPOLAR NORTH stars as having any significance to the Egyptians?

        PhDUH by the way I did say dinosaurs like YOU, meaning the four legging lumbering jacks with their brains stuck in the mud, the ones that did not make it through.
        Not the dinosaurs like me with two legs and wings, the dapper raptors who like to fly high.

        Please do TRY comment on the quote made by Zelia Nuttall in 1901.
        here is the link to the 500+ page comparative study.

        The best thing Rob (who spent $350K preparing for 2012 – LOL) did was ban me from his site.


        “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

        dogs and pigs eh?
        I vonder if that is where the saying ‘schweinhund’ comes from?

        woof woof or oink oink > which are you Johan?

        selah V

      • Well, what you are is what you get. I have no interest in you or your ideas. Seek some help, I will not help you spreading your BS. Goodbye, consider yourself spam from now on. That is all your mumbling is worth.

      • No point writing anything here Rafa. They go directly to the spam section. Go and troll someone else with your swastikas…

      • Cyber stalker/self-proclaimed genius Rafa has posted some more comments that won’t appear. Some people just can take a hint that they are not wanted. That’s what happens when you stare into mandalas and swastikas for a pro-longed period.

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