Posted by: Johan Normark | December 17, 2010

Awaiting the transition to GU and new PhD opportunities

Right now I am in a liminal phase in-between Stockholm University and Göteborg University (GU). I take the opportunity to write something up on the 2012 circus (that is why there are so many 2012 related posts right now). Since I have no office yet I am spending most of my time in my apartment but on Fridays (hence today) my wife is home with our son so in the morning I need to relocate me to some nearby cafe (there are plenty of them where I live). However, right now they play this horrible Christmas music at all cafes (fairly loud as well and my own strategy to block off noise by playing noise that I like in my headphones  is not working well). That new office will be a relief.

If you also wish to get an office at Göteborg University there are 30 positions to the PhD program in the Faculty of Arts. Hopefully there will be at least one in archaeology. Deadline for the application is January 24, 2011:


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