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2012: The truth that will end all speculations

Martin Rundkvist at Aardvarchaeology has posted a rebuttal of an article published in Antiquity that links the so-called “geomyth” of Phaëton to a supposed meteorite impact in Bavaria during the Bronze Age. I am surprised that such an article even got through the peer-review process. Maybe there is hope for a positive response to my parody of the 2012 circus since it actually relates to documented impacts. Here it is:

65 million years ago (or 63.1 million years ago according to the truthful Maya [read Calleman] calendar) a giant pyramid landed on the Yucatan peninsula and this event killed off the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, etc. Scientists say it was a meteorite, but recent evidence indicates that this was one of the mothers to all pyramids. Off shore drilling in the Mexican Gulf has hit the base of this pyramid with two enormous temples on its top. Geophysicists have detected two peaks just below the coastal town of Progreso and the village of Chicxulub. These are buried over one km below the surface. However, there are passages to this pyramid that can be reached through springs, both inland and offshore. All Maya archaeologists know this but since they are part of a great conspiracy they will not reveal it to you.

It was not just this pyramid that landed on the Earth at this time, another pyramid landed west of Mumbai and formed the Shiva crater. These two pyramids lay dormant below bedrock and water for millions of years. In the meantime, after the dinosaurs got extinct, the memory of these events were materialized in the brains of the mammals as they evolved towards higher consciousness through quantum leaps. Once evolution speeded up a couple of million years ago and hominid brains began to evolve the memory of these cataclysmic events began to reappear in myths. Fire spitting dragons were of course the dinosaurs that caught fire from the global firestorms that cleansed the Earth. Unicorns were ceratopsians, etc. The round crater of the impacted area in the Yucatan came down as memories of Atlantis, which also is round. That is why Plato knew about it without having actually seen it.

The long lost memories began to emerge, first slowly and then very fast. In 3114 BC, the Maya settled near the place where the pyramid had hit the Earth, and in India and Pakistan, the Indus culture emerged and began to worship the long lost pyramid (although they never built pyramids themselves).  Egyptians and Sumerians also began to make replicas of these extraterrestrial pyramids by the help of mysterious elders. Particularly the Maya began to track the long forgotten events in their extremely accurate calendar that can date events down to seconds without actually having temporal units smaller than a day. That is a truly amazing achievement! It turns out that the Maya calendar actually goes back to the K/T event. They hid this information in their arts and in their buildings. Hence, the pyramids are projected memories of the ancient extraterrestrial pyramids and not bunkers (I mean, how could anyone believe such a crazy idea?).

However, the knowledge of these pyramids were global and when Columbus set sail to the Americas these pyramids were what he was looking for. He knew about the Shiva pyramid and hence called the people of the Americas Indians because he mistook them for being the Shiva pyramid descendents (or rather squatters), not the Chicxulub pyramid descendents/squatters.

By using I-ching, numerology, the golden ratio and quantum physics I have come to the conclusion that on the winter solstice 2012, the two pyramids will reappear through cataclysmic earthquakes and a polar shift. The 2004 tsunami (in the Indian Ocean – Shiva) and the 2005 hurricane Katrina (in the Caribbean – Chicxulub) marks the beginning of this process. Soon Quetzalcoatl will reemerge from the depths of the Underworld. I believe Quetzalcoatl still is hiding deep down below the earth, coiled up around the crater rings. This is what the symbol of Atlantis is about, a coiled up snake. This makes it possible that there actually is a third pyramid because a coiled up snake also resemble number six. We need three 6’s to get 666, the number of the beast, which is Quetzalcoatl. The Maya used triadic temples to memorize these three numbers and ancestral pyramids.

It is when Quetzalcoatl begins to move in increasing frequency that climate changes, tsunamis emerge and finally gigantic earthquakes that will uncover the pyramid and the snake coiled up around it. I believe the snake actually is a very flexible organic space ship where aliens lie in cryo-chambers. The pyramid is basically its station, its world tree. The snake and the tree of life and its fruit are all part of the Biblical story that told about how Noah escaped the Late Cretaceous tsunamis with his ark with all mammals onboard. The space ship have several stations in the solar system, such as on Mars and Nibiru and in other solar systems as well.

Unfortunately, my prophecy cannot see what will happen after timewave zero. Maybe we all shall die when Nibiru passes near us. Nibiru is after all the original location of these two pyramids. The Earth, Nibiru, the sun and the Milky Way will align in 2012 and shatter the planet into a new quantum leap. What awaits beyond this is pure speculation since this is not understandable by people thinking inside the box. However, soon all our minds and boxes will open up to see the truth.



  1. J.T. Fraser in “Time: The Familiar Stranger” wrote that “the Mayan civilization was based on a ‘chronovision’, a total absorption of the individual and collective life in the rhythms of nature, mapped into a mathematical system that had several cyclical counts running simultaneously.” Within these cosmic spirals of time, the Mayan kings acted as portals between different planes of reality. Through bloodletting, they conjured “the way” (the path) and the “ch’u”, the companion spirits and gods. Likewise, the balance of the universal world order in Egypt was known as Ma’at, which was, if anything, a state of mind… a state of balance, in which life was good and society was in balance. It was trying to bring Heaven down to Earth and it was the task of the pharaoh to accomplish this… inside the pyramid.

    Every 52yrs. The Haab And The Chol’ji Re-aligin,Tying Of The Years,New Fire Ceramony When All The Fires Were Extinguished And Re-started From One Started In The Open Chest Of A Safricant.

  2. […] We do not attack or debunk the cranks because we feel threatened by them, as Holtorf argues; we do it because we want science to be based on a great body of information that is of relevance to the contexts under discussion. The Big Bang and alien space ships do not seem relevant for understanding the Maya Long Count. Anyone can come up with fanciful interpretations, even me. […]


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