Posted by: Johan Normark | December 16, 2010

2012: The WikiLeaks connection

Is there a connection between WikiLeaks, 2012, and Sweden? Of course, what did you think? It is all part of the 2012 conspiracy. On a website that apparently is inspired by Calleman’s so-called Maya calendar the connection is being made. The Swedish women are of course controlled by the US/CIA who wishes to prosecute Julian Assange and crackdown on WikiLeaks according to the author of the blog post. Such speculations may not be news to you but you did not know this was part of the 2012 conspiracy as well since WikiLeaks are exposures of the “truth”. This is what we can read:

These exposures of “the truth” versus the arguably clandestine corrupt nature of our western so-called democratic governments, is exactly the sort of thing that has been forecast for this time of the Great Shift in Global Consciousness.

According to Mayan researcher Dr Carl Calleman [yet another Swede I must add] we have just ended the 6th Mayan night of the 8th level of consciousness.  Many years ago he wrote that this would be the time when unethical actions would be exposed, the truth would prevail, and all the unethical business practices, and the actions of unethical governments – which includes the governments of virtually all countries on the Planet would be exposed.

So my excitement is in the fact that this is the greatest and most overt and undeniable demonstration that these global shifts in consciousness are actually occurring NOW!

I hate to say this but, apart from the fact that Calleman’s calendar is complete bogus, people have attempted to expose government wrongdoings for ages. That has always been part of free journalism. The major change in recent years, as I see it, is that the US has received utterly conservative propaganda machines such as Fox News that is a travesty of objective journalism. WikiLeaks is their opposite but their differences have little to do with global shifts in consciousness.



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