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2012: The investiture of Bolon Yokte’ K’uh

In my final post (of three) on Gronemeyer and MacLeod’s article I will discuss the possible meaning of the event that is associated with the 2012 circus. This is an event that features the deity Bolon Yokte’ K’uh. The Mayanists Markus Eberl and Christian Prager argue that this is a deity of transition associated with period endings and war and he attacks and destroys the supports of the sky (the pawahtu:n).

The final textual passage on Monument 6 at Tortuguero reads ye:n Bolon Yokte’ Ta Chak Joyaj. What is the meaning of this? Crucial here is the root concept joy. Prager argues that this is a general ritualistic topic with several acts that form a whole. Gronemeyer and MacLeod argue that three meanings are possible: enclosure, wrapping, and encircling motion or travel. Joy may refer to the enclosing of an effigy of the god in a shrine or to a ritual procession. It is possible that the constructors at Tortuguero planned to place the god effigy in the sanctuary associated with Monument 6. Whether or not this was believed to occur at the dedication of the building or at the end of 13 Baktun we can only speculate about.

Gronemeyer and MacLeod seem to favor the adornment/wrapping interpretation. Impersonators of Bolon Yokte’ K’uh often are depicted with a rope around their neck. They suggest that an image of the deity (or an impersonator) would be draped with certain regalia for celebrating the end of 13 Baktun. The authors connect Bolon Yokte’ K’uh with the contemporary Maximón in Santiago Atitlán since the latter consists of a framework of wood wrapped by a rope in a pattern similar to the pohp woven-mat. Such a mat-design is also an attribute of Bolon Yokte’ K’uh impersonators. The hanging of Maximón symbolizes the binding of the years. He is both a bundler of time and a bundle of time at the same time. Some of the Europeanized portrait heads of the K’atuns in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel have coiled rope-like elements around their necks. Apart from having connections to Bolon Yokte’ K’uh these faces could be expired k’atuns that have been “bound.”  

In conclusion Gronemeyer and MacLeod suggests that il ye:n Bolon Yokte’ ta chak joyaj should be understood as “‘the seeing of the insignia/adornments of the god’ in a public display of office-taking, wherein the office is itself signaled by the attire and accessories of the god” (p 37). It should be obvious to anyone that there are no indications that the Maya were describing an apocalypse.



  1. Johan,

    holiday greetings from across the pond. I should tell you that there are a good number of us epigraphers who are quite skeptical of Gronemeyer and MacLeod’s interpretation of the 2012 passage on Tortuguero Monument 6. Their reading of the verb as il is highly doubtful; that is not the normal way to spell the verb “to see”, and contains none of the expected verbal suffixes. I am skeptical of the -ni syllable in the yeen reading, and as Marc Zender points out to me, yeen doesn’t take verbal or possessive affixation even if that sign was a ni syllable. The final glyph is prefixed by the preposition ta, but the rest is an extremely speculative reconstruction of a badly eroded glyph. All in all, I consider all attempts to read this passage as impossible to confirm at best, and demonstrably in error in most cases. Gronemeyer and MacLeod have presented the most detailed epigraphic analysis, but there are major problems with even their presentation. Of far more importance to the whole 2012 discussion is the fact that we can document how this meme began, and show that there is absolutely no evidence to believe in any 13 baktun “Great Cycle”. As such, the 2012 reference on Tortuguero Monument 6 fades in importance and we needn’t strain our eyes and minds to make sense of a passage that probably had localized meaning to the Maya of Tortuguero Monument 6 but may not have meant much to other lowland Maya, and certainly not to humanity in general. I will be more than happy when 2013 rolls around and we can leave this to the dustbin of history and move on to more productive epigraphic discussions.

  2. Thanks Stan. It is good to have the problems inherent in the interpretations of this monument clarified for us non-epigraphers. The monument plays little role in my overall concern about the 2012 circus since most 2012ers do not even know about its existence. However, it plays some crucial role to a limited number of 2012ers, such as Jenkins. I have seen a recent paper by him that I plan to discuss in the future.

    I also hope that this whole 2012 circus dies two years from now (anyway I look forward to see all the explanations why nothing extraordinary happened). Let’s just hope no one comes up with a new correlation constant that sets the 13 Baktun date at a later date (2013 and beyond)…

    I will add their article to my long list of problematic uses of ethnographical analogies (Maximón in this case) and the Books of Chilam Balam for interpreting the past Maya. As it turns out their interpretation rely heavily on analogy.

