Posted by: Johan Normark | November 16, 2010

Strategies for the future

Considering the workload that I have accumulated in the past month, such as two new financed projects and the participation in two edited volumes, I am now convinced that I will not write up my 2012 book. I simply have no time to do it. It is not worth the time to debunk a phenomenon that will be over in little more than two years. I am also beginning to loose interest in the whole 2012/2011 circus. However, I will at least write up two or three articles on the phenomenon. One will be about dealing with the public through my blog and here I will focus on the 2012 phenomenon. A second article will compare 2012 and Apocalypto as Western overcodings of the Maya. The third possible article will deal specifically with Calleman but I have no idea what journal would be interesting in publishing such an article. I will continue to comment on the 2012 circus but to a lesser extent after I am done with Aldana’s article, the Tortuguero article and Aveni’s book.



  1. I’m sad to hear that you won’t continue with the 2012 book, however, it’s understandable why you won’t. I wish you the best of luck on future projects and will continue checking out the blog.



  2. This is how I feel now. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind in the future.

  3. The Nit-pickers At @ 2012 Forum Will Find Fault In Everything That Does Not Fit their Jingoism.Follow Your Heart And You Will Find Your Way!

  4. Most 2012ers do not even answer my comments anymore. I suspect they have decided to ignore me. But I will continue to spread scepticism in their ranks.


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