Posted by: Johan Normark | November 8, 2010

Old stuff online

I have just uploaded five texts on my page. Links are also provided from my Publication section of this blog. One of the texts is an old field report from the El Pilar/BRASS project called Influence of Ancient Settlement in the Contemporary Maya Forest: Investigating Land Use at El Pilar. The other four texts are in Swedish. There are three popularized articles: Kan forntiden tjäna framtiden? Vattenberg och jungfruvatten inom mayaarkeologin (“Can the past serve the future? Water mountains and virgin water in Maya archaeology”), Mayas vita vägar: förbindelser eller gränser? (“The white roads of the Maya: connections or boundaries?”), and Bilder av “mayakulturen” inom mayarörelsen, populärvetenskapen och arkeologin (“Images of the ‘Maya culture’ within the Maya movement, popular science and archaeology”). Finally, I also uploaded an unpublished text called Ikonografi och epigrafi: kognitiva hjälpmedel i mayaområdet (“Iconography and epigraphy: cognitive tools in the Maya area”).



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