  3. I am curious about this supposed prediction of the end of the world. I have spent hours going over what scholars have said about this date, and it seems like it went for a long time with the thinking that the Maya believed that armaggedon would take place at the completion of the 13th baktun. Until about the 1990’s, did archeologists start saying that they didn’t believe this. Since Michael D. Coe started this, why would he make the comment in his book if there was no evidence to support it?

    Regarding this monument, is it possible they knew of an event taking place on that date? Apparently this is the god of destruction, what else can it mean? Do we know if this cycle is supposed to replicate the end of the last cycle in 3114 bc?

  4. There is nothing in the hieroglyphic corpus that suggest the Maya believed the world or time would end on 13 Baktun. We do, after all, have a date at Palenque that mention a future date in AD 4772. The whole idea of Armageddon is a Christian idea and these ideas did not exist in the Maya area before the Spaniards arrived there.

    The Long Count is not cyclical, that is a common assumption (even among Mayanists such as Coe). Check out the posts under the tag “2012”, I have answered several of your questions in earlier posts.

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  7. Thanks for the information. I did not know about this site.

  8. Bolon Yokte Ku is portrayed on the last page of the Dresden Codex.Top is the Kaiman-Milky Way and in her body is depicted the X-ssing point,Venus and two more planets.Below is the solar(7 laps/tongues of like “water”)and to the right is the lunar eclipse (of 9 laps/tongues like of “water”).7 is the Head and 9 is the Tail(End) in numerous ancient cosmologies-astronomies.Modern masonic architects built 7 WTC buildings in N.Y.City,east coast of USA;and,9 buildings(mandala)in West Mall Lake area of Seattle with the Space Needle in a shape of Sting of Scorpio which in skies points to the Black Hole and Centro of our galaxy.The Sting star is Al Shaula,represented in Bible(which is also Maya calendar)by Shaul-Paul who was “stinging” the early Christians as stoned Steven.On the road to Damascus Paul became the Head of Christian religion.Peter,the former Head and Rock(Cephalos and Cephas)was beheaded and became the Tail…They both switched their places.So it is in astronomy where once East was West and so on…The Caiman-Milky Way is spewing 13 laps/tongues of water from his mouth(mouth often representing the center of our galaxy),informing us that 13 Bak’truns is up and time for this unlucky number…Below the soli-lunar eclipses is Umma el-Kabah,Mother of all Jars/Pots/Bowls and Cups-symbols of Black Hole in Mesopotamia(the Dark Rift in Milky Way-confluence of two river-legs,biblical Pishon and Gihon),but also the Aquarian Age as the Head of New Cosmic(Precessional)Year…Since the Creator is often described as Potter,y.s.r. in Hebrew,known as Djoser in Egypt,his pyramid is the oldest and 1st…Sechemchet’s is unfinished and 2nd.Sechem means “sword”and the carrier of the double-edged sword is Christ(the Son and Sun)or Antichrist who came to destroy and kill…The Great Sphinx has human-Aquarian Head(in the West)and Leo’s body of Sun in the East…All major prophets sees animals in 3 cardinal points,but in the West they see a face of Man-Aquarius/Potter…West and East means half of the Great Precessional Year,but now we face the end of the Great Year and start of a new one…Hunab Ku (note 5+2 letters as 52 cycle)is the Maya(52 in gematria,so is Yama the god of the dead.Note,Jacob had 13 children in total with 4 women=52) God of measures and cycles,the male part of dual Creator.The female part is Bolon Yokte Ku,the Cosmic Mother of the 9-ringed Jar/Pot which was known in ancient Persia as the 7-ringed cup Yamshid.On the last page of Dresden Codex she flips upside-down her Jar/Pot and white owl(MUan)descend,as the symbol of death in Mesoamerica.Further down,below the Muan owl is descending Bolon Yokte Ku as the “Warrior -Storm God”…So,we have 13 lapsx4 planets in her body=52,and 7×9,but also 7+9 Maya cycles…The Sixteenth Chapel of Vat-i-can and not “Sistine”as was introduced deception into the English language only in this case.It has measures of Maya calendar cycles and its main axis is aligned with the Way of Dead in Teotihuacan.The main art motives in the Sixteenth Chapel are on the left as Judgement of the world and on the right is the Resurrection of Christ(symbol of our Sun crossing the Black Hole in Milky Way-cosmic river and goddess,Meri-yam/Miriam/Mary and Marwah)…Bolon Yokte Ku is sometimes portrayed as male god and sometimes as female goddess…Doesn’t the Bible in Genesis starts with plural Elohim?Both must come into unity of “69” to create and procreate as One…Teotihuacan exactly means that.So does the main Vat-i-can’s boulevard,Via della Conziliazione…In other words,the ityphallic Belt of Orion(falus Min or Tav)must align as the male stargate with the female stargate Yama-Black Hole (vagina),leading to the double centre of our galaxy which is the COSMIC WOMB…And on the Aztec Mendoza Codex is depicted this galactic alignment in its central column as the Trinity: Min/Tav of 11 stars-dots;the Yama Jar/Pot/Bowl as 9 ringed Bowl with 11 stars-dots within,what means as “union of 69”,falus in vagina…Giving math formula of 9/11 as the main source of the Maya vigessimal(20)system,but also events of 9/11…Go to Google:Maya Calendar In US Skyscrapers Architecture;and then click on:Maya2012Calendar. Scroll down to my name,Jaroslav Kukla from Slovakia and you will know what we are all as mankind up to…Always only the “outsiders”made a major breaktrough in Mayology,such as Yuri Knorozov,Tatiana Proskouriakov and myself…It is the BEST READING YOU’LL EVER DONE ON THIS SUBJECT !!

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  9. The Nile river of Egypt copy the cosmic river(Milky Way)on the ghround(as above so below).To the left(west)of the Nile are only the tombs(mastabas)and necropolises.To the right(east)are acropolises,the cities of living people.Necro(5)+Acro(4)=9,the Ennead.The ancient monuments of Egypt starts at El Aryan which copy the stars above,constellation of Crab/Cancer,whose zodiacal symbol is 69(procreation)…Here started the last age of Egypt…By this constellation starts also the Mexican(Aztec) Codex Mendoza.The Crab/Cancer has on the Codex Mendoza 11/15 stars-dots,together as 26,what is the gematria of IHVH…On the UN flag is 13+13=26 leafs and 5 circles above the North Pole…With all the symbols it amounts to 135,the End of Time and to the gematria of Al Qaeda…We know that the First and Oldest pyramid is that of Djoser(several times rebuilt),the Potter-Creator(Y.S.R.)Second pyramid is the unfinished of Sechemchet(symbolizing the unfinished business of our Sun).Sechem meant in Egypt SWORD and the CENTRE OF POWER…Sechem was later renamed as Nabulus.Even Nab/Neb was called the Great Sphinx-the symbol of Creator/Potter/Djoser.Nab/Neb has the gematria value of 52,as the lenght of the Maya solar calendar cycle of 18980 days,the Haab.The Tzolkin(lunar and religious)calendar has 18720 days,and little over 51 years…Maya and Yama has the same value of 52.The male part of Maya Creator,Hunab Ku has 5&2 letters.Similar composite has the Hindu Septahindu(craddle of their civilization) consisting of Punjab-5 rivers;and Doab,consisting of 2 rivers(Ganges and Yamuna)…Biblical jacob has total of 13 children with 4 women:13×4=52…The Sechemchet unfinished pyramid has 132 chambers,equal to Pakal’s name-gematria and days of Maya mourning once the old Sun-king died. 132 days x 24 hours=3168,the number of Lord Jesus Christ,the Son&Sun reborn from the Black Hole of the Milky Way region…Pakal has the T-sword symbol in his green jade mask.The Black hole was known to the Maya as the MOUTH and BIRTH CANAL in Milky Way…In the bible,Christ turns into antichrist and came with fiery eyes and double edged sword from his mouth…He has also the Belt(of Orion,the MIN/TAV or TAU SWORD and hammer)…The Hebrew alphabet resembles tiny serpents…The Hebrews (means CROSSERS) have a lot common with the Maya and Canaanites-Phoenicians who established also their colonies in Egypt and the Mediterranean…In most of the ancient world,the Creator is also known as Ku…Khu-fu; Ku-kong; Nu-ku; Kukulkan; and so on…

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  10. One should always realize that the Maya had two main calendar cycles,the Tzolkin and the Haab,pointing toward 2013 and 2018 CE (20×13 and 20×18)as the main ‘Target Years’ of Earth ‘Purification’and not just the Winter Solstice of 2012 CE…The Tzolkin is based on the luni-solar number of 117(x16)=1872…It starts by the galactic 9/11(=20)cycle which influnces our Sun,and our Sun has influence on our planet…The extreme weather around the globe in 2012(summer)only confirms that we are soon up to something large…I had spent 25 years in Mayology and global cosmologies/cosmogonies,ancient astronomy and masonic layouts…Math and codes,also on global scale.Including major(and many minor)religions,what unites and divides them…Kabalism and other ancient “mysterious”teachings…One cannot make conclusions just on Mayology itself,it must come from all knowledge on global scale…Even if Mayology plays a major role…Many like J.M.Jenkins don’t mention and do not realize that there is also global ancient lauyout of monuments from SE Asia toward NW America and from China toward Mesoamerica…From a start of New Cycle(in Asia)toward an end of Cycle(America).There are plenty of Chinese monuments burried underground,symbolizing the rebirth and new arising of human civilization from the death and graves…In America,all reaches toward the skies and heavens…The end is enlightened with enormous knowledge,what the Maya clearly reflected in the largest accumulated knowledge in their art,architecture and calendars…The enlightenment follows the path of the precession,from the East toward the West.The Maya West had accumulated the greatest knowledge of the cosmic cycles,no doubt about that…The process of reincarnation,resurrection and rebirth is also on global layout well acknowledged,in accordance with the cosmic cycles also follows the cycles of life and death and rebirth-resurrection-reincarnation.The cosmic law cannot be denied or violated by any human doctrine…Even the bible depicts one cycle,from the Flood to the Earthquake and Fire-purification of the Earth…There is plenty of purely or half educated people who deny the cycles of cosmic life and death and renewal because they are afraid to die-we are destined all anyway,only to be reborn on the cosmic (and not human)laws…

  11. I do not believe in specific date of the purification of the world,even most of the dates points out the dates between 2013 and 2018…The 5852 verses of the Pentateuch(5 Books of Moses)-3778 verses of 4 Gospels,points toward the 2074 CE date,including most of the coded Bibles(New English Bible;1611 KJV from Cambridge and NEB from Swindon,UK)following the precessional numbers-and codes…After all,we also know that the Book of Mark was “doctored” and has at least 3 or 4 endings,anywhere from 666 verses up to 678 verses and even more or less…The Great Sphinx has 20×74 meters(it is the symbol of our Creator,neither male nor female,with Aquarian head and Leo’s body,West and East)=1480,Christos(Christ)in Greek gematria,equal to our Sun in numbers on global scale…Of course,the Maya depicted also a future dates! The WORLD NEVER ENDS!!!It is here for millions and billions of years and still will be!!! What ends is only corrupted human civilizations and various ages-cycles,only to be renewed over and over….And thus,there will be no “end of the world”in 2012!!!!!But there will be purification of our world in the near future,within the next 100 years or so….

  12. I am getting really bored with the 2012-phenomenon and all its associated nonsense.

    • If you had at least something in your skull,you should note and smell that 2012 is pure miscalculation…

  13. The most probable Target Year and “end of the Maya calendar”appears to be this year of 2013…One should look at the academia which variously pointed out the Maya starting point: 3111;3112;3113;and 3114 BCE…Why should then someone look only at the end of the 2012 Year??Biblical gematria value of Last time is 2015…Bible has the number 7(most used) 825 times…825×7=5775;the Hebrew year of 2014/15 CE…The Maya had two calendars;Tzolkin of 20×13 and Haab of 20×18 “days”…Since our Gregorian calendar was adopted to match the ancient datas and monuments,it indicates the years between 2013 and 2018 CE…Now,the Pope resignation and Malachi “prophecies”of the Last Pope,Petrus Romanus;and the Fatima (Third part)prophecy only further enhance this year of 2013,including this summer as the solar peak activity in 2013!!!

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  17. “We see the results of the extreme weather and opposite to the so called “global warming” with extreme long winter…thanks to the solar eruptions dispersing the cold winds and cold temperatures over North pole pushed southwardly…”

    >> Until now the Arctic Ocean was covered by a thick, strong, multi-year sea ice but as the sea ice has thinned each year 10 cm (or 4 inches) it is no longer capable to withstand the elements of nature such as winds, waves and sea currents. As a result of these the sea ice breaks and piles up. As the ocean becomes exposed, the ocean heat escapes from the water which then spreads out the cold air as its reach gets larger and larger. We will see this process intensifying as ice thins and ocean warms further and further. This causes the spreading of (still) releatively cool polar air mass outwards, disturbing the jet streams which spread out and become more meandering.

    The Arctic Ocean sea ice may be completely lost due to sea ice thinness. Here is the latest satellite video about the sea ice how it is breaking up:

    Veli Albert Kallio


